Justin King: double trouble

The Justin King new CD is available from CD Baby: Justin King and the Apologies

Seranade your loved one with this double trouble double neck, crown tattooed tap fest!

Justin King gets tattoo, plays guitar

untitiled project

northwest of ju ju

Justin King has just finished recording a few more tracks for his new album and is working on the mixing. This means we are very close to getting a release date. in the meantime some old favourites:

Knock on Wood Live (Dual Neck)

A new myspace web site: http://www.myspace.com/justinkingband
and independent web site justinkingmusic.com

The famous Larivee video

NAMM show

Squaredance (at The Railway Club)

Knock on Wood Live (One Neck)

Some nice videos on google video and YouTube (full lists)


Justin goes over some of his amazing techniques and a brief interview on skinnydevil "New Acoustic Concepts 1" . This is just one of a number of great lessons and interviews on the skinnydevil web site.

Justin's live video is now on google video. He has also has some new video items on his web site. Another video on movies.squizzle.com

Just when you thought it was safe to get back to playing guitarg, along comes another fret blazer burning his two necked monster guitar. Justin King is an all round musician, vocalist and is also self-taught on guitar and piano. He has all the hall marks of an original talent. He is not signed to a major label, but like many other guitarists, is concentrating on producing and releasing all his own material, marketing it from his web site.

He plays an awesome customised double neck acoustic from Doolin guitars.

Find out more my checking his web site or reading these tinfoil interview, Skinny Devil interview

Better still check out these awesome videos from his web site: Knock on wood, Larrivee Video clips.


  1. Justin is amazing. If you dig the interviews, you might also want to check out his interview at the end of the "New Acoustic Concepts 1" guitar lessons where he discusses technique & such. He also gets a nod in the "New Acoustic Concepts 2" lesson, which also features an interview with POM.



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