Magnus Olsson: Climb A Little Hill - Ibanez AZ & Olsson Amp demo

Performance video, amp & guitar demo.
Original music written, recorded and performed by Magnus Olsson.
Recorded in Chicken House studio, Sweden.

Olsson Amplification “Little Hill”.
Hand built by John Olsson with all sound sculpturing from Fredrik √Ökesson from Opeth.

All tube head with 2xEL84 power tube and 4x12AX7 preamp tubes.

Controls front:
- Channel switch
- Channel 1: Low/High sensitivity switch, Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble Volume
- Channel 2: Volume, Bass, Treble
- Common Presence
Controls rear:
- Effect loop: Send and Return Level , On/Off

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Ibanez Premium AZ line.
EH10-TGM (Erick Hansel Signature).

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"Climb A Little Hill" Performance video (Ibanez AZ & Olsson Amp demo).

My tools: Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M (recording DI guitar).

Original music.
Official music video of Evelina Olssons "Naken".

Vocals, lyrics and melody: Evelina Olsson
Music, Production/recording, all instruments, filming and editing: Magnus Olsson

Created at Chicken House Studio, Sweden, 2019.

This is a bit different music than what I normally post here at my channel.
Still very guitar driven but a bit different kind of playing.
It is a kind of music I have done for many, many years, just never posted or played for anyone before. This song is the first one coming from a songwriting collaboration with the amazing singer Evelina Olsson. A project I feel both excited and inspired from.

We have about two albums of music written and there will be one album in Swedish and one in English (different song and music on both of them).

I hope you like it.

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EVELINA - NAKEN (official video)