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Paul Gilbert: carroll county times interview

Jens been busy again:
Here is a nice interview between Carroll County Times writer Jordan Bartel, and Paul Gilbert.

A link to the source & author contact information is in the file of course!

The interview is presented in PDF format (free Adobe Reader plug-in required to read this.) It’s very small: only 865 kb, so it should load fast. Has a few great photos in it!

To access the interview, layout by Jenn, full interview

Rafael Nery, Rafael Bianzeno: my web experience

Download this new EP from Rafael Nery, Rafael Bianzeno

Web Experience - Below Zero

Having some fun

Web Experience - Be Aware of the consequences

Web Experience - Departure

Jean Marc Belkadi: blue hybrid licks

Blues Blues Hybrid Licks composed and performed by Jean Marc Belkadi. His new Instructional book/cd set The "Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar" will be released by Mel Bay Publications October 2010.

Blues Hybrid Guitar Licks

Russ Parrish: steel panther the making of... still rude!

Making of "Community Property" video (EXPLICIT)

Stephan Forte: archangels musikmesse

This is the video to replace mine shot in Frankfurt at the direct request of Stephan Forte... Le guitariste d'Adagio en show-case solo sur un morceau de leur dernier album : "Archangels in Black".

Angel Ruiz, Rodrigo Zapata,Emiliano Zapata: jam session

Jam Session Ángel Ruiz + Emiliano Zapata + Rodrigo Zapata

Brian May: opens john moores university with a solo!

Brian May did an impromptu performance at the opening of John Moores University's new media centre. He also signed one of his signature Red Special guitars and an amp which will go on display at the centre. Report by Laura Sharpe.

Queen guitarist Brian May plays at opening of JMU media.

following on from Brian May from the band Queen has been installed as the fourth Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University.

Queen legend Brian May in Liverpool

Guthrie Govan, Nili Brosh, Jon Finn: live gig and interview

Spotted over at

Wonderful Slippery Thing, 939 Cafe, Boston MA. Guthrie breaks a string near the end.

Guthrie Govan & Nili Brosh with Jon Finn Band

Plus... I could not recall posting this Guthrie Govan

IC: How was that album recorded? I understand you did it in bits and pieces.

GG: It took a long time. It was a very painful… [laughs] labor. I recorded various bits of it a number of times. The whole album was the idea of Cornford Records – it was those guys who nagged me into doing the album, and persuaded me that someone might want to hear it. The ears of the operation belong to Jan Cyrka. Some of these guys perhaps know Jan Cyrka – he’s a tremendous guitar player from back in the 90’s, known for doing something along the Steve Vai lines, but more lyrical and melodic – that’s mad stuff. Jan is more in the production line of things now, and he’s the guy who runs the company.

Jan has titanium eardrums – he hears everything. So we recorded the drums in a drum studio, then the guitars, and he said: ‘The drums don’t sound good enough.’ So he wanted to record those again. So we did, and they sounded great. Then all of a sudden the guitars didn’t sound good enough. So finally we said: ‘Fuck it!’ Can I say that? That’s what happened. I’m just telling it like it is. [laughs]

Finally, what happened – Richie Kotzen ... was a friend of Cornford. He had a lovely studio in LA, so we went there. They’ve got a great live room, Neve Channel strips, lots of guitars. Here’s a little bit of trivia for you: that was the last complicated album that will ever be recorded at that studio.

The full interview

Mark McGuigan: another go at the marmalade

Orange Jam... Mark McGuigan gets it on toast! marmalade

Mark McGuigan - Orange Jam

Eddie Van Halen: at risk of pain killer addition?

I am totally jazzed that they found the problem," he says. "In about four months my hand will feel like I am 18 again." But will he, or will he turn to pain medication to allow himself to push past his pain? The average recovery time for such a surgery is 4-6 months minimum. Occupational therapy or not…it will take time.

The risk of falling into addictive habits is great. He is already a victim of nicotine addiction as he continues to smoke cigarettes despite having oral surgery twice in the late 1990’s for cancer. In an interview with Howard Stern in 2006 he indicated that he felt it was from holding a metal guitar pick in his mouth for hours while being exposed to the electromagnetic radiation of his studio that caused the cancer and not smoking. Perhaps, however it would seem prudent if you have been treated twice for oral cancer and had one third of your tongue removed that you would not take a chance with tempting fate with cigarettes. Only someone truly addicted to nicotine would seem to risk such behavior. Around the same time in 1999, Van Halen underwent a total hip replacement due to degenerative joint disease.

full story

Hiroaki Tagawa: more from the blind guitar star



Hiroaki Tagawa

Hiroaki Tagawa guitar shred...2

News: marshall class 5 demo

Introducing the latest member of the Marshall family - the Class5. A tonally rich 5 Watt all-valve combo that exclusively features true class A circuitry from input to output, plus an abundance of pure Marshall tone, feel and response. Conceived in the wake of numerous requests from both professional stadium fillers and bedroom widdlers alike, this compact yet punchy 1x10" amp is the answer to your low wattage, big tone prayers!

