Mika Tyyskä: Smash Hits 7 (Night Overdrive) - Synthwave with guitar = Shredwave

Video from the new "Night Overdrive" album released and sold exclusively through my Sellfy page: https://sellfy.com/p/fDDQ/
Digital release only. official release will be some point later. Date not decided yet.

The new album was created with incredible speed. it took me usually 1-3 hours to compose and record one tune. I simply sat down with my iPad/Korg gadget, 4-track tape recorder, guitar, amp and pedalboard) and quickly created one tune as a morning session. I did such sessions 3 or 4 times a week. It was incredibly just to make music come out all at once. Start from having nothing and ending up with a finished recording.

I filled 4 cassettes worth of material (about 80 minutes) this summer. I started in the last week of may and ended in the middle of august. And I took a nearly 4 week summer break of everything in june. I'm amazed how all the music came together!

This was the last tune I made for this project. Composing and recording this tune took me maybe 2 and half hours. It's one of the most cheesiest sounding tune I've even writing. While composing and recording it I felt this is not going nowhere, but I kept at it and finished it. After a break I listened to it and couldn't help but smile.

This summer we smashed some very big glass windows at the local dump yard. I recorded those smashes with my iPhone. Friday the 17th I remembered those samples and exported them for clipping in Cubase. Then imported the 17 sample to Korg Gadget where I did all my backing tracks, drums, bass and synths for the project. I decided to make a tune where I could use these smashes.
Btw. even the hi-hat in this tune uses some of the glass hit sounds.

Now you know where the title "Smash Hits" title comes from . The "7", as you probably already guessed, comes from the fact that the time signature of the tune goes to seven...

After the summer break a friendly local man, Pasi gave me his old 8-track Yamaha cassette recorder. What an update to go from 4-tracks to 8 -tracks. This tune and one other on the album was recorded on this Yamaha MT8X machine.

Btw. You can see me recording the actual guitar takes here, the graphics around here just make it look more like a music video.

I just wait and hope this tune becomes a smash hit and makes me rich and happy ;D
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Mika Tyyskä - Smash Hits 7 (Night Overdrive) - Synthwave with guitar = Shredwave