Tom Quayle: Shows Off His New Fibenare Signature Guitar

Joe Satriani: Private Lesson "Official" contest lesson! Lucky guy!!!

Mike Keneally: Pam from Loud Guitars Interview Dean Markley NAMM 2014

Mamoru Morishita: Passionate Memoir another take 2001

Martin Miller: Solo on "Between You an Me" - live in Dresden

Vinnie Moore: Indian music fans get Vinnie to talk new album and guitarists that inpress him

Jeff Loomis,Keith Merrow: Discuss Networking and Inspiration at the musicians institute

Dean Murphy,Matt McDonough, Sam Bell: In Search of Higher Consciousness

Eric Calderone: Robocop Meets Metal

Orianthi,Alex Argento,Marco Sfogli: Marco Congratulates Alex on getting the Orianthi gig!

News: Dockers Guild Competition gets a Facebook event page

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein: Doyle of Misfits fame took a few minutes to talk with Pam at the Dean Markley booth

Paul Gilbert: Works Vol. 1,2,3 - want almost everything Paul has done?

Jeff Kollman: announces February shows with CTA and Mark Mikel; new Bleeding Harp EPK

George Lynch, Ray Luzier, dUg Pinnick: KXM album and goodies preorder

Marty Friedman: Guitar Messenger - Interview NAMM 2014

Richard Daudé: Batman Shred fusion - Robin was indisposed

Andy James: plays the .strandberg* EndurNeck™ NAMM