YoYo: Wonderful Slippery Thing - Guthrie Govan - 11 year old

Adam Bentley: Fortin Nameless Plug-in Demo

Marshall Harrison: GuitarLand Marshall “Half-Stack”

Charlie Robbins: "Shapeless Shape" from the EP "New Places"

Odin Laugesen Madsen: Theory is working on the second album. Here is some work in progress.

Lari Basílio: Blue Notes

Jin Won Lee: 이진원 James Tyler Japan Classic - 'Watch Me Dance' Tom Misch

David Qlintang: Trying to improvisation countdown tune

Li-sa-X: super playthrough of Serendipity

Milan Polak: "Freedom" solo full view with Atma Anur on drums

Luís Kalil: Ghost In Silence - Live

Vanny Tonon: Futuristic Sounds with Eventide H9

Zakk Wylde: Sweetwater interview - On His Influences

Marshall Harrison: GuitarLand SwyBryd Nation

Haruka Noma: Hal-Ca ASTERISM - 155 - new album featuring Buckethead

Akira Takasaki: Mari Hamada「Stay Gold」(FULL version)

John Petrucci, Geddy Lee: That Metal Show - That After Show | VH1 Classic

Derryl Gabel: Gambale Solo in Rocks from the Truth in Shredding album

Ruggero Robin: The Stutterer - classy rock fusion

Mika Tyyskä: Smash Hits 7 (Night Overdrive) - Synthwave with guitar = Shredwave

Plini: a souvenir from the "Plini + Friends" show at Islington Assembly Hal 2018

Joe Bonamassa: Rig Rundown with Joe Bonamassa [2018]

Angel Vivaldi: Noradrenaline Guitar Playthrough

Wes Thrailkill: Guest Solo - Goodbye, Mr. Burton - "Tall Guy, Weird Clothes"

Morgan Reid: Working On Solo Material Woohoo!!!!

Morgan Thomaso, Gabriel Pietrzak, Pierre Danel: Visenya - Fillory Official Playthrough 2018

Sophie Lloyd: talks about gear in the latest video

Roy Marchbank: Hybrid Sarod Technique

Tatiana Pará: "Being Myself" live at Raiz Bar

Carl Verheyen: Whack Down! (1080 HD)

Scott Gailor: Boss GT 1000 First Look

Trevor Rabin: Yes Featuring ARW - Owner of a Lonely Heart (8/26/18, Hollywood, CA)

Plini: "Sunhead" with Mestis + David Maxim Micic - Australian tour 2018

Francesco Fareri: EMG 707 Red Series / LTD MH 417 - fret burning

Tom Quayle: The Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster

Andy Timmons: Tone Sessions: Fillmore™ 50 – “That Day Came”

Gus G: Children Of The Night - Dream Evil song - Live in Japan 2017

Justin Hombach: Jam over Al Josephs "Darknite"

Tomáš Raclavský: Modern Day Babylon - Wake Up ||| guitar playthrough |||

Daisuke Kurosawa: Spiral Waves - Progressive Band 2015

Richard Daudé: Ibanez GB 10 VS George Benson signature model

Tim Pierce, Steve Stine: Speed Picking Tips You Need To Know | Alternate Picking

Jason Richardson, Jared Dines: Shred Wars: Jared Dines VS Jason Richardson with tab

Andres Vickers: Stu Box SRB-640. Toto - Africa - Instrumental Touch Guitar

Joe Bonamassa: 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard "Cousin Jethro" at Norman's Rare Guitars

Midori Tatematsu, Miyako Watanabe: Lovebites - Above The Black Sky @ Bloodstock Festival 2018