Saturday, 4 July 2009

George Lynch: building his own guitars now!

George Lynch building his own guitars at the ESP headquarters in North Hollywood, California

George Lynch Building his own Guitars

Orianthi: michael jackson, orianthi to play at last farewell

Spotted on the google news ether:
Australian guitarist to perform at farewell... THE blonde guitarist who featured in the final video of Michael Jackson rehearsing before his death has been revealed as an Adelaide girl.

Orianthi Panagaris, of Hawthorn, has told of her devastation over the King of Pop's death late last month, the Sunday Mail reports.

The South Australian-born musician, who is known professionally as Orianthi, will perform at Jackson's public memorial on Wednesday.

She said she had grown close to the superstar since joining his This Is It comeback tour and features prominently in the video of Jackson's final Los Angeles rehearsal, recorded two days before his death, that has been shown extensively around the world.

"He had this wonderful aura about him, a beautiful spirit," Orianthi said yesterday.

"It's been a surreal time working with him and it's devastating what's happened."

Orianthi, 24, was a key part of the concert marathon, which was to have begun in London on July 13.
She had been rehearsing with Jackson six days a week for the past three months.

Jackson can be seen dancing with her during the song They Don't Care About Us as she plays an intricate guitar solo.

"We practised so much and knew the songs so well," she said.

"Because we rehearsed so much . . . we knew the parts like the back of our hands," she said.

For Orianthi, the chance to play with one of the world's greatest-ever entertainers was a major coup. "It was so surreal, I'm a big fan," she said.
full news article

John Petrucci, Rob Chappers: are they one and the same person?

By a strange twist of fate, I posted two blog posts yesterday, both featuring youtube videos, one featuring the towering talents of John Petrucci, the other Rob Chappers delivering another sermon on the mount for Monkeylord minions... is it me or do these guys look uncannily alike?!?!?!

Click on the image to see in glorious doppelgänger glory

Lori Linstruth: guilt machine pre order special CD DVD package

Lori Linstruth and Guilt Machine have a cool MySpace:

You can pre order the new CD and special DVD

Track List
CD (all editions):
1] Twisted Coil (11:43)
2] Leland Street (8:03)
3] Green and Cream (10:32)
4] Season of Denial (10:22)
5] Over (6:11)
6] Perfection? (10:46)

DVD (Limited and Special Editions only):

Audio Bonus Tracks:
1] The Stranger Song (L. Cohen) - vocals Jasper (4:53)
2] Michelangelo (J. Campbell) - vocals Arjen (3:23)
3] Fan Messages (8:14)
4] Perfection? - guide vocals Arjen (9:37)
5] Twisted Coil - radio edit (4:17)
6] Pull me out of the Dark - radio edit (Green and Cream) (3:36)
7] Over - radio edit (3:56)

1] Trailer On this Perfect Day (4:33)
2] Making of the Trailer (3:44)
3] Interview with Guilt Machine (Arjen, Jasper, Lori) (40:03)

Spotted a cool mp3 featuring Lori Linstruth

Ordered my copy BTW.

Ozgur Cali: turkish delight

Spotted Ozgur Cali on Robb Chappers Meyones competition round up. Influences include: Joe Satriani ,Steve Vai, Erkan Oğur, Yanni, Greg Hove, Guthrie Govan...

Mayones Guitar Competition Entry by Ozgur Cali

Shred Rock'n Roll - By Ozgur Cali

Özgür Çalı-doğaçlama2

Özgür Çalı-Funk&Blues Melodies

Emil Werstler: till daath do us part...

Anthony Lipari caught me on IM during a marathon facebook session where I felt like every guitarist in the world was online! During Anthony Lipari's session we discussed guitarists and videos and he highlighted a number of guys that should have been on the blog by now.... well here is another for you. You can catch Emil Werstler on MySpace: The lead guitarist from death band Daath [sic] has some pretty fearsome chops.

Emil Werstler of Daath Guitar Lesson on FPE-TV

Paul Reed Smith asks Emil Werstler of Daath to demonstrate his addition to the "Betcha Can't Play This" series in Guitar World Magazine. Emil is playing his personal Private Stock PRS guitar (modified Modern Eagle) through a PRS Original Sewell Amplifier.

Emil Werstler demonstrates his "Betcha Can't Play This" lick from Guitar World Magazine

Emil Werstler Improvising

DAATH - Wiliting on the Vine - Guitar Solo @ PRS ...

