Derryl Gabel: Gambale Solo in Rocks from the Truth in Shredding album I think part of growing as a musician is to transcribe tunes and solos. This can help in ear training, vocabulary, music theory, improvisation, rhythm and timing, technique, and more! Here's me playing the Gambale solo in Rocks from the Truth in Shredding album. I never realized how ferocious this solo was until attempting to play it. It took me several weeks playing it every day to get it up to tempo. This was one of the first solos I transcribed when I got a computer back in 1998 and used the Amazing Slowdowner. Back then I just wrote it down in tab. However, for the transcription this time I used a friend of mine named Joe Britton's transcription but I made several adjustments on fingerings. If you would like to email Joe for his original send an email to and if you want it with my fingerings email me at

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The guitarist that originally recorded this solo is Frank Gambale. I consider him one of the best players in the world. You can find out more about Frank at his website

Gambale Solo in Rocks from the Truth in Shredding album