Ando San, Ethan Naidoo: Ormsby Guitars - present 'Shmop' with 8 String Hype GTR Multiscale Guitars

Grab your copy of Brandon 'Ando' Washington's new EP 'Vitality'

1.Ando San - Z A M N 01:53
2.Ando San - F o c u s e d (Feat. Dan James Griffin) 01:37
3.Ando San - S h m o p (Feat. Ethan Naidoo) 02:37
4.Ando San - V i t a l i t y (Feat. Hedras Ramos) 03:42

Vitality features fresh and vivacious new tunes from upcoming artist Ando-San. Featuring aspects such as thumping, Vitality combines exciting new sounds with innovative techniques. This EP is meant to invoke lighthearted pleasure in its listeners through its modern and playful aesthetic.
released December 10, 2018

Anissa orozco - Art Work
Hedras Ramos - (Vitality) Guest Solo
Dan James Griffin - (Focused) Guest Solo
Ethan Naidoo - (Shmop) Guest Solo
Nico Diaz - (Vitality) synth keyboard line

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Ormsby Guitars - Ando San & Ethan Naidoo present 'Shmop' with 8 String Hype GTR Multiscale Guitars

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