John Petrucci: solo dream theater dates posted

George Lynch: Australian guitar clinic dates!

Jeff Loomis: live in Hannover clinic

Derryl Gabel: super sweeping arpeggio lesson

Slimer: Andy James shredding competition... watch out behind you!

Silvio Gazquez,Hara Lemes, Dhalif: TRex Milan Polak top 3 views to date

Aaron Gray: Andy James... shredding... er...I mean melodic soloing competition

Darren Donohoe: cool Intervalic Lick lesson

Silvio Gazquez: Valvette Custom Drive Competition Winner announced

Yoger Mucci: guitar attack

Christophe Godin: Laney musikmesse 2010

John Cassio: fusion Footprints

Andy James: tonight I'm going to be Kirk Hammett and see me in Northants!

Pablo Garcia: instructional lesson

Michael Abdow: Native Alien new CD

Alex Lifeson: Rush to play entire moving pictures album

Ron Jarzombek: watchtower new CD, mathematics, exponential potential.

Andy Timmons,Brett Garsed, Greg Howe, Richard Hallebeek, Michael Angelo Batio, Dragianni,Claudio Mariola,Marius Pop,Lukasz Kulczak: my god it's fusion heaven!

Bryan Aspey: let your training take over

Luigi Rinaldi: demos a new track from upcoming CD

Kermheat: Shred Senior meets the Pony at Musikmesse

Warren DeMartini: win a gibson les paul