Saturday, 11 July 2009

Dave Weiner: garage sale, guitars, pedal and misc!

Don't end up with the "last chicken in the shop!"

Dave Weiner selling gear!

Gianni Rojatti: solo album previews

Gianni Rojatti shows his Ibanez and gives us a preview of songs that will be on his next album

Gianni Rojatti - Solos and Sounds samples

Alex Skolnick: europe live dates!

Alex Skolnick, have announced their first European tour. Dates are as follows:

24 - Briston, UK - The Thunderbolt
25 - City TBA, UK - venue tba
26 - City TBA, UK - venue tba
27 - Inverness, UK - The Ironworks
28 - Newcastle, UK - The Cluny
29 - Sheffield, UK - The Boardwalk
30 - Zoetemeer, Netherlands - De Boerderij

1 - Leverkusen, Germany - Scala Club
2 - Tübingen, Germany - Sudhaus
3 - Tannheim, Germany, Schwarzer Adler
4 - Uster, Switzerland - Rock City
5 - Miltenberg, Germany - Beavers
8 - Budapest, Hungary - A38

Frank Caruso, Gianluca Ferro, Stefano Sebo Xotta: 24 strings live!

Strings24 running Blues Remember the song, taken from the CD Strings24 (Lion Music). Performance live @ Jungle Sound Station - Produced by Milkit Video Production

Strings24 - Remember Blues

The Strings24 performing live "Running in the Wind", taken from their album Strings24

Strings24 - Running in the Wind

Alex Masi: italian clinics footage!

The report of the clinic tour of Alex Masi, Italian virtuoso guitarist who has built his career for over two decades in the United States. Alex uses guitars Music Man Silhouette and has shown the characteristics during these events.

Alex Masi Italian Clinics 2009

Marty Friedman: italian clinic footage

Report of the recent clinic tour of Italian Marty Friedman, reduce its performance to the Gods of Metal in Monza. At these events, Marty presented his latest album "Tokyo Jukebox" and has used his Ibanez Signature and ENGL amps, a mark which relies for over two years both live and in studio.

Marty Friedman Italian Clinics 2009

James Byrd: gibson flying V up for grabs!

Alpine white 1980 Gibson Flying V is the Flying V owned by James Byrd and heard on the classic album Fifth Angel – Fifth Angel is for sale. This guitar was used to record all of the lead guitar tracks on Fifth Angel’s debut album, after which it was retired and 24 years later, it remains just as it was put away, even down to the original strings.

This historic instrument is in outstanding condition; It’s Original Alpine White finish has aged to a rich dark manaila/butter colour, as have it circa 1983 PAF pickups. It features a period correct vintage Gibson “Supertune Vibrola”, nickel Schaller tuners, two cream colored vintage DiMarzio PAF humbucking pickups, dual Bartolini pre-amps hidden under the pickguard, and a very slightly scalloped rosewood fret board. The guitar comes with the original hard case which is well worn and with personal stickers and name stencil intact. A letter of authenticity will also be provided by Byrd.

If you are interested in buying this guitar or want more information on this piece of rock metal history please
full details including lesson offer

A video gallery of just some of the BYRD ™ Super Avianti ® Guitar made for customers worldwide, all to the music of Avianti Suite Op.1 No.63 taken from my album "Byrd - Flying Beyond The 9" (2001, Lion Music). For more information on these guitars and to take an in-depth look at the features visit

Byrd Guitar Super Avianti - James Byrd

Prashant Aswani: crikey... blizzard by name and nature!

Prashant Aswani tweets, More vids coming!

Prashant Aswani - Blizzard NGW

George Lynch: super v guitar... How Much!?!?!?!

some tour dates posted

Mr. Scary Custom Guitars: 1st and 2nd one-of-a-kind Super V’s now available

George has just released two one-of-a-kind custom ESP Super V guitars under his own MR. SCARY CUSTOM GUITARS banner.

The Desert Rose and Evil Western Super V’s are now available and can be yours. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a phenomenal piece of Lynch history!

Photos and purchase options on the new Mr. Scary Custom Gutiars.

George Lynch Desert Rose Super V Guitar

George Lynch Desert Rose Super V Guitar

George Lynch Evil Western Super V Guitar

George Lynch Evil Western Super V Guitar


Rick Graham: huge arpeggio thingy of awesomeness!