Emil Werstler of DAATH at Experience PRS 2008

FPE-TV LIVE Daath featuring Emil Werstler

Alex Hutchings, Guthrie Govan: low down jam

Short clip of a jam from the Rotosound stand at the London International Music Show 2009.

Nigel Clutterbuck - Alex Hutchings - Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan, Ben Poole: blues jam

Guthrie Govan & Ben Poole jam over Blues jam tracks backing on the Rotosound stand, LIMS 2009:
Guthrie uses Roto 9's Ben uses RH10's

Guthrie Govan & Ben Poole Blues Jam

Greg Howe: come and get it improvisation

Greg Howe improvises the solo section and outro over the backing track of the song "Come and Get It" from the Introspection Album.

Greg Howe Performs "Come And Get It"

Chris Lasegue: new web site and cd appearence

New CD Available now!
Shredding Across The World, Volume 3 is now available! You can order it at,, and other sites. Got to my website at and check out the news page for more info. This CD features me and 16 other guitarists from around the world doing what we love to do most: shredding!

New Release: Chris’ new song “M-18” will be featured on “Shredding Across The World, Vol.3”.
It is set for release on June 29th, 2009. Check out for more information.
Also, you can purchase the cd at,, and (Asia)!

Check out the review from The third volume in the Shredding Across The World series by Shredguy Records will be released on June 29th!. On this volume seventeen guitar players are featured!! Including Chris Lasegue (Jag Panzer), Adrian English, Kendall Bechtel (Fifth Angel), Tracy G (ex Dio), Chris Sheridan (Sweet Savage), Rob Johnson (Magnitude 9 and Saddleback Shark), Sean Baker, Matthew Mills, Gary Schutt (ex-Jeff Scott Soto), Dannyjoe Carter (Guitar World July 2008 worlds fastest living guitar player), Steve Bello, Richard Tull (ex-Phantom X), the phenom from Ireland Andrew Danso, Lino, Claudio Cruz, Jonas Tamas, and a special bonus demo instrumental track from shredder Chris Storey (ex-All Shall Perish). Additonal musicians include Ray Luzier (Korn), Merlyn Kelly (Gwen Stafani solo), Op Sakiya (Heir Apparent), Charlie Giardina (Eric Martin band) and master session drummer John Wooten.

Michael Angelo Batio, Vinnie Moore: confirmed for london dean owners club

Tickets are great
value at only £5
Purchase online
The Guitar Party of the Year
Watch out for further information as it is announced.

Michael Angelo Batio
Vinnie Moore
Carmine Appice

Also confirmed are Members of
Eden’s Curse, Powerquest, Quireboys, Alestrm, Intense, Arthemis, Voodoo Six, Pantera 101%, Saxon, Hexagram, Shameful Behaviour, Thirteenth Sign

News: buddy blaze loses his only son, a tribute from vivian campbell, RIP

In case you were not aware:
Please add this tribute site to my only son and child to your friends... Feel free to add this banner to your site or forward it... We lost Matt on March 2nd 2009. Please send friend suggestions to all of your friends. We will soon open a website and start a foundation in Matt's memory. Please help us save some other families from suffering the great loss we have been dealt... Thanks and aloha! Buddy Blaze

Buddy Blaze says:
Matthew James Webster "Matt Blaze" "Matt Webster" "Webs" was born in Ames Iowa to proud Parents Buddy and Joyce on January 22, 1978. His father went on to become well known in the music community for his handmade guitars for the stars and for his famous guitar designs. Matt grew up surrounded by the worlds most famous artists and was universally loved by all of them. Along the way, Matt fell in love with Sarah L. and they brought his beautiful son Evan into the world. That was 8 (and 1/2...) years ago. Matt was a computer prodigy and helped those within his reach. Matt also often helped Mom and Dad make Buddy Blaze guitars and Ukuleles in their shop in Kailua Kona, HI. Matt spent the last years of his life on the Big Island where he could be found on the beaches, snorkeling, canoeing, sailing and enjoying the gifts that come with living in Hawai'i... Matt also suffered with the disease of addiction. He spent more than 6 months of the last year of his life in residential treatment... He fought this disease with all he (and we...) had. He actually spent the last 3 days of his life volunteering and encouraging others with their struggles... Matt was an all American boy that was the center of his parents life... Matt lost his struggle with addiction and died on March 2nd, 2009. This site begins to tell Matt's story. Joyce and Buddy will start an official website very soon and will also create a foundation in his memory and honor to help others deal with the struggles of this horrible disease... Please help us tell Matt's story and help others... Thanks and aloha! Buddy Blaze
more details

