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Mohini Dey: Prodigy talks about being different and the excitement of working with Steve Vai

Three recent articles featuring the towering bass talent Mohini Dey a genuine prodigy.
But the pretty young bass guitarist, by her own admission, doesn’t act or talk like a 19-year-old. She feels disconnected from others her age — then again, that’s how she’s felt since school. “I started playing with older musicians at a very young age. I was around them most of the time and used to hear them talk, so my thinking also kind of transformed. I’m more advanced compared to my peers. Even today, many teens don’t think like me, so I find them weird and they find me weird,” she says. 
Her recent collaboration with American guitar legend Steve Vai is another feather in her cap. The excitement in her voice as she talks about this is palpable. And what got her really kicked was Vai’s eloquently-worded email to her (see box), in response to two audio recordings she had sent him at his request.

you ever feel the pressure of being a child prodigy? There is no pressure as such, though I feel stressed out because of the workload sometimes. It's not just my projects, but also because I have to communicate and deal with a lot of people. However, it now feels natural as I have been doing this for 10 years. Do you get along with other people your age? To be honest, no. I don't have any friends my age. They don't feel like talking to me. There are a lot of differences in our thought processes and maturity. I don't like cheesy topics and instead prefer to talk about music, life and nature. Maybe that's why I only have older musicians as friends. It has also got to do with me. It is hard to mingle with me. I keep myself focused and don't speak much. But it's OK — I chose this life. I am happy I get to collaborate with renowned musicians, share knowledge and travel. I think, to get something, you have to leave something out. In an age when degrees are so important, you left studies after school...

A commerce student, Dey never hung around with people her age and completed her 12th grade through private coaching. "I didn't know how accounts, economics and the rest of the subjects would help me further my love for music," she adds. It is all the more evident from the fact that just a day before her 12th board exams, she returned from a recording for AR Rahman's band, NAFS. Thus her idea of whiling away time includes hanging around with other musicians and discussing music — something she always planned on doing. 

Akshay Chowdhry, Sumant Balakrishnan: Barefaced Liar - with Michael Angelo Batio - great Modern Rock - Check it out!

Members: Akshay Chowdhry (Vocals, Guitars) & Sumant Balakrishnan (Vocals, Guitars)

Genre: Modern Rock

Home Town: New Delhi

News: UK Tech-Metal Fest - Latest news for the festival now in it's 5th year!

I will be at Tech Fest From Friday Afternoon watching the Friday evening line up!

UK Tech-Metal Fest


Cancellations: Unfortunately we have to announce that Humanity's Last Breath, Port Noir and She Must Burn have had to cancel at the last minute due to a mix of logistical issues! Our sincere apologies go out to anyone who was looking forward to seeing them this year.

Replacements: No Consequence, Osiah and The Five Hundred!

Updates: From Sorrow To Serenity will now play Saturday the 9th and Harbinger will now play Friday the 8th.

We also are proud to announce thatKLANG:technologies and HD Pro Audio have joined us as sponsors this year!

Catering/Facilities update 2016!
Food Vendors: Shmoo's Wood-Fired Kitchen (Pizza), Mexican Catering, Burger/Breakfast Van, Fish & Chips, Chinese, BBQ/Grill, Dutch Pancakes and an Ice Cream Van!

This year we will have the addition of utilities stall stocking everything from camping equipment to fruit, tobacco, toiletries, medical goods, hygienic goods, sweets, grips, rolling papers, lighters, torches, sleeping bags, mats and more!

We have our friends Smoky Tentacles providing a Shisha Lounge chill out area with Teas/Coffee/Toasties/Tea Cakes/Breakfasts!

Redditch Bumper Balls UK are providing a Sumo Zorb Arena!

Dweezil Zappa: Tomorrow I start the "Cease and Desist: Dweezil Zappa plays whatever the F@!k he wants" tour.

