Danilo Pereira, Ignazio Di Salvo, Thiago Wesley: Fusion Jam

Morgan Pettersson: plays Sfogli style - top AOR soloing

Per Nilsson: Scar Symmetry are set for North American tour

Misterryan Gregory: 8 string thumb piano guitar bass

Alex Chichikailo: Agile Intrepid 830 - AMT Electronics D2

Fred Brum: crazy new design from the axe meister!

Paul Antonio Ortiz: Chimp Spanner - live in Moscow

Vladimir Krylov: VP 8 String baritone with Fokin pickups

Tosin Abasi,Javier Reyes: a visit to Meinl

Paul Wardingham: new Album Update

Michael Dolce: "Cronies" transcribed

Fredrik Thordendal: Meshuggah - Demiurge - official

Ozielzinho: illusion solo

Pascal Corriu: Blues from 2+2=5

Franck Graziano: Funk Guitar Lesson BendNote

Aaron Marshall,Lukas Guyader: Intervals tour and EP details

Dhalif Ali: a trip to the blues

Rick Graham: Learning Scale Positions