Fred Brum: crazy new design from the axe meister!

Fred Brum  Screw you, Fender! I win! HAHAHAHA! Oakland Axe Factory guitar getting ready, and the fusion of my '71 Competition Mustang love and proper ERG ergonomics and features is looking fantastic - stellar job by my friend Tom Drinkwater. :)

Fred Brum Obviously, the "screw you, Fender" part is because they don't make offset ERG's. Okay, maybe there isn't a mass market for those, but still. Filipe Estácio, the Jag is avenged!

Fred Brum It's an offset, not a stright up tele - look closer. ;)Using the actual offset shape would make the guitar huge, and I think Tom found quite the shape to address that. :)

Fred Brum Nope. Never felt any discomfort except in some specialty instruments with monster fans that made chording hard - it's usually very ergonomic, really.