Andy Timmons,Brett Garsed, Greg Howe, Richard Hallebeek, Michael Angelo Batio, Dragianni,Claudio Mariola,Marius Pop,Lukasz Kulczak: my god it's fusion heaven!

In this photo: Andy Timmons, Guglielmo Malusardi, Greg Howe, MAB, Cristina Postolache, Rares Totu, Richard Hallebeek, Ziua Chitarelor, Corrado Sgandurra, Brett Garsed 
Just got off an instant message with Damjan Pejcinoski, he's flown into Romania for the Guitar Day 2... an amazing show.

As well as the live clinics there is the guitar competition which features:

1. Angel Demirev – Bulgaria
2. Antonello Giliberto – Italia
3. Claudio Mariola – U.K.
4. Claudiu Ursache – Romania
5. Damjan Pejcinoski – Macedonia
6. Dragianni – Croatia
7. Lukasz Kulczak - Polonia
8. Marius Pop – Romania
9. Paolo Castillo – Filippine (the track will be played live as Paolo was unable to attend)
10. Sokol Keci – Albania

Day 2 guitars Reloaded will be held on April 17, 2010 in Club Jukebox.
Club Jukebox is on Str.Turturelelor no. 11, sect. 3, Bucharest.
As usual, entry is free! Making a reservation will be passed (a) on the guest list and your identity will be checked at the entrance.