An Epic Win from Rick Graham. You can get the full lesson with tab and backing track:

"Freefall" Arpeggio Guitar Solo - Rick Graham

Hedras Ramos: jams with julio vale

Hedras Ramos, says:
First I want to introduce a friend of mine, (virtuoso guitarist Julio Valle), this vid is our first one, and also our first jam session, but we will be doing more stuff very soon! So please stay in touch for clinics, concerts and more music. Thanks to my dad for his camera work!

Jam Hedras Ramos y Julio Valle

News: absence shred off guitar challenge!

The Absence Shred Off contest is a chance for our fans to track a guitar lead on our up coming album "Enemy Unbound". Full details can be found on our myspace. More details

The Absence Shred Off Guitar Challange

Chris Feener: the absence shred off guitar challenge!

Chris Feener says:
Hey guys! I heard about this competition on the Petrucci forums and figured I'd give it a go. The mono guitar track they provided was giving me some issues, and was quite difficult to mix, so I slapped a drum track behind it with what I figured would fit best and gave it a go!

Chris Feener - The Absence Shred Off Guitar Challange

Rick Graham: marco sfogli lesson!

Fans will know that Rick gives lessons for infiniteguitar... check out the quality of the lessons!

Marco Sfogli's "Andromeda" Guitar Lesson - Part 1

Marco Sfogli's "Andromeda" Guitar Lesson - Part 2

Marco Sfogli's "Andromeda" Guitar Lesson - Part 3

Marco Sfogli's "Andromeda" Guitar Lesson - Part 4

Marco Sfogli's "Andromeda" Guitar Lesson - Part 5

Marco Sfogli's "Andromeda" Guitar Lesson - Part 5

or how about a little Guthrie Govan

"In the Style of Guthrie Govan" - Rick Graham

Aaron Berg: recalls his GIT days back in 89-90 part 1

Let me set the scene:
Mike Varney say "Virtuoso music is not a trend" but the best period it was 89/90 ... Brett Garsed responds: I agree with Mike in that virtuoso music is not a trend . I think this is proven by the fact that a lot of musicians are still stiving for excellence on their chosen instruments and are forgoing commercial success so as to get their artistic vision out to the public . From teaching so much at Musicians Institute (G.I.T.) I get to see where the young musicians are heading stylistically and fusion is having a huge impact on them . They still want to shred but the emphasis is now on note choice and phrasing . I belive Scott Henderson is one of the main reasons for this . He should be much more well known than he is . I personally owe him a lot of thanks for influencing my playing in the best possible way . The Grunge movement provided us with a well needed break from all the mindless shredding of the late 80's and now everyone is back with a fresh perspective , not to mention more open minds and ears .
from mattcafisi

Aaron Berg attended GIT at that period... a hot house for guys looking to make it big in the guitar world!

Aaron Berg:
When I attended GIT it was '89-90, and many great successes today were there on a daily basis. It was NOT a high paying gig for these individuals, for I'd come close to signing on to teach myself until I found out the hourly wage. Hehe, yeah Paul Gilbert, Nick Nolan, Keith Wyatt, Scott Henderson, Leslie West, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Paul Hanson, Norman Brown, Danny Gill, and Dan Gilbert were there for the experience I guess.

There is a certain, prestige to be an instructor there, and many players had adjusted their own agreements as they became more successful, or more of an asset to Howard Roberts. ( ex-owner/jazz legend) The Japanese own it now, and it's less family like, and more of a conglomerate. I went there in '88 to visit with a bass player ( ala Sheehan/Nikki Sixx) friend from Iowa ( High School/Band mate ), and my father. My dad wanted me to go to actual college, Hehe, but even though I'd been accepted to a handful of Universities, he agreed to taking us out there just to see what MI was all about in person.

We got to the school on a weekday morning, and as we were approaching the school there were 30 or so chicks, and dudes milling around, and filing in with their gig bags, and what have you. I had so much adrenaline, and so many chills at the first sight of this. I thought, Oh my God, all of these people are like me??? It really BLEW my entire mind bro'. I cannot put that first encounter to words. I was highly touted, and hugely supported in Iowa by the Cedar Rapids musicians even at 15, but when I showed up at MIT? I was no longer that special. LOL, I did like the fearful, curious, and always surprising element of the school from day number one. There were SOOOO MANY ( students ) amazing players that one would just bump into, or stumble upon when trying to find an open room to noodle inside the school.

