Valeriy Stepanov: Fusion Project – The Sun

Widek, David Maxim Micic: Gravity - Hidden Dimensions

Haruka Noma: Asterism at home #1

Steve Hackett: Guitar Firth Of Fifth

Yutaro Abe: Devil's Blade Op Theme

Jake Howsam Lowe: Jason Richardson Toneforge (JST) Plugin Demo -

Lucas de la Rosa: WAAAR!!! ff the upcoming EP incoming

Tyler Bryant: “Blues in C”

Jesse Zuretti: Binary Code - Into the Maw (Guitar Playthrough) incoming

Brian Sheu: Super tasty Phrygian Fusion Jam - Comins GCS High Gain tones

Dr.Viossy: Coming Soon - My Solo Album incoming

Benjamin Lechuga: recording a guest solo for Nowis

Richard Henshall, Jose Macario: Momentos Solo

Davide Rinaldi: Hybris - Molten Rock Incoming featuring Gianluca Ferro

Alberto Barsi, Luis Kalil: Yukimura - A Matter of Priority incoming

Marty Friedman: Dragon Mistress 2019

Marshall Harrison: Surprise Live late stream

Joshua Meader: Rock You || Dirty Loops Guitar Solo - Stunning!

Jackie Vincent: Sweep Masterclass # 2 Young Guitar June Issue

Tony MacAlpine: The Secret of Sweep Young Guitar June Issue

Chris Feener: BULLETPROOF - Revisions EP incoming

Carl Roa: Honeyburst Kiesel Delos - Friday night jam

Michael Angelo Batio: doing a live, unedited playthrough of his Hands Without Shadows.