Morgan Thomaso, Gabriel Pietrzak, Pierre Danel: Visenya - Fillory Official Playthrough 2018

VISENYA playing through their song "Fillory"off their debut EP 'ILLUMINATE'.

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Music by Morgan Thomaso & Gabriel Pietrzak
Mix by Gabriel Pietrzak Playthrough by Morgan Thomaso and Simon Medz Meunier

We would like to thank Pierre Danel for his amazing solo.

Everything Is Noise:

Intro animation:

VISENYA - Fillory (feat. Pierre Danel of KADINJA) [Official Playthrough 2018)

ILLUMIN▲TE by Visenya

1.Prologue 01:51
2.Crystallized (Feat. Adam Bentley of Arch Echo) 03:56
3.Evershed Effect (Feat. Husa Toledo) 04:41
4.Selenite (Feat. Brandon Hart) 04:48
5.Fillory (Feat. Pierre Danel of Kadinja) 05:56
6.Wrath 03:57

This is the first EP from the Trans-Atlantic duo, Visenya.
released March 29, 2018

Music by: Gabriel Pietrzak & Morgan Thomaso
Mixed and Mastered by: Gabriel Pietrzak (Visenya)

Thanks to Marcus Soderberg from Fifth Quadrant for the cinematic Stream video!

Thanks to Julien Prost for the introduction to the album !

Artwork by: Okianiumi

Special thanks to Adam Bentley for the tips and tricks!

Thanks for the Guest solos:
Husa Toledo
Adam Bentley (Arch Echo)
Brandon Hart
Pierre Danel (Kadinja)