Marco Sfogli: DV Mark Amplification - Guitar Messenger - NAMM 2014

Samuli Federley: Hyper Active - Manne Taos Gloss Special demo - amazing play through

Oz Noy: Trio live at the Iridium 2014

Tom Quayle,Stuart Bull: Dual Fusion Guitar Lessons

Ignazio Di Salvo: new funky fusion performance

Gus Drax: Sunburst - new sweeping solo performance

John Huldt: Cascade Harmonics demo and lesson

Chris Brooks: Axiology - A Decade of Fire album full

Andy James: Alternate Picking Performance

Floyd Fernandes: Nonlinear Linearity... a study.

Paul Masvidal,Sean Reinert,Sean Malone: Cynic US tour dates

Shane Lentz: Reverse Horizons Full Album Stream - more bass insanity!

Wes Borland,Tina Guo: League of Legends Electric Cello Metal Rock

Robin Burrows: Standing By - classy play through

Vanny Tonon: #Stringheroes Contest entry

Zsolt Kaltenecker,Márton Kertész: Special Providence - Testing The Empathy - new video from classy prog fusion band

Jef Poremba, Eric Horton:Seventrain - former 24-7Spyz,Cage, Tourniquet members release new video

Brian Carroll: two more from the Buckethead factory

Simone Dow,Scott Kay: Breaking Down - Guitar Play through

Kirk Fletcher, Dudley Ross: UK tour date details

Lars Eric Mattsson: New album "Hot and Able 1983-85"

Jakub Żytecki,Rafał Biernacki: Abandoned Planet guest solo Jakub Żytecki

Jakub Żytecki: BILO III "Where Is Now?" solo play through

Cameron Allen: "Sirocco" performance