Tomorrow I start the "Cease and Desist: Dweezil Zappa plays whatever the F@!k he wants" tour. I'm excited to see you and and celebrate great music, just like we always have. Get tickets below and stop by our new store to get new merch here. Exactly $0 of this merch goes to the ZFT and it is all eco-friendly and sweatshop free.

July 1 - El Prado, NM - Get TicketsJuly 2 - Morrison, CO - Get TicketsJuly 5 - Royal Oak, MI - Get TicketsJuly 6 - New Buffalo, MI - Get TicketsJuly 7 - Buffalo, NY - FREE GA tickets, Get VIP TicketsJuly 8 - Port Chester, NY - Get TicketsJuly 9 - Montclair, NJ - Get TicketsJuly 10 - Huntington, NY - Get TicketsJuly 14 - Pori, Finland - Get TicketsJuly 15 - St Julien en Genevois, France - Get TicketsJuly 16 - Montreux, Switzerland - Get TicketsJuly 18 - Milan, Italy - Get TicketsJuly 19 - Lorrach, Germany - Get TicketsJuly 20 - Vienna, Austria - Get TicketsJuly 22 - Tromso, Norway - Get Tickets

News: Ovation debuted their newly revamped 2017 Applause guitar line at Summer NAMM 2016.



(June 21st, 2016 – Oxnard, CA) Iconic American guitar brand Ovation debuted their newly revamped 2017 Applause guitar line at Summer NAMM 2016. Designed by Ovation in California, the reimagined line imparts a sleek, modern look, improved materials, and upgraded electronics. The Applause Elite andBalladeer models deliver the essential Ovation features at a remarkable value that makes them ideal for beginning and intermediate players.

“Our goal in the redesign of the 2017 Applause line was to update and refresh the line’s aesthetics to make it a stand out visually in the entry level price category and to demarcate the line from the highly recognizable look of the Ovation Elite and Balladeer models.,” said Ovation brand manager, Bill Xavier. “What we accomplished is not only a sleeker, more modern look for Applause – but the line also offers durability, improved electronics, upgraded woods and hardware that make them an exceptional value.”

The Applause Elite AE44 Acoustic-Electric offers a loud and focused voice, supreme playability and premium features that include a laminated spruce top with Elite-style multi-soundholes, and a mid-depth Roundback body for greater volume, projection, balance and durability. The guitar also features fast, comfortable action courtesy of an easy-playing neck profile that’s complimented by a newly sculpted headstock. An Applause CE304T pickup/preamp system comes standard with a built-in tuner.

With a nod to the famous Ovation Balladeer sound and style, the Applause Balladeer AB24IIP series includes a new signature Applause headstock, traditional center soundhole adorned with inlaid Pearloid rosette and premium features such as Ovation USA-inspired Exotic-Tone™ veneer tops. A mid-depth Roundback body with integrated CE304T electronics makes it well tailored for live performance.

The 2017 Applause and Ovations lines include guitars, basses, ukuleles as well as the reintroduced Elite Plus Celebrity Deluxe Double Neck Guitar – all with improved electronics, Exotic-Tone™ veneer tops and upgraded hardware.

Allen Hinds, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Johnson: Fly South the new album by Allen Hinds is available

Fly South the new album by Allen Hinds is available

1. Springs Eternal (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta & Abe Laboriel)
2. Buckley (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta, Matt Rohde & Jimmy Johnson)
3. Joni (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta, Matt Rohde, Jimmy Johnson & Rogerio Jardim)
4. Yonder Hills (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta, Matt Rohde & Jimmy Johnson)
5. Heartfelt (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta, Jimmy Johnson, Matt Rohde & Genevieve Artadi)
6. Little White Lies (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta & Jimmy Johnson)
7. Boo's Folly (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta & Jimmy Earl)
8. Old Mill Pond (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta & Abe Laboriel)
9. June 15th (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta & Maxayn Lewis)
10. Blues for Ok Tarpley (feat. Vinnie Colaiuta, Matt Rohde & Abe Laboriel)

Featuring some of the greatest players of our time, "Fly South" is an acoustic, melody driven collection of rocking jazz with heartland nuances. Creative, melodic, improvisation at a high, high level.

