Marc Guillermont, Sebastiaan Cornelissen,Frans Vollink: show us the meaning of groove!

Gary Willis,Sebastiaan Cornelissen: live show with the band in amazing form!

Gianfranco Continenza: DV Mark fusion on the Multiamp

Yuri Isobe: ripping it up Spicy Doughnut and Meron's Garden

Richard Hallebeek,Antti Kotikoski: regenerating and Richard ripping with Sebastiaan Cornelissen

Bill Berends,Cheryl Pyle,JampyKeys: Beyond The Outer Imagination Of Dreams

Tosin Abasi: Guitar Masterclass at GuitarGuitar Epsom announced

Rob Chappers: Back On YouTube after a hiatus

Nita Strauss,Courtney Cox,Sarah Longfield: Shreddelicous passes 200,000+ page views

Tom Richardson: New Suhr Modern!

Thorsten Praest: GUT the fusion trio announce the new ablum Le chien du jazz"

Mint Jam: Akatsuki tribute

Fred Westra: Severe Damage the new album - Tranquil Mind playthrough

Dave Weiner: AxeFX2 "Desert Breeze"

Scott Allen: True Fire - 50 Rock Virtuoso Licks

Douglas Docker,Davide Ronfetto: Docker's Guild live - Special Event 2013

Borislav Mitic: Electric Goddess - the new album demos posted

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster lick #1

Alex Stornell,Giorgio Terenziani,Paolo Carid: Angels&Demons - the new album teaser

Stephane Pilette: Another Day the new CD - sample tracks posted

Sam Coulson: Rips on Massive ENGL Rig and gets his Stratocasters Re-Fretted