Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hugo Ayala: Bryan Baker - Cuo sa mi - Guitar Solo

Transcription by myself.
All rights reserved to Bryan Baker.
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Bryan Baker - Cuo sa mi - Guitar Solo

Dhalif Ali: Ethereal 2 Noodling - the return of the ballad noodle

Jamming over another MyDarnJamTracks's backing track!

This time playing on a PRS Custom 24 Angry Larry(Requested by ZombieHun7er29 ) : Here u go buddy!
Hope you guys enjoy it coz i did playing it!

Ethereal 2 Noodling

Jen Majura: find out more about this exciting rising star

Jen Majura EPK

Andre Tonelli: Lights and Shadows New album details

Andre's new instrumental album Lights and Shadows will be released April 29!
Drums: Eric Rovira Duatis
Bass and Guitars: Andre Tonelli
Produced by Andre Tonelli
Recorded and Mixed by Andre Tonelli at Planet 9 Studio
Drums recorded by Coky Ordoñez y Alberto Lucendo at RockAway Studios
Mastered by Jon Cuniberti at Digital Therapy Lab
(c)(p) 2016 Andre Tonelli. All Rights Reserved.

Andre Tonelli - Lights and Shadows Coming April 29, 2016

David Locke: Purple Rain (Solo) - Prince

Hello all, after YouTube removed my previous video of this solo improvisation, I thought I'd do another. I tried to keep to similar themes, hope you enjoy :)

Purple Rain (Solo) - Prince - David Locke

News: Cold Night For Alligators - Inconsistent - Official Drum+Bass Playthrough

Cold Night For Alligators drums and bass play-through of their single “Inconsistent”, from their debut album “Course of Events”.

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Cold Night For Alligators:

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Cold Night For Alligators - Inconsistent [Official Drum+Bass Playthrough]

James Norbert Ivanyi: Heavy Shred - available for Skype Guitar Lessons

Quick warmup before tracking a guest solo.
Skype Guitar Lessons:

James Norbert Ivanyi - Heavy Shred.

Richie Allan: Propulsion - Learn In 20 Licks from the hard-hitting, epic and melodious Heavy Metal Ninjas

Learn In 20 Licks: Propulsion

Learn this hard-hitting, epic and melodious Heavy Metal Ninjas track with the official TAB/backing! Richie also shows you 20 of the most important licks, played slow to help you really nail this incredible track!

This track is quite the rollercoaster ride! First and foremost in this track is the awesome melody and searing guitar lines, then you'll find massive legato runs, economy picked lines, plenty of aggressive bends, string skipping, and an entire section of interesting (and perfectly executed) sweep picking! Finish it off with some truly heavy riffing and lace the whole track with tasteful use of tension and release and you've got one incredible performance that you can learn note for note with the official TAB/Backing tracks included in this download!

To make your life easier, (alongside the full track and TAB/Backing) Richie has also played 20 of the 'key' licks slowly for you. These 20 essential licks are important to the track and could be tricky to get down, so Richie has played them slowly and clearly in isolation so you can really get inside them.

Once you've mastered everything with the included material, its time to step up to the plate and take Richie's place in this awesome Heavy Metal Ninjas track!

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed Richie is playing on a 7 string, but fear not, if you only have a 6 string you can still learn this whole track! Out of 96 bars of TAB the only part that actually uses the 7th string is a small riffing section towards the end in which 3 bars make use of it (twice, so 6 bars of TAB in total) - and you can always flip the notes up an octave to get through that section if you wish. Other than that, all the lead lines and other sections only use the 6 strings in standard tuning! So you can rock out with this track no matter what your preference in string numbers is!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Steve Vai: Legacy Tone Capsule


The Steve Vai Legacy Tone Capsule is a modification circuit that re-voices the tube circuit characteristics of the original Waza Amp. BOSS engineers worked closely with Steve to produce the ideal compression on each string and precise audio response at any volume. Injecting key elements of the Legacy amp, the Tube Logic circuit modifies the tone to produce Steve’s signature sound. From smooth sustaining lead tones to warm, wide, and dynamic clean response, the Steve Vai Legacy Tone Capsule embodies that iconic sound.

"The Legacy Tone Capsule offers an ideal Legacy amp tone in a little glowing tube. It’s the lightest 1000 pounds of audio creamery that you can ever carry in your pocket." – Steve Vai

Compatible products: Waza Amp Head

Dean Brown: Rolajafufu featuring Gary Husband, Dennis Chambers, Hadrien Feraud and more

Brandon Fields, Craig Handy, Dennis Chambers, Gary Husband, Hadrien Feraud, Ernest Tibbs, Richie Flores, Linley Marthe, Schuyler Deale, Bobby Sparks, Gerry Etkins, Morris Pleasure, George Whitty, Bernard Maseli, Marvin Smitty Smith, Dan Reinstein, Rocky Bryant, Rene Camacho, Daniel Sadownick, Bill Summers, Joey DeLeon, John Rekevics, Mateusz Pliniewicz, Bill Churchville

For me, music represents freedom of expression. In ROLAJAFUFU, I wanted to make a record that feels good and is at the same time, beautiful. The recording features a combination of interesting arrangements and extended solos by myself and the other great artists who participated. For the most part I utilized musicians that I regularly play with, as well as some guests who I hope to bring into the "live" fold in the future. Most of the tracks were recorded live in the studio and a lot of what I play is from those takes.

