Kenny Serane: 20 Super Chilled Rock Licks'!

*NEW* Kenny Serane's '20 Super Chilled Rock Licks'!
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Kenny Serane is back, bringing you 20 super chilled inspirational rock licks to help you create intense subzero jams! Learn them, master them, and rock them out in your own solos!

Filled with interesting phrases, cool rhythmic motifs and an impressively laid back time feel this full track broken down into 20 licks will help you to incorporate these fantastic rock ideas into your own jams.

You'll find all the tools required to write a rocking solo here, slides, bends, alternate picking, motif development, dynamics, groove, articulation... Theory-wise you'll be making creative use of Mixlodydian, Dorian, Pentatonic, and Blues scales, superimposing arpeggios, adding in chromatic passing notes and underlining the harmony of the track by using chord tones in your lines. Kenny has it all and he's here to help you master it for yourself!

These 20 licks each come with video (fast/slow), audio (fast/slow), backing tracks, complete TAB/Notation and bonus text notes so that you have everything you need to thoroughly learn and dissect Kenny's ideas, practise them, then work on adding them into your own stock pile of awesome licks!

We've even included the full track video and full backing tracks so you can piece it all together as a song, or just jam out over this high quality backing track!

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*NEW* Kenny Serane's '20 Super Chilled Rock Licks'!