Jason Becker: the man who composes with his eyes.

NOT DEAD YET: The Story of Jason Becker

The year is 1989, and 19-year old Jason Becker has the rock and roll world at his feet. He's just been offered the biggest rock guitar job on the planet, he's on the cover of every rock and guitar magazine, and he's being hailed by critics as a musical prodigy and the next greatest rock guitarist in the world. Jason’s childhood dream of making and performing music has come true. One week from now, Jason’s dream will turn into a nightmare when he is diagnosed with ALS and given just 3-5 years to live.

Now, 22 years later, and without the ability to move or speak, he continues to compose music note by note with his eyes.

‘NOT DEAD YET: The Story of Jason Becker’ is a new feature-length documentary that chronicles Jason's heroic story from his youth, to his days as a lightning fast guitar player and rock star, and to his present-day struggles with an incurable disease.

Jason's amazing story is told through interviews, never-before-seen archive footage of his performances; as well as unreleased family photos and footage from the Becker archives. The soundtrack is comprised of Jason's released and unreleased material including demos from his childhood and new material he has been working on. The film was shot using a combination of full 1080p HD cameras and 16mm film.

The film has been shot and now we are seeking completion funding for post-production. We've managed to keep the costs down very low however there is still a lot to do.

All funds raised will go towards the following -

- On-line editing and mastering
- Sound design, sound edit and mix
- Color correction
- Licensing rights for news and TV footage
- Music licensing for songs and performances not exclusively owned by Jason
- Graphics, animation, and additional artwork
- Film festival submissions
- IndieGoGo / PayPal processing fees

You can help by making a financial pledge of any size. You can make a donation on behalf of yourself, your company or your band. In exchange for your generous contributions, we are offering some rare Jason Becker memorabilia as well as advance copies of the Limited Edition DVD and Blu-Ray, Limited Edition Jason Becker Movie T-Shirts, Jason Becker CDs, and credits in the film.

We understand that times are tough for some people but even $5 will be an enormous help in making the dream of telling Jason's story to the world a reality.

We are making this film for Jason and for every brave and heroic person who has had a dream and didn't give up on it despite the worst odds imaginable. ALS is an orphan disease and receives very little research funding by comparison to most other diseases. Many sufferers and their families feel that not enough is being done and they're right. By making a contribution, you will be helping to raise awareness about ALS and therefore opening up new possibilities for the future.

We are supported by ALS TDI of North America and the MND Association of Great Britain.

For more information about Jason Becker and our work please visit www.JasonBeckerMovie.com

A documentary about a paralyzed musician who composes with his eyes.

This is about as real as it can get in life... help us help Jason. Tickets for the spectacular show are still available and all donations raised go to Jason.

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