There were also times that I'd be walking the hall, and I'd see you name the guitarist, or just bump into Billy Sheehan, George Lynch, or whomever. It was fucking exciting ALL OF THE TIME inside. It was a feeling that is so difficult to explain, but it was like a blend of terror, humility, and privilege. I did not have a demo like most at the beginning, so Howard Roberts honoured his appointment with my father, and I. We met him as we entered the school, as he was called by security to meet us there. We went upstairs to his office, he'd asked of a demo so he could ascertain what level ( 4 Levels ) I'd be placed in, and he just had me plug in right there. In his office he had some little amps, and a couple guitars. I was petrified. He told me to just relax, and began to ask me to play certain diatonic, or somewhat basic things. So I started playing the chords, modes, keys, or whatever he was grillin' me on. At one point he paused, and told me to play a couple of my own pieces, ideas, so he could see how I composed.

He was impressed??? I was so very relieved, for not 30 minutes before this, I'd walked ( IN HOLLYWOOD ) right into a hornets nest of guitar players. He placed me in the Advanced group, warned me of the rigours, and phenoms from Europe involved with JAZZ Guitar. That became fusion more so now, but back then it was JAZZ. He told me not to be alarmed at the idea, for he felt I had a lot of promise within that group, even though I was really a rock player. In retrospect I do wonder why I didn't really pursue that JAZZ angle much. I was immediately befriended by about 15 other Rock guys in a similar disposition. Sure it was cool to be Level 4, but I, and my gang hid out together very often, listened to Shawn Lane bootlegs in P-100 in the dark, and thought the JAZZ guys were nerds, and uncool.

I was even rebellious at MI eventually, and I just showed up when I felt like it!!! LOL, I had managed to fall short of the hours needed to get the diploma, but hell I was there, I did it, and it was on my terms...

Tymon Kruidenier: the new shape of progressive fusionmetal

I love this ablum, highly recommended!!!!. Sign up to MySpace:

EXIVIOUS - album preview

Exivious - limited unique edition: Luxurious CD box with beautiful artwork. Each copy comes with its own unique mini poster. All hand numbered, 1000 copies only. Order now before all 1000 copies are gone!

Fusionmetal - A relatively new and unexplored genre in the world of metal. Exivious marks a first to truly marry jazzfusion with metal into a coherent new style. Featuring members of legendary US prog band CYNIC and Dutch metallers TEXTURES.

With a jazzfusion backbone Exivious uses freaky metal riffs to decorate their organic eruption of free improvisations and complex rhythms. Guitarist Tymon comments: "We finally managed to transform a vision I had a long time ago into 9 intense and fiery songs!"

The band will release the album independently to preserve 100% creative freedom. This is not only evident in their music but also in the artwork. Their self titled debut will appear in a limited 1000 numbered copies, each single copy bundled with its own unique artwork.

Exivious is:
Tymon (Cynic) – guitar
Michel Nienhuis (ex-Sengaia) – guitar
Robin Zielhorst (Cynic) – bass
Stef Broks (Textures) – drums

€15,99 buy

Exivious - Waves of Thought

Plus a great interview with Tymon Kruidenier of Cynic and Exivious

Tymon: I've been a big music fan for as long as I can remember. We always had a lot of music around the house as I was growing up, with my father being a guitar player too. When I was 16 I got my first guitar and haven't stopped playing since. I'm mostly self taught even though I studied music production and composition later.

FSG: Were there any specific players who influenced your style during your formative years?

Tymon: Yes, my first big influence is without a doubt Chuck from Death. I basically learned to play metal by figuring out all Death songs on guitar. After that it went into jazz fusion stuff pretty soon so I ended up with Allan Holdsworth being the main guy.
full interview

COMPETITION: Shred this - help is on the way with that key!

If you looking for some help with that backing track and which key to play:

B-flat minor

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

B minor
Relative keyD major
Parallel keyB major
Component pitches
B, C, D, E, F, G, A, B

B or B-flat minor is a minor scale based on B-flat, consisting of the pitches B, C, D, E, F, G, and A. Its key signature has five flats. The harmonic minor scale would use an A instead of A

Its relative major is D-flat major, and its parallel major is B-flat major. Its enharmonic equivalent is A-sharp minor.

B-flat minor is traditionally a 'dark' key."[1] Some important oboe solos in this key in the orchestral literature include the second movement of Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4, which depicts "the feeling that you get when you are all alone", in Tchaikovsky's words. Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 is also in B-flat minor.

The old valveless horn was barely capable of playing in B-flat minor; the only example found in 18th century music is a modulation that occurs in the first minuet of Franz Krommer's Concertino in D major, Opus 80.[2]

In classical music

In popular music

Simon Goldsmith: shred this!

