Justin King: double trouble

Richard Daudé: cool jazz fusion shredder

Thiago Trinsi: two hands for ice angel maindrah

Silvio Gazquez: king of the sun

Kai Kurosawa: tappy happy sad

Twangking: the fisher of kings

Victor Lafuente: the source of delirium tremens

Cyril Lepizzera: edge of the dark

Darren Housholder: rubberneck

Art Rodríguez: part 2 of 7-4-2

Daczi Zsolt: rip temesvári vasárnap

Ricky Garcia: from the latin quarters

Toni Lloret: one minute of silence

Fred: red shred from the dead

Guido Baruffo: molten rock

DC Slater: altitude a view from above

Blues Saraceno: a lighter shade of plaid

Jeff Beasley: scary blue beautiful

Ethan Meixsell: unsurfaced mass destruction

Stelios Arnaoutoglou: made of sugar

Andrea Quatarone: cats out of the bag