Vinnie Moore: Indian music fans get Vinnie to talk new album and guitarists that inpress him

15. Any young guitarists among the present lot that has impressed you?

Vinnie Moore: “The present lot” is a very UK English type of expression. ”" i have learned a lot of English from being in UFO. they will always say “you lot” when referring to a group of people. in USA we never use lot that way.we would say ” among the current players” or say “you guys”. Ha! off the top of my head, nothing is coming to mind. i kind of turned off from listening to guitarists quite a while back. i just thought it was better to turn off and follow my own path. but Guthrie Govan is amazing. Bumblefoot [Ron Thal] is killer too.i guess i am saying i like to hear great players but don’t follow things closely.

16. Give us a sneak peak into your future projects.

Vinnie Moore: As i mentioned, i have a new solo instrumental CD coming out soon. and i just finished a record with a vocalist that will be out soon on Magna Carta records. and we will be doing a new UFO record soon also