All-valve Class5 combo.

Cler Canifru: tribute to wayne krantz

Cler tocando Lynxpaw de Wayne Krantz

Wayne Krantz: new cd at abstractlogix real soon!

Krantz Carlock Lefebvre, his first album for Abstract Logix, he is returning to a recording studio to document his own music for the first time in over fifteen years .
Available August 18, 2009, Krantz Carlock Lefebvre features Krantz as one-third of a longstanding trio that also includes virtuoso drummer Keith Carlock (Sting, Steely Dan, James Taylor) and bassist extraordinaire Tim Lefebvre (Chris Botti, Uri Caine), which was first convened in 1997. “Giving this band a voice in the context of a studio is a big deal for us,” Krantz says. “Everything we’ve ever released together has been some kind of live album. Now we have the clarity and concision of the studio along for the ride.” Cut live in the studio and then augmented by overdubs, the result is Krantz’s most personal statement yet, more strongly rooted in composition while still rich with the improvisational nuances that make his live performances so riveting.

Livio Lamonea, Ciro Manna: with virgil donati live gallery

view full gallery

plus some older stuff:

Jam con il Maestro Livio Lamonea

Jam con il Maestro Livio Lamonea 2

Guthrie Govan, Jon Finn: live gig photo gallery

Full image gallery

Michael Bianco: acoustic lanzarote!

Nice and sunny here at the moment... siesta... nice cold beer!

Max: 36°C
Wind: S 8mph
Hum: 43%
Press: 1018mB
Vis: Good
Sunrise: 06:58

Time for some acoustic from the two handed maven Michael Bianco!


Marcel Coenen: looking for second guitarist!

Marcel Coenen says:
For my 80's Metalcoverband STORMRIDER ( ) I am looking for a new guitarist to be the second guitarist next to myself. We play 80's metal covers ranging from Thrash metal like Forbidden, testament and Death Angel to old school hardrock like Y&T, Iron Maiden and Accept.
Location: South of the netherlands !

See the flyer (in Dutch)

Also my Progressive Metalband SUN CAGED ( ) is looking for a great bass player, location: South of the netherlands !

Jay Parmar, Thorsten Koehne: eden's curse at bloodstock!

Just when you thought that we were resting on our laurels for the rest of 2009 we've actually slipped into a higher gear!

We are delighted to announce that we will be appearing live at the
Bloodstock Open Air 2009 festival in Derbyshire, England on Sunday 16th August on the Sophie Lancaster Stage. Our estimated stage appearance time at this moment in is 9pm. If that changes we will keep everyone posted.

The band will be once again joined onstage by Guitarist
Jay Parmar whilst it will also be a live Curse debut for the bands newest member, Keyboard player, Alessandro Del Vecchio.

Notable other appearences that day are headliners
Europe, plus extreme Metallers Arch Enemy and Satyricon

We are also putting together MORE live dates for 2009 and not one but TWO very special new releases for our US record label
Metal Mayhem Music as a thank you for their backing on our recent debut tour with Stratovarius and Firewind.

You'll find out HERE first of all as always, but
Bloodstock will be the first opportunity to pick up release one of this special combo. More news to follow on that front.

We are almost nearing completion on a redeveloped website. We hope to bring that to you soon than later.

The band are also working on new material for the third album. Writing will really kick into a higher gear towards the end of 2009 / beginning of 2010, with the aim of having it completed by Fall 2010.

Angel Vivaldi: live band gets another guitarist

We're stoked to annouce the addition of the new guitar player in the Angel Vivaldi Band- Welcome Jason Tarantino!

Jason is the guitarist of progressive metal band Shadows of Dawn, hailing from Central NJ. Jason and Angel practically grew up in the same town amongsts the same circle of friends but never crossed paths. His ability to pull these over-the-top tunes off is more than impressive. You can catch him shredding it up with the rest of us on stage relatively soon!

Please give Jason a warm and inviting welcome!!

News: let there be rock program

July 29, 2009 - Wednesday

Playlist "Let there be Rock" - # 18 (July 28, 2009)
(Band – Song – Album)

1 - Mind Odyssey - In the dark (Best of 15 years)
2 - Talisman - Nowhere fast (7)
3 - Danger Danger - Ghost of love (Revolve)
4 - Street Sweeper Social Club - Fight! Smash! win! (Street Sweeper Social Club)
5 - Maylene and the sons of disaster - Setting scores by burning bridges (III)

Favorite top 3 songs of Dave Ellefson (F5, ex-Megadeth), own performance
6 - Megadeth - Architecture of agression (Countdown to extinction)
7 - F5 - Bleeding (A Drug for all seasons)
8 - Soulfly - Prophecy (Prophecy)

9 - Lynch Mob - 21st Century man (Smoke & mirrors)
10 - Kiko Loureiro - Headstrong (Fullblast)
11 - House of Lords - Cartesian dreams (Cartesian dreams)
12 - Sykes - Soul stealer (Out