Kermheat: Shred Senior meets the Pony at Musikmesse

I was really lucky to catch up with Kermheat at the musikmesse... I really wanted a photo with Kerry King... but the queue for photos was most of the way around the hall... so I left it to Kermheat to get the money shot! Check out the glove puppet Pony that Kermheat uses to play the guitar!

Kermheat... I wonder Steve Vai will notice this one missing?

Kermheat with Gary Ho Ho Hoey!

Kermheat at the white shirt wearing convention with the king of sweep Frank "Uncle Fester" Gambale

Kermheat with Slayer's Kerry King... is that a little pony I see before me ;)

Kermheat... Buckethead won't miss this one...