Thanks to Simon Goldsmith for his entry and a cool entry it is too!. Simon says:
First time for everything I suppose.

Shred Competition: Video entry

COMPETITION: shred this! off to a great start!

Thanks to all those who have viewed the video and downloaded the backing track... if you've not done so already, find out about this cool competition right now!

The Stats:

365 video views!
128 downloads already of this cool backing track!...

Want your copy? download from

Truth In Shredding: Shred This Competition: ends 18:00 GMT August 31, 2009

John Petrucci: new dimarzio pickups!

John Petrucci and Dimarzio have developed two new Dimarzio pickups, the LiquiFire and Crunch Lab (available for 6 and 7 string)...

the DiMarzio® pickups in his guitars. John has been pushing the envelope of progressive metal since the late eighties, and the DiMarzio® LiquiFire™ Neck Model, DiMarzio® Crunch Lab™ Bridge Model, DiMarzio® LiquiFire 7™ Neck Model and the Crunch Lab 7™ Bridge Model resulted from our most recent collaboration with John. He used them throughout Dream Theater's tenth studio album, "Black Clouds and Silver Linings" released June 23.
the details

Russ Parrish: satchel's crazy tweet stream!

A selection of Satchel's crazy Tweets:

Sometimes I feel like a bitchin' 22 year old lead guitarist trapped inside the body of a bitchin' 48 year old shredder who looks 22.

The band is in Vegas right now for the 4th. Celebrating our countries birthday by banging some good ol' American trailer trash pussy

Found out why my scrotum smelled weird last night. It always freaks me out when the smell changes suddenly like that, you know?

Be careful when you shave your balls with an electric razor. Seriously. Bad shit can happen.

playing the 229 club in London tonight! Fuck! I love England! I wish I could understand them. They sound funny when they talk.

Zakk Wylde: out of ozzy, but who's in?!!!!

I heart guitar gets a scoop

Ozzy had a few things to say about Zakk Wylde:
Well, I’m getting a new guitar player as we speak,” said Ozzy, “and everyone has been saying to me for a long time, ‘Get Johnny 5!’ And I tried him at one time and I didn’t really give him a chance. We’ll see, I don’t know. I haven’t fallen out with Zakk, but Zakk’s got his own band, and I felt like my stuff was beginning to sound like Black Label Society. I just felt like I wanted a change, y’know?

“I’ve got a guy from Greece coming in – not the musical, the country of Greece – but I’m not going to say too much about it, cos I don’t know myself at this point. I’ve got a new album, I’m working on it as we speak. I’ve got a studio at my house and I’ve got a guy called Kevin Churko, the guy that did the last album [Churko also worked on Ozzy’s Under Cover album, produced Cheap Trick’s highly rated 2006 album Rockford, and has credits on releases by Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Shania Twain] – he’s great to work with.

So you’re taking it easy recording this album?

“Oh yeah. Zakk came down and did a bunch of stuff and I don’t know if I want to use it but I’ve got it there if I do. And this Kevin Churko is a bit of an all-rounder so I’m getting back to basics in some respects. One thing about a guy who can’t do all the finger-tapping stuff is that he plays better on the riffs cos it’s not all [hums riff for Iron Man followed by over-the-top widdling].”
read Zakk responses

One punter thinks it could be John 5... ER... he's not Greek:

“Well, I’m getting a new guitar player as we speak,” said Ozzy, “and everyone has been saying to me for a long time, ‘Get Johnny 5!’ And I tried him at one time and I didn’t really give him a chance. We’ll see, I don’t know. I haven’t fallen out with Zakk, but Zakk’s got his own band, and I felt like my stuff was beginning to sound like BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. I just felt like I wanted a change, y’know?

Another punter thinks it's Gus G:
It's mere speculation, but Gus G. of Firewind would be the logical choice.

News: infinite guitar joins twitter!

Infinite Guitar joins Twitter! Sweet tweets coming your way.

Yngwie Malmsteen, Jennifer Batten: webcast times

Saturday 11th July
GuitarFest Running Order
11.00am - 11.20am SARAH JORY
11.25am - 11.55am JERRY DONOGHUE
12 noon -12.30pm DOUG WIMBISH
1.20pm - 1.50pm STONE GODS
2.00pm - 2.30pm JENNIFER BATTEN
3.00pm - 3.45pm GLENN HUGHES
4.00pm - 4.45pm YNGWIE MALMSTEEN

Subway Bandit: shred this competition entry

Rob Chappers says:
My friend the Subway bandit wanted to enter this competition, so I filmed him and let him use my channel....