Markus Reuter: Fool of Music - Special Compilation - FREE DOWNLOAD

Download or Buy
1. Markus Reuter featuring Alex Anthony Faide - Mundo Nuevo, Part 2 04:51
2. Stick Men + David Cross - Hide The Trees (Live in Japan) 08:41
3. Syntony - Induction 03:11
4. Lee Fletcher ft. Markus Reuter & Lisa Fletcher - The Inner Voice 03:40
5. Hampl Reber Reuter Calabrese - Alpha I 06:57
6. Parsick & Reuter - Lurk 03:31
7. centrozoon - The Wedding 06:16
8. Stick Men - Time’s Insane Ashes 03:50
9. Europa String Choir - Europa II - Cloudy02:04
10. Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy - Stealth06:23
11. Markus Reuter ft. Angelica Sanchez & Tony Geballe - How Things Turned Out, Part 7 08:31
12. Troy Jones - Cosmic Carousel (ft. Tony Levin) 04:58
13. centrozoon - Perfect Fall From Grace04:46
14. Markus Reuter & Zero Ohms - Indescribable 08:51
15. Amsterdam (Live) 01:52
16. Quartet for The End of Time - Modus 707:42
17. TUNER - On Bass (Live) 05:29
18. Into The Invisible World 01:08
19. blld - Alter 04:43
20. Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Colour Division 09:10
21. TUNER - Up, Down, Forward And Return 05:53
22. centrozoon - Pop Killer 03:44
23. Todmorden 513 - Movement I 07:43
24. centrozoon - the cult of: bibbiboo (coda)04:00
25. Nocturne Blue - Velveteen 06:04
26. Namgar - Ekhor (Edit) 08:48
27. Adrian Benavides - Impulse Response08:21
28. Stick Men - Glass Heart (For Renée)07:30

Fool of Music

A glimpse into the musical world of Markus Reuter and friends

I was a mere Markus Reuter fan until May 20th 2015. By mere fan, I mean I would have the different Stick Men/Crimson ProjeKCt CDs, the orchestral Todmorden 513, Same Time Next Life by Adrian Benavides, and the Iapetus Store free download compilations. After Markus and Stick Men took the stage of the Nescafé de las Artes Theatre in Santiago, Chile that night, I transformed into a die-hard fan. I started to buy each of the CDs that featured Markus as a performer and producer, one by one, starting with Kopfmensch and the four TUNER albums, and took it from there.

I have been touched deeply by the music of this very prolific man. Throughout these past 12 months, I have been listening to Markus more than any other musician. Different moods, different challenges, different approaches. All are immensely rewarding. I consider myself blessed to have had the privilege to give this music ears. His music touches different fibers within you. When I bought The Cult of: Bibbiboo, I wasn’t aware that it had been such a groundbreaking album in multiple genres; I just loved the rhythms and textures. When I bought Modus Novus and let it assault my senses, I had no idea about the manifesto behind the Quartet for the End of Time. When I dabbed into the beauty of the collaboration between Markus Reuter and Zero Ohms, I was unaware that they had been nominated for the prestigious Schallwelle prize (an important award for German electronic music) for that music. Markus is an innovator and a path-breaking discoverer, but to me, being a relative newcomer to his music, Markus is a very dear friend. Markus befriended me both as a person and through his music.

I assembled this collection of tracks with the intent to help other music lovers to become aware of Markus Reuter’s fantastic legacy. His first anthology, Kopfmensch, is a beautiful amalgam of material, and it leaves you wanting more. This new collection builds on that, and takes several steps further. It was not trivial to put together a collection that both gives a comprehensive view to Markus’s music as well as a collection that is eminently listenable on its own. Like The Beatles’ White Album. Or Pat Mastelotto’s Recidivate or Trey Gunn’s I’ll Tell What I Saw. Or the three volumes of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. Or King Crimson’s Heavy ConstruKction. No skips needed. All killer, no filler. You push play, and then, a couple of hours or so later, you realize it is over. You just spent some time with a close friend, drinking a sweet cup of coffee, sharing memories and good times.


