Haruka Noma: Hal-Ca ASTERISM - 155 - new album featuring Buckethead

2017/11/15 release 5 TRACKS ALBUM「The Session Vol.1」
TKCA-74564 1,956yen+tax

M1. 155
M2. Enter Sandman(オリジナルアーティスト: Metallica)
M3. RAM IT DOWN(オリジナルアーティスト: Judas Priest)
M4. Bark at the Moon(オリジナルアーティスト: Ozzy Osbourne)
M5. Magic Bullet



★ Bass: MIYU / BORN ON 2002.03.12 / SAGA
★ Guitar: HAL-CA / BORN ON 2002.11.23 / FUKUOKA
★ Drums: MIO / BORN ON 1999.11.14 / SAGA

"ASTERISM = Hoshi Group" In the meaning, from the thought that each of the shining stars gathers and wants to become a shining aggregate (band), to become one in three people and express music.

Average age 16 years! 3-piece hard rock instructor based in Saga based in Fukuoka "ASTERISM" (asterism)
It is a superhero from the same generation, as well as the flashy performances and burning out of adults LIVE is a masterpiece to express such passion.
A young nova named ASTERISM = star group was born in the heavy metal world.

3-piece · heavy metal instruments averaging 16 years old "ASTERISM" 1st full album "IGNITION" released on Wednesday, August 22, 2018!

The long-awaited 1st full album following 5 TRACKS ALBUM "The Session Vol. 1", "The Session Vol. 2" includes a masterpiece of suite of more than ten minutes, even the rare songwriting power that fascinates those who listen also It contains plenty of songs.
In this work, Bootsy Collins (ex JB 'S), a musician who "influenced the world earliest in the world," "ASTERISM" aspired to produce two songs themselves, participating in base play by himself.
In addition, participation of guitarist Buckethead (ex Guns N 'Roses) is decided.

ASTERISM 1st full album 'IGNITION'
released on August 22, 2018 ☆ Initial recording: CD + DVD TKCA - 74647 Price: 3,333 + Tax CD 11 music + DVD: "155" MV, "Rising Moon" MV, BLAZE "MV, LIVE STAGE 3 songs, recording landscape images 3 songs (scheduled) ☆ Normal Edition: CD 1 piece TKCA - 74648 Price: ¥ 2,870 + Tax CD recorded tracks (song order unknown) 1 ·" BLAZE " Bootsy Collins: Produce / Bass / Voice, Buckethead: Guitars) 2 - "Warning" (Bootsy Collins: Produce / Bass / Voice, Buckethead: Guitars) 3 - "Light In The Darkness" 4, "Midnight Hunter" 5, "Disperse " 6 ·" God Speed ​​You! " 7 ·" DAWN " 8 ·" OVERDRIVE " 9 ·" Up The Horns! "   10 ·" Helter Skelter " 11 ·" Stand Up And Shout "