Allen Hinds: Xotic Pedal "Soul Driven-AH"

Kiko Loureiro: Conquer or Die - Megadeth Live in Istanbul

Claudia Cordero: Megalodon - live

Nico Schliemann: Two Notes Torpedo Live

Matt Powell: Sergey Golovin - TwoGether Solo - .strandberg* Boden OS7

Matteo Brigo: Super Paradox Combo from the new album "It Works!"

Rowan J Parker, Pat Wright: Lydian Jam

Fuhito Nakamura: playing for as a guest of friend's song

Tom Quayle: 2016 Dual Fusion Demo - and The Guitar Hour - S2 Episode 6 Season Finale

Elmo Karjalainen: The Bolero Unravels (Live @ Klubi)

Plini, Aaron Marshall: Electric Sunrise Australian Tour - Plini and Intervals - details

Stuart Hamm: Going to California on EMGtv

Jake Willson: plays his "Allan's Big Plate" TonePrint for Hall of Fame Reverb

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Christian Muenzner: Beyond The Wall Of Sleep Tab book available