Zakk Wylde: not a happy bunny at the ozzy fiasco.

Q: So there was a tense moment there with you and the Boss?

Zakk: "I have no idea. I guess we're supposed to hook up in August and do this goddamn show [at the BlizzCon convention in Anaheim, California]."

Q: The last time they tried this was "Down The Earth", and that record [wasn't that great], so I'm guessing if Zakk's not involved, it's not a good Ozzy record.

Zakk: "I have no idea. I'm just like... You could play with anybody you want. Put it this way... It's like my wife... You can be with any guy you wanna be with. But you know what?! If you're gonna be banging a guy in our bed, at least let me watch so I can enjoy it. Let me in on the skinny... what's going on here. That's just not... I don't give a [bleep] what anyone says, it ain't [bleep]ing cool. It's like, hey, you know what?! You're just [bleep]ing on me in a back [bleep]ing alley right now and [I'll] rip your [bleep]ing head off if you're gonna pull this shit. We'll [bleep]ing find out."

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