Dr. Bernardo F. Quiroga
released July 1, 2016

Cover artwork by Maria Picassó i Piquer,


Yngwie Malmsteen: Alcatrazz - new extended edition albums, live albums including concert video.

Live Sentence: 2 Disc Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

Initially released as a single LP, this version of “Live Sentence” by ALCATRAZZ now includes no less than seven bonus tracks, assembled in the original set-list order. Also included is a DVD-Video of the entire set, giving the fan the complete concert experience. Also included on the DVD are three exclusive tracks filed for Rock Palace USA. 

No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll: Expanded Edition

Kicking off an extensive reissue campaign drawn across Graham Bonnet’s extensive career is “No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll”, the debut album from Alcatrazz, the band he fronted from 1983 – 1987.

Disturbing The Peace: 2 Disc Deluxe Edition

Released July 8, 2016.

As well as showcasing tracks from the then unreleased “Disturbing the Peace”, this Japanese concert features ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ and ‘Kree Nakoorie’ from the first Alcatrazz album, Rainbow hits ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Since You Been Gone’, plus Graham Bonnet’s solo hit ‘Night Games’.

Dangerous Games: Expanded Edition
Released July 8, 2016.

This set includes remastered audio, plus new liner notes from Classic Rock’s Malcolm Dome based on recent interviews with Graham Bonnet. The Graham Bonnet Band and a reformed Alcatrazz will be touring together in 2017.

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse to release new album 'Cardinal'

Eden's Curse to release new album 'Cardinal' on October 14th

Multinational Melodic Metal band Eden's Curse will release their fifth studio album 'Cardinal' via German Metal label AFM Records on October 14th, 2016.

Produced by Paul Logue and Thorsten Koehne, 'Cardinal' contains 12 songs with all of the usual Eden's Curse trademark melodies, hooks and riffs.

Written mainly by the band's long established writing team of bassist and founding member Paul Logue, virtuoso guitarist Thorsten Koehne and former drummer Pete Newdeck (Tainted Nation), what is immediately apparent about 'Cardinal' is that it showcases some of the group's melodic yet heaviest and most progressive moments to date.

"We took two years to write this album, because ‘Symphony Of Sin’ was such a successful album for us. We like to do things properly in this band and explore every possible opportunity to make each moment of every song the very best that it can be. We are not the type of band to just churn out songs with next to no quality control - we scrutinize every riff, lick, hook, melody, lyric and ask - can we do it better? This has been a long, hard and collaborative process that has not only produced some of the best songs we have ever written but some of the best collective performances on any Eden's Curse album to date" enthuses bassist Paul Logue.

Album Pre Order

Album Shirt Pre Order

Guitarist Thorsten Koehne added "We are known as Eden's Curse for writing some good hooks, so we can always come up with that, but one thing we wanted to do on this album was bring out the technical side of the band a little more as well as make it heavier".

'Cardinal' is the first studio album to feature drummer John Clelland (Code Of Silence), who appeared on 2015's 'Live With The Curse' double live release, and new Finnish keyboard player Christian 'Chrism' Pulkkinen (Simulacrum, Adamantra)

Opener 'Prophets Of Doom' hurtles out of the speakers with its double bass attack and strong riffing, wrapped around some huge vocal hooks and multi-layered keyboards - it's a signal of intent!

Followed hot on its heels is lead single 'Sell Your Soul' - an uplifting, upbeat and extremely catchy song featuring some wonderful guitar/synth interplay between Koehne and Chrism again topped off by the fabulous voice of Nikola Mijic.