He lives in my attic and sneaks down to play on my guitars when I am not around.... Damn that pesky Subway Bandit, I'm sure he's plotting against me...

Many thanks to Laurie Monk who is a legend ;-)


Rob Chappers goes on to says:
I told Laurie that I couldn't enter because it might put some of you guys off... But there is this guy that lives in my attic who calls himself the Subway bandit... and he wanted to enter, he forced me to film him and told me to put the video on my Youtube channel or he would sneak down at night and break my guitars....

so this is absolutely not me:
to find out more

Shred this - Truth In Shredding Competition by Subway Bandit

News: guitar fest being webcast tonight!

Watch all the action 'LIVE' from the GuitarFest and DrumFest2009 at the National Indoor Arena from Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th

Robbert Hanenberg: more new video

It must be my birthday!

Parts of a live solo @ Kranenburg (Germany) - Robbert Hanenberg

Some Lukather - ish improvising : Robbert Hanenberg

Torben Enevoldsen: new show announced

Torben Enevoldsen says:
On August the 11th, there will be a Torben Enevoldsen Special on 'Let There Be Rock'. The show is on the air every Tuesday from 9 to 11 PM (CET) on Cable FM 87,5 and Ether FM 95,2

Gus Drax: ex-nevermore shredder steve smyth to guest on new CD

Gus Drax says:
Hello my friends, I'm so excited to announce that Steve Smyth( Forbidden,ex-Nevermore,ex-Testament) is going to play a guest solo in my upcoming album!! Steve is one of those guitarists that i was listening since the days i was starting to play guitar and is a HUGE honour for me that he is a part of this album! Stay tuned for the upcoming updates according some other great guest appearences as well as the track titles and artwork!

Stay Metal !..!

Gus Drax

News: shred guy records interview

As an independent record label in today’s economy and the long-ailing music industry, what are your hardest obstacles, but in the same way, what advantages do you have? Michael McDowell: The biggest obstacle is no doubt illegal downloading! It is killing the industry. People don’t realize how much damage it is doing to the mid-size and small labels. Check out a recent post at Lion Music at Now, our advantage is the close contact we have with our artists and fans. They love the type of music we are releasing so they will support it. And the more they support it, the more releases we will put out!
Full post

Also coming soon-ben kuzay-bass shred:
ben kuzay is one the world's leading intrumental bassists and forerunner of the "bass shred" movement. perpetual reign is the first album ever to feature as its format lead bass with metal accompaniment! features guest artists david harbour, joel wanasek, and daniel kuzay! 8 incredible tracks...will be on sale soon from our myspace for only $12.00!!

David Shankle: insane lick!

David Shankle/insane lick for the Shred Academy
David Shankle/insane lick for the Shred Academy

Rob Chappers: gets interviewed about his signature ml1 guitar

Internet guru’s signature guitar designed by fans and future owners Barnes & Mullins has announced the world’s first social network-driven guitar design project – the ML1.

The project was undertaken in partnership with guitarist Rob Chapman, named ‘The YouTube Guitar Guru’ by Eddie Kramer, legendary producer/engineer of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Chapman is known as 'The Monkey Lord' to his many online fans and is regularly ranked in YouTube's top five most viewed musicians in the UK, with millions of hits since he began posting guitar videos.

Chapman caught the attention of Barnes & Mullins when it noticed that his videos were receiving 10,000 views per day from his loyal social network following. It was at the LIMS show that B&M director Bruce Perrin first saw Chapman at work.

“I was amazed that almost everyone recognised him,” recalled Perrin. “He was followed to the Faith Guitars stand by dozens of his fans as his crew filmed him. I realised there and then that we needed to work together to mutual benefit and the Rob Chapman Signature guitar was born.”
full interview

also a monkey minion does breakfast with the monkey lord... lucky blighter!

Breakfast with the Monkey lord

Todor Peev: fender clean

Fender Custom Shop 1960 thru Egnater MOD 50 combo with a deluxe module with a touch of Lexicon MPX G2.

Fender Custom Shop Clean

Tom Quayle: I spy a new guitar... are you Suhr?

Looks like Tom will be having a new guitar shortly.... enjoy!

News: compare the search engines in finding guitar content

Bing V's Google

Lots of spam posts saying how good Bing is... well here's you chance to check it out in direct competition... now you tell me which one is right!