Magnus Olsson: Bender by Bjorn + Olsson Amplification + Music China 2019

This is a short clip with some examples of all the cool things you can do with the Bender by Bjorn. A Swedish B and G string bender that exist in many different versions. See more at

Installation is super easy and no surgical procedures necessary on your guitar. It is 100% reversible with no marks left on the guitar.
Bending range can be easily adjusted and fine tuned, it is simply super easy to use and setup. A extremely inspiring device that challenge your imagination on what you can do with a guitar. I have only scratched the surface and are looking forward to explore it more.

Main music in the video is a short clip from and old song re-recorded and decorated with many layers of both B and G string bender stuff (set at many different intervals).

Bender by Bjorn - amazing B and G string bender.

Live clips from Music China 2019

Live clips from Music China 2019

"A Headless Dance with Mrs Q" - Olsson Amplification Little Hill