The sensational near 7 minute epic progressive ballad 'Find My Way' is, simply put, one of the finest songs Eden's Curse has ever written. With it's sonic layers and huge dynamic landscapes, it’s candy for the ears on this passionate and epic track - that simply has everything! From Mijic's heartfelt vocals, Chrism's subtle piano and overblown keyboards, Logue and Clelland's thunderous rhythms,Koehne's razor sharp guitars, a wall of orchestral strings to its anthemic soar-away chorus - this song is a real tour de force!

'Unconditional' is a stunning radio friendly track featuring a duet between Mijic and former Leaves' Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine. "It's not a ballad, per se, as it rocks out in places, but it's a song very much in the same vein as 'Unbreakable', with its pop sensibilities, style and melodies. It could arguably be the most commercial sounding track we've ever written! The contrast between Liv and Nikola's voices works so well and adds a real personal touch to what is essentially a love song" declares Logue.

Liv Kristine comments "It was such a pleasure and honor working with Eden's Curse. I love this track - it's like the freshness of a sunny, really early Saturday morning. It's powerful, highly interesting and passionate. Nikola's voice is outstanding and gripping - a superb duet partner! I hope we get the chance to perform 'Unconditional' live some day".

Closing 'Cardinal' is the album’s second epic track, the near 8 minute 'Jericho', based on the biblical tale of the Battle of Jericho. A real story both lyrically and musically, it is quintessential Eden's Curseand surely destined to become a live fan favourite. "It has everything including the kitchen sink in it! I really wanted to write a long epic tune that has lots of dynamics, musically and lyrically, and could take the listener on a journey into the heartlands of the desert. This song was really great fun to write, together with Thorsten, especially the long instrumental section in the middle. I think this will be great fun to play live! It sounds like our songs 'No Holy Man' and 'Jerusalem Sleeps' marry, have a baby and name him 'Jericho'" remarks Logue.

'Cardinal' is once again superbly mixed by the band’s long time engineer Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69, Krokus, Angra) with the artwork designed by another established collaborator in graphic artist Thomas Ewerhard (Edguy, Avantasia, Jorn Lande, James Labrie, MasterPlan). It is presented in a stunning triple gatefold digipak offering.

"Each Eden's Curse album has its own unique identity and 'Cardinal' is no different. Besides the old guard of Thorsten and I, the newer guys like John and Chrism have added so much to the sound. John's accurate and tasteful drumming is a real highlight on the record and Chrism could very well be the best keyboard player we have ever had. Great sounds, ideas and the interplay with Thorsten is at times breathtaking! Nikola continues to go from strength to strength as the band’s singer and proves to be a real find for us vocally and as a person. Plus the bass and the songs aren’t so bad either" laughsLogue. "The record has some absolute classics that will waltz into our live set with consummate ease. We are extremely proud of what is our biggest production to date. We love it and know our fans will too" he further adds.

01. Prophets Of Doom
02. Sell Your Soul
03. The Great Pretender
04. Messiah Complex
05. Find My Way
06. Kingdom Of Solitude
07. Utopian Dreams
08. This Is Our Moment
09. Rome's On Fire
10. Unconditional (Featuring Liv Kristine)
11. Saints & Sinners
12. Jericho

Bonus Video Clip:
Sell Your Soul

Tour Dates


Antoine Fafard, Gary Husband, Jerry De Villiers Jr: Sphère - Documentary (2016) - top of the line fusion

Track listing

01. Reminiscence
02. Renaissance Man
03. Facta Non Verba
04. Fur & Axes - Part II
05. Still Invictus
06. Cherishing
07. No-Brainer
08. Celestial Roots
09. Bubonic Groove

(limited edition)
10. Right on Time
11. Mechanical Inspiration
12. Quiescent

Sphère is Antoine Fafard’s fourth album which will be released on September 1st 2016. It features Gary Husband on drums, lead synth and piano, and Jerry De Villiers Jr on lead guitar.

