Mark Hawkins, Luke Jaeger: Lester's Revenge - slamming progressive funk metal

Jarle H Olsen: Last Ninja Musicology - Ninja Axeman trailer! - Kickstarter coming soon

Rusty Cooley: Day of Reckoning "Left To Follow"

Terry Lauderdale: shreds "Metalcore" at Brentwood Bowl for Chris & Andy's "5150" Birthday Party!

Joe Satriani: Vintage Guitar Readers Honor as “Artist of The Year”

Francesco Artusato: Devil You Know's resident shredder demos the Ibanez Iron Label RGAIX7FM

Leonardo Guzman: I'm not entering the contest, just having fun on my boden8 by .strandberg* Guitarworks

Andre Nieri: Lake Elsinore - Suhr Dealer Select Limited Run Standard Sound Demo

Andy Timmons, Courtney Cox, Reb Beach, John Roth: Ain't Talkin''Bout Love and Can't get enough Magic City Casino, Miami 2016

Charly Sahona: Under My Skin - Sahona performance play through

Jared Dines: Djent 2016 - ons string guitar - lord knows the string gauge... but does it Djent?

Rob Scallon: A one string shovel guitar. Can ya dig it?

Michel Oliveira: LIMA LM-8 WITH EMG 57/66 8 - playthrough demo

Joe Bonamassa: Blues of Desperation - Webisode 1

T-cophony: Hysteric Park - "The 10th anniversary" demo play

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Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg, Felix Sabal: Live at Lecco 1998

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Jared Dines: Making guitar videos for YouTube - tips/advice

Michael Schenker: Coast To Coast - Temple Of Rock - Pontiac Illinois April 2015

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