Magnus Olsson: The Fuzztner pedal + Bliss

The Fuzztner is an octavia combined with a great fuzz in the same box. When used as a fuzz are there two different modes, normal and gated.

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All playing and original music by Magnus Olsson.
For a fuzzier lifestyle - Olsson Amplification The Fuzztner pedal.

The strange time we are living in right now (April 2020) made me feel that I needed an easy listening, major key, song, and here it is. A kind of music I do allot that is not intended to be heard by anyone but me. But I felt that more than me could need a bit of major right now.

Gear used:
Ibanez AZ226-BKF (the one seen)
Ibanez AZ2202A-TFB
Ibanez Custom FR (Nashville tuned)

Olsson Amplification Little Hill (all overdriven sounds)
Olsson Amplification Club Forty (most clean sounds)
Fender CS ’57 Deluxe (for high strung guitar)
Celestion Creamback 65 (G12M-65)
1x12” Olsson cabinet

Recorded with:
Royer R122
Shure SM57
Focusrite mic-pre
Cubase 10.5
Superior Drummer 2
Reason 8

Recorded at Chicke House Studio, Sweden, April 2020.

Magnus Olsson - Bliss (original music, performance video)