Russ Parrish: Steel Panther - talks about tribute to Tiger Woods

Andy Timmons: discusses Sargent Pepper

Allen Van Wert: V-Pick contest

Reece Fullwood: Creating Lead Ideas

Tommy Emmanuel: The Adelaide Guitar Festival

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl Prunes and Custard

Derryl Gabel: Andy Mclaughlan audio interview for Shred Knowledge

News: Guitar Idol Live Final 2011

Jason Becker: the man who composes with his eyes.

Roy Marchbank: DiMarzio player

Rie aka Suzaku: 「Mother Earth」CD promo

Eric Gales: at Levitt Shell in Memphis

Perfecto De Castro: 10-string Guitars compared

Michael Thames: Thirteen string Dresden guitar

Janet Marlow: Ten String Guitar

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Thailand flooding extends closing date.

Joe Bonamassa: plays Rory Gallagher's guitar

Dave Weiner: inversions for writing

Joe Bonamassa,Eilidh McKellar,Bernie Marsden: Gimme One Reason

Bill Hudson,John Slaughter: Coldera

Francesco Artusato: Guitar Lessons

Atma Anur: chitarepe interview