Pete Cottrell: Siggi Braun Fafnyr 7 String - Metal

Bruno Monello: promo trailer for the Coordinator and head of the Modern Music Institute for Sicily - tasty licks

Janne Nieminen: Buckethead improvised Jordan 2015 - Chop city

Rick Graham: The sickest quick legato lick ever!

Panos Arvanitis: Yngwie J Malmsteen- Priest of the Unholy Improvisation

Dave Martone: demos the Mono Vertigo Front Loading Acoustic Case

Chris Bieniek: The Girl From Ipanema 'Revised' - True Temperament Frets and Taurus Stomp -Head 4.SL Amp

Ignazio Di Salvo: Fallen Star - Ibanez RG 3727 Prestige - mega tapping sequences

Arnaud: Neo Geo - Freedom - new metal album teaser

Dhalif Ali: EBMM JP15, Pod X3 Pro - Turn The World Around Improvisation

Angel Vivaldi, Dan Sugarman: Crystal Planet - featuring Dan from Centersun and As Blood Runs Black - promo video

Luis Galang: 15 year old demos his Jackson DK XT and Positive Grid Jam Up with a cover of Sevens

Terry Syrek: TF Raw - new sweep picking instructional for TrueFire - coming soon - smoking solos!

Eric Calderone: Star Wars - Duel of the Fates Meets Metal

Martin Miller: Forever Eternal - Laney Ironheart, Fractal Audio Axe FX, Ibanez RG970

Cosmo Masiello, Silvio Assaiante: First Warp Experiment - Sacrifice - instrumental power trio based in Italy.

Joseph Stevenson, Sithu Aye, Rohan Stevenson, Matt Harnett: StarSystems - StarSystems II - progressive ambient djent from the United Kingdom

Ronny Heimdal, Ray Riendeau, Alex Argento: Austerity shuffle great track mixed by Alex Argento.

Chelsea Constable, Grace Constable: A Tribute to Mark Knopfler - Sultans Of Swing

Steve Vai: Steve's mirrored JEM returned!

John Huldt: Guitar Addiction 2 Guest Solo