Order now your signed Limited Edition copy at

Still photos by Colin D Miller
Filmed in parts at Eastcote Studios (London)
Sound engineer: George Murphy
Mixed and mastered by Davide Sgualdini

Antoine Fafard's Sphère - Documentary (2016)

Sphère is Antoine Fafard’s fourth album, featuring Gary Husband on drums, lead synth and piano, and Jerry De Villiers Jr on lead guitar. The album follows Ad Perpetuum, a collection that was well received by fans and critics on its release in 2014, described by DownBeat Magazine as “a powerful example of jazz-fusion at its hardest.”

Sphère collects nine new original pieces featuring a blend of foot-tapping grooves, original chord progressions and creative soundscapes. The music offers plenty of space for De Villiers Jr to shine with his rich and warm guitar tone and highly melodic approach. The album also gives a platform for virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Husband to display his intensity and musicality in his highly creative approach to both drums and keyboards.

Fafard gives his signature to all the music, with De Villiers Jr as co-composer on three tracks, and provides the bass frequencies and occasional solos on the electric bass.

Josh Kay: Absence of Time - new album upcoming fall 2016

Josh Kay: Absence of Time - new album upcoming fall 2016

The self-titled sneak peak of Josh Kay's upcoming album, Absence of Time.

Josh Kay - Absence of Time

Jarle H Olsen: Ninja Musicology - triple album announce and Underworld London launch show!

 Jarle H. Olsen

About 25 years ago, a little kid named Jarle had a vision. An album of all the chip music from the "Last Ninja" game series on the Commodore 64, performed live as a rock band...

I proudly present our newest release "Ninja Musicology", which is that very same vision transformed into reality, a finished product. Featuring 34 tracks divided on a triple album with over 120 minutes of rock, metal and oriental influenced musical flavours. The album features my buddies Bjarte K. Hellandon drums, Kjetil Nossum on keyboard and myself on guitars, bass, lap-steel and keyboards. Mixed and mastered by Alex Argento. Produced and engineered by yours truly.

I want to thank everybody who has been involved in the process. Ben Daglish, Matt Gray, Reyn Ouwehand and especially my friend Chris Abbott for tremendous input, administration and helping out realizing this huge project. And of course, all the backers who made our Kickstarter campaign suceed!

Currently available at:

The release party will be 15.October at the Underworld in London, UK. Where we will be performing the "impossible" ninja music to be recorded on a upcoming live blu-ray! Tickets available at Come be a part of ninja history!

Rob Scallon: One String Battle featuring Davie504

The battle continues:

song, commentary, song stems, and early access to videos on Patreon:

Classic bass guitar vs. shovel scenario

One string battle's are always more then one video. I mean duh!
Davie thinks he can play his bass with one song vs. my shovel on my channel and be done with it? pfffft... pfffft.... I'll get him on his channel...

Watch this shovel be made on "I Like To Make Stuff"

Mixed by Pete Cottrell:

The huge pick I'm using is from Purple Plectrums :)

Here's my footage un-cropped:
I look even crazier that way...

This video was made possible because of Patreon support from Cody Melcher, Rob Harper, Michael Christie, James Bryant, Charles Jones, Jedidiah Silvertooth, Rory Cameron, Edward Breadwinner, Robin Tregaskis, Joe Cseko jr, Amit Kumar, Andy "VaultsOfExtoth" Wears, Jared Dines, Walter Zwinger, David Newell, Josh Fittler, Allistair Colson, Nick Crawford, Risking The Fall, Viacheslav Blinov, Jason Yoder, Taylor Fraser, Zachary Gaffney, Stefan Gunn, Brandon Ruf & many other awesome people on my patreon page
Thank you so much!

keep in touch...
Second Channel:
Vine: @RobScallon

One String Battle (ft. Davie504)

Un-cropped (from Davie504 Battle)

