Stéphan Forté: MECHANISMS OF SHRED Lesson #2: Sweeping

Dans Huang, James Norbert Ivanyi: Epitome - Patterns from Taipei

Andy Timmons: Protocol III - "Amrita" with the Lone Star Special - stunning tone control

Steph Goyer: "Original" Teaser from upcoming EP

Zac Armgard: Kudos for assembling 214 Free Backing tracks to jam along to in every mode/key

Bill Clark: Promised Land - new rock fusion CD

News: Cathouse Live At Irvine Meadows Unites Rock Fans From Around The Globe At August 15 Celebration Of Riki Rachtman's World Famous Cathouse

Hassan Hajdi, Senri Kawaguchi: Rock in the castle at Villersexel, France 2015

Nick Johnston: Schecter USA Custom Shop Artist

Akihiko Onji: JTC Jam Of The Month - August - tapping terror licks

Rob Scallon: Torque Soul (9 string song)

Samuli Federley: improvisation in D minor

Nok Novum: demos Vapor Trail Analog Delay - tasteful tone!

David Maxim Micic: Wood Guerilla - Paint Job - time-lapse

Drewsif Stalin: Airis Effects Savage Drive VS Pro Tone Dead Horse

Eric Calderone: Heaven by Bryan Adams (DJ Sammy Remix) Meets Metal - 331Erock

Jon Neto: Has made his two excellent rock fusion albums available for download free!

News: GWAR tour dates 2015

John McLaughlin: Sets Release Date for "Black Light" - September 21, 2015....World Tour to Follow...

Doug Aldrich: Glenn Hughes unveils official photo of new band and tour dates