These factors give the listener a sense of intimate communication between the musicians, which is amplified by our familiarity with one another. We sound like a band because we are! Recording the CD has been a passionate, wonderful journey that you can now take with me. Enjoy!

Track 1 Lucky Number 9 (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 2 Lampshade (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 4 Pinky (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 5 Old Soldiers (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
Track 6 Philly Man
Track 7 Baby, What You Want Me to Do?
Track 8 Beatin' Silver
Track 9 And so It Goes
Track 10 Freedom Song

John Huldt: Bare Knuckle Pickiups Abraxas

Here's a song showing off the Bare Knuckle Abraxas pickup. More info at

Bare Knuckle Pickiups Abraxas

George Lynch: Project NFidelikah details on new Rat Pak release


Project NFidelikah combines the talents of Fishbone front-man Angelo “Dr. Mad Vibe” Moore,Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch, ex War/Philm bassist Pancho Tomaselli and Endangered Species drummer Chris Moore. Their music has been described as “rock infused hybrid ghetto funk gone haywire”, as each track showcases their different musical backgrounds. “Musically, it’s a wide open landscape in this band”, says drummer Chris Moore. Project NFidelikah creates their hybrid sound by combining an arsenal of instruments including guitars, organs, saxophones, percussions and even a Theremin which highlights the many musical landscapes offered in this debut release. “The musicianship is to a whole other level, I can go into other areas that I maybe couldn’t delve into while in a straight hard rock situation, it’s teaching me something I didn’t know how to do” says guitarist George Lynch. Project NFidelikah is rock, funk, blues and pop all mixed into something very unique and special! Official release date is Friday May 27, 2016. Pre-order now at:

1. Project Blackout
2. Army of Jesus
3. Exposure Fi' Pay
4. Landslide Salvation
5. Corazon of Doubt
6. I Wanna Be White (But I Can't)
7. Deprivation of Independence
8. Anchor Baby
9. I Know
10. She Was Dead When I Got There
11. Rain Again
12. Curse of 1000 Mommies (bonus track)

Marcos de Barros: Looking glass night time improvisation Holdsworth style.

Marcos de Barros: Looking glass (allan holdsworth) improvise

Trying to improvise in this hard theme of allan holdsworth

Bireli Lagrène, Gary Willis: live perfromance from Théatre Lino Ventura

Superband :
Bireli Lagrène, Gary Willis, Lenny White, Antonio Farao
Live au Théatre Lino Ventura
22 Avril 2016

Bireli Lagrène, Gary Willis, Lenny White, Antonio Farao - Théatre Lino Ventura

Jack Thammarat: Purple Rain - A Tribute to Prince

Purple Rain - A Tribute to Prince (Guitar Improvisation)

Get backing track here

Purple Rain - A Tribute to Prince (Guitar Improvisation)

Lorenzo Venza: Life is Joy - from Mario Contarino's album "Universe of emotions"

Track from the first Mario Contarino's album "Universe of emotions"
This is for Mario.

Lorenzo Venza - Life is Joy (TBP / Mario Contarino)

Wayde Cooper: Carvin BelAir 2 x 12 50W All-Tube Combo Amp

Carvin BelAir 2 x 12 50W All-Tube Combo Amp - Demo and Review!
All guitar's recorded into Cakewalk dry using a Whirlwind IMP 2 Direct Box, Reamped using a Radial Engineering ProRMP into my Carvin BelAir.
Sennheiser e906 Mic
Kiesel Aria A6
No effects, no pre or post effects, no peddles, all sound are from the Carvin BelAir and the Kiesel Guitar.
If you have any question please fill free to post, I will try and respond in a timely matter.
Thank you for tuning in, more videos lessons are being made and will be uploaded.
Facebook - - - http://www.continuousaudiotransmissio...
Kiesel Guitars - - -
Gruvgear - Eng - -

Carvin BelAir 2 x 12 50W All-Tube Combo Amp - Demo and Review! Wayde Cooper

Kiesel Aries A6 Review and Demo! Part 1 (Stay tuned for Part 2).

Andy Timmons, Sydnei Carvalho: playing Triste by Tom Jobim - pro shot delight

Take recorded in the studios of Cifra Club in Belo Horizonte when Andy Timmons on tour in Brazil and I had the pleasure to play with him. This recording is the result of our studies during the tour. At that time we were studying Brazilian music during free time in airports and hotels. This record is part of these studies. Hope you enjoy it!

Andy Timmons e Sydnei Carvalho playing Triste by Tom Jobim

Richard Tull: Human Condition, A Clever Thief solos from When Angels Die - awesome molten metal soloing

Playthrough of my solo from the new WHEN ANGELS DIE song "Human Condition"

Richard Tull - WHEN ANGELS DIE "Human Condition" solo playthrough

Richard Tull - WHEN ANGELS DIE "A Clever Thief" solo playthrough