Vivian Campbell's eulogy for Matt

Fumiyoshi Kamo: rising shred from the east

Another shredder from the East... I take my time to get around to posting these guys, so apologies. Here's his main web site: also join him on MySapce and enjoy his music samples: Influences include:
Jay Graydon,Chaka Khan,Donald Fagen,Devid Foster,Michael Jackson,John Scofield,Jimi Hendrix,Tuck&Patti,Rage Against the Machine,Def Leppard,George Benson,Rodney Jerkins

Fumiyoshi Kamo - Shred Guitar

Fumiyoshi Kamo - Guitar Solo & Talk

Fumiyoshi Kamo - Fantasie Impromptu

Fumiyoshi Kamo - Guitar Solo

Rob Chappers: winner of the outlander amp competition announced

Coolidge Outlander 100 - Competition results!

The winner:
Video response by Ten-Foot-Tryptych from the MonkeyLordForum.

Coolidge Amplification's new Outlandish all tube amp is taking the guitar world by storm.

For the record, the sounds were produced on a Behringer V-amp (the only amp I have!) and the pencil was not wasted; I had two, cut one and so it just appeared that I was wasting it. The hair was not mine. The sweater was given to me a few years ago, I'm glad I had a suitable opportunity to wear it.

Apologies to Andy at Pro Guitar Shop, I hope you take this in good spirit

Coolidge Outlandish

Damjan Pejcinoski: give me the goove, another angle

Another great job by Yagooor on this hi def video...

Damjan Pejcinoski - Give Me the Groove (Live Guitar Idol 2009) HD

Alex Ehrsam: more live footage posted

Concert au MFK, Strasbourg, le 27 Juin 2009. Merci à tous les gens qui sont venus nous voir ! Keep the Vibe Alive !

Fix - Alex Ehrsam Group

Charles Shaughnessy: choptix the solos... happy july 4th

Charles says:
Jam at CHOPSTIX in TACOMA with the gents. Emotional content included, with some good ole' sloppy shred.

Charlie Shaughnessy July 1 Jam at CHOPSTIX Emotional Solo

Charles says:
Jam at CHOPSTIX in TACOMA with the gents. Bluesy content included, with some good ole' sloppy shred.

Charlie Shaughnessy July 1 Jam at CHOPSTIX Bluesy Solo

Charles says:
Jam at CHOPSTIX in TACOMA with the gents. Funky content included, SLIDE SOLO too (what was I thinking?!) with some good ole' sloppy 3-finger shred.

July 1 CHOPSTIX FunkyCharlie Shaughnessy July 1 Jam at CHOPSTIX Funky Solo

Marcos De Ros: jam 7

Marcos De Ros says: I
just downloaded some lessons of Marlowe and jam over it. He is an amazing bass player and provides a solid background to play over! Thanks Marlowe!!!

Marcos De Ros & MarloweDK Jam 7.

Robert Conti: new guitar available

The New Conti Guitar - Available July 15, 2009

(Concert Pictures From 6-24-2009)

See a video of Robert playing the new "Equity Edition" Conti Guitar during his concert June 24th at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts (click photos above)

The "Equity Edition" will become available this month and includes the most desirable featues including:

  • SOLID Spruce Top
  • SOLID Maple Back & Sides
  • 24 Fret Ebony Fretboard
  • Shallow Florentine Cutaway For Easy Access To Upper Register
  • Maple Neck
  • Grover Tuners
  • An Introductory Price you won't believe!

If you're interested in obtaining a guitar that Conti now calls his "dream six string," please email us at the address below with the subject: Conti Guitar
Or you may call the office during normal business hours.

Jazz Guitarist Robert Conti performs with his new signature model guitar, the "Equity Edition" during a concert for the Las Vegas Academy of Performing arts on June 24, 2009.

Robert Conti In Concert 6/24/2009 Jazz Guitar

Andy James: free pentatonic shred lessons

s usual there are three fine new web lessons this month to help you expand your technical prowess and gain new ways to add interest and inventiveness to your soloing.

Latest Technique Lessons

Andy James continues his Full Shred Ahead column with the second part of a five part series covering Penatonics

Check out the free lessons