Richie Allan: Propulsion - Learn In 20 Licks from the hard-hitting, epic and melodious Heavy Metal Ninjas

Learn In 20 Licks: Propulsion

Learn this hard-hitting, epic and melodious Heavy Metal Ninjas track with the official TAB/backing! Richie also shows you 20 of the most important licks, played slow to help you really nail this incredible track!

This track is quite the rollercoaster ride! First and foremost in this track is the awesome melody and searing guitar lines, then you'll find massive legato runs, economy picked lines, plenty of aggressive bends, string skipping, and an entire section of interesting (and perfectly executed) sweep picking! Finish it off with some truly heavy riffing and lace the whole track with tasteful use of tension and release and you've got one incredible performance that you can learn note for note with the official TAB/Backing tracks included in this download!

To make your life easier, (alongside the full track and TAB/Backing) Richie has also played 20 of the 'key' licks slowly for you. These 20 essential licks are important to the track and could be tricky to get down, so Richie has played them slowly and clearly in isolation so you can really get inside them.

Once you've mastered everything with the included material, its time to step up to the plate and take Richie's place in this awesome Heavy Metal Ninjas track!

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed Richie is playing on a 7 string, but fear not, if you only have a 6 string you can still learn this whole track! Out of 96 bars of TAB the only part that actually uses the 7th string is a small riffing section towards the end in which 3 bars make use of it (twice, so 6 bars of TAB in total) - and you can always flip the notes up an octave to get through that section if you wish. Other than that, all the lead lines and other sections only use the 6 strings in standard tuning! So you can rock out with this track no matter what your preference in string numbers is!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master, and backing tracks for everything! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!