Fuminori Watanabe: 30 second lesson - Melodic Line Concept

Half Minute Lessons - Exclusive Music Lessons


Fuminori Watanabe

Half Minute Lessons

*NEW* MELODIC LINE CONCEPT | Fuminori Watanabe

Roberto Barros: 30 second lesson - modern jazz improvisation


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Isaac Negrene: 30 second lesson - creative linear connection

Creative Linear Connection

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Rodrigo Gouveia: 30 second lessons - neo soul

Half Minute Lessons - Exclusive Music Lessons

Embellishment Chords Neo-Soul

In this video I am using the Neo Soul language where in the
Application are used:

1) melodic ideas with chords and chord substitution

2) Technical Hybrid Picking with open strings

3) Melodic minor scale on Dominant chords (Altered Scale or Superlócrio)

4) alternating with Picking Legato

5) Use of melodic intervals shape

6) Approaches in chromaticity
around the pentatonic scale

7) Legato Technique



Joop Wolters: Ibanez Flying Fingers Weert Netherlands

played with my beloved rg750 that i bought in 1991..:)

cheers, joop..

Ibanez Flying Fingers Joop Wolters Weert Netherlands

Brett Garsed: The Investigation Of Johnny F

This is part five of a six part soloing series in Guitar Techniques magazine with the Australian guitarist, Brett Garsed.
Brett discusses the chord changes and his lead approach then from 1m53s he performs his solo.
For the complete transcription of Brett's solo get Guitar Techniques issue 261 on sale 31st August 2016.
The Investigation Of Johnny F was written and recorded by Jason Sidwell.
For more on Brett Garsed visit
To subscribe and/or purchase the digital version of Guitar Techniques visit:­­s-guitar-magazine/id451419414?mt=8
To get the print version visit­tar-techniques-magazine-subscription/

Brett Garsed - The Investigation Of Johnny F

Steve Vai: A Peek into Modern Primitive

Buy Modern Primitive / Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition):
Amazon -
iTunes -

About the album bundle:
Commemorating the 25th anniversary of Passion and Warfare comes a special 2CD edition of the album which includes the first-ever release of Vai's Modern Primitive songs and recordings. Based on song sketches and works-in-progress penned, and recorded, by Vai following the release of Flex-Able, the artist's debut album, in January 1984, the music on Modern Primitive has been completed by Steve for release as a full album bonus disc in the Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Edition.

Listen to Steve Vai on Spotify:
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Steve Vai - A Peek into Modern Primitive

Andy Timmons, Johnatha Bastos: Cry For You Stand NIG/GNI/Rouxinol - incredible performance

Our artists Andy Timmons and Johnatha Bastos playing CRY FOR YOU stand on NIG Music / RnB Music / String Nightingale in Music Expo 2015. Immense honor to be part of the sound of these great musicians!

Andy Timmons e Johnatha Bastos - Cry For You (Stand NIG/GNI/Rouxinol

Ian Bemolator: Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016

Hi, my name is Ian "Bemolator" Lucena, and I'm a brazilian guitarist that lives in Poland.
To get to know about this contest really hyped me up, especially after watching the video with the Ibanez artists. And also because it will be like closing a chapter for me. I had a JS-100 that was my favorite guitar ever, back in 2008. And from it I took one of my toughest lessons, about never selling a musical instrument you love, to pay bills. Now I got a new Ibanez, and I am happy to join all other Ibanez fans in this badass contest!

Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Ian Bemolator, Szczecin, PL

News: Global - Welcome to Ibanez Flying Fingers Guitar Contest 2016!!

News: Welcome to Ibanez Flying Fingers Guitar Contest 2016!!

PLAY AND WIN an Ibanez guitar

Ibanez Guitar Competition in Europe/Australia/Korea/China 2016

Show us your passion and best performance!!
Ibanez Flying Fingers Guitar Competition 2016 will take place all over the European countries / in Australia. Sign up now to win a fabulous Ibanez guitar and aim a future Ibanez artist!!

Submission Period : Jul.1 - Aug. 31 2016
Check more detail of Ibanez Flying Fingers at