Joan Gong: Polyphia "G.O.A.T" riff

Marty Friedman: 10 Facts to Know Before Visiting Japan | Metal Injection

Craig Erickson: Legato Fusion Buzz Feiten guitar - killer guitar work

Marshall Harrison: Swybryd Nation w Marshall H

John Goodsall, Percy Jones: Brand X - Disco Suicide - Live at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland

Lari Basílio: groovy with this awesome pedal by Seymour Duncan - Fooz

Simon Peter King: Broke my back making this vid about my new Laney Amp

Ray Luzier: Drummer/percussionist (ko Rn, David Lee Roth, Jonathan Davis)

Steve Vai: Announces Vai Academy 5.0

Michael Hermes: Departure from the Lowdown EP (Official Music Video)

Gyato Seo: Seoul Arts Center Graduation Performance 2018

Al Joseph: Hyvmine - "Retaliation" Official Stream

David Shankle: Feanor This You Can Trust 2018 Oseberg TV Live Stream

Chris Brooks: Harmonized Picking Drill - Guitar

Tsutomu Kurihara,Luna Umegaki: Lu7 New Album information!

Tristan Klein: xotic BB preamp MB to Boost a Bogner Helios

Fernando Soto: Mixolydian Improv

Derryl Gabel: Pentatonic Transformation Part 1

Wellington Vilhena: Adventure (Trecho)

Jean Fontanille: Jam Blues Using only Min and Maj Pentatonic Scales

Robert Ritchiesse: improvisations on 11-stringed guitar

Brev Sullivan: 'Play Fast' new CD - eclectic guitar medleys of modern rock, cool fusion,

Shawn Needham: Gloria's Escape Plan - upcoming avant-garde free jazz record

Seong Hun Ham: 함성훈 Knaggs Sheyenne Demo

Vinnie Moore: "Riding High" with fantastic jam 2018

Mateus Asato: Mateus + 1 is back

Linda Taylor: ProAnalog Devices Manticore V2

Charlie Robbins: Fortin Nameless Suite - Lead Guitar Tone

Al Mu'min: The HAARP Machine - Crowdfunding

Yo Onityan: Rings of Saturn - Inadequate Improvisation Solo - Live at Rage Fest 2018

Levi Clay: discusses the demise of the latest iteration of Abasi Guitars?

Paul Gilbert: Not To Meander

PRS: The Private Stock McCarty 594 "Graveyard II Limited" | PRS Guitars

Mika Tyyskä: Super Limited Edition DIY Night Overdrive -cassette

Peter Frampton: to Receive The Les Paul Innovation Award at 34thAnnual NAMM TEC Awards

Derek Smalls, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Steve Lukather: Lukewarm Water Live! VIP Concert

Sithu Aye: new album Homebound available for pre order

Gavin Iedema: Eye of the wind - Radix guitar + G3 pedal

Joel Omans: Rings of Saturn - Joel Omans Shreds - pretty wild rippage

Mell Laurant: Give Them Away - Original Composition

Henri Aalto: Sunday Night- 8 Finger Tapping

Juna Serita: Tokyo Groove Jyoshi「Round Midnight」

Popa Chubby: Stanhope House Nj 2018 - BluesBroad

Gus G: Tourlife (onstage, backstage & on the tourbus)

Pat Heath: LTD MH-203QM (Demonstration Video)

Masahiro Aoki, Daisuke Kurosawa: Godspeed - Sixth Heavenly Devil and Demon King of the Sixth Heaven

Kiko Loureiro: Playing at Home The Threat is Real MEGADETH