Jason Sadites: odd time signatutes and other techiques to keep your playing fresh

Using Odd Time Signatures, Open Tuning And Hybrid Picking To Keep Things Interesting:
On my new CD "Weve", I had the incredible opportunity and great fortune to work with some of the worlds best musicians. Among these were the likes of Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Gregg and Matt Bissonette, Chad Wackerman, Brett Garsed and Jerry Marotta. Many times, as I was writing material for the project, I had already envisioned the musicians that I was hoping to have play on the project. Knowing in advance who would be playing on the songs not only had an influence on how I wrote the songs, but was also an inspiration to try and make each song something special for the particular musicians involved. In an ideal world, the writing process would always run smoothly, but as we all know, this seldom happens. In taking on the immense task of writing and recording an albums worth of material, there always seems to be creative 'peaks and valleys' that we must navigate through along the way. One of these so called 'valleys' that I encountered was on the albums title track "Weave".
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