Chowy Fernandez: Mayones Regius 7 - el ciego extended range playthrough

Matt Powell: Reverse - Original metal track

Alejandra Mesliuk: 8 finger tapping fusion - Artist Organic Pickups

t-cophony: When fall asleep - demo play 2015

Sam Bell: Creating Technical Riffs using Chord Progressions

Julien Damotte,Pierre Danel: uber guitar jam between

Rabea Massaad,Martin Kidd: Victory Amplifiers VX The Kraken – full length official video

Hideaki Yamakado: legato and tapping - guitar clinic Advanced

Nick Johnston: canadian clinic dates - Schecter

Martin Miller: free Ibanez clinic shows Germany

Tomo Fujita: Just Funky solo - at bar Clapton

Gerald Gradwohl, Adam Nitti, Kirk Covington: Live @ Porgy&Bess June 3 2014

Carl Mörner Ringström: Majestic 12 - album of high energy modern jazz

Rick Graham: Instagraham Licks - combining multiple techniques

Lyle Watt: We'll Never Know - Low Winter Sun

Chris Broderick: Act of Defiance - Jackson Speed Round

Steve Vai: The Space Between the Notes - Leg 3

Colby Peters, Ed Rizo, Christian Logaglio: Galia Social - Doorways