Adunbee: Mr. Mayhem Original solo on Andy James jamtrack

Originally this was meant as my entry for a competition Andy James had a while back. But I never entered, hahah! It's scary to share songs and solos you make yourself, and putting yourself out there that way takes some courage! I decided to not keep myself back anymore, and even if the competition is over (has been over for a long time now, hahah) I decided to make a video of the solo I would have entered with. So YAY!! Here it is!

Mr. Mayhem is what the backing track was called when I downloaded it, so I just kept the name! YAY!! I think it's a cool name!

Second channel:
Thank you for watching!! ROCK ON!!!! \,,/
I was going to look for my missing watch, but I could never find the time.

Mr. Mayhem - Original solo by Adunbee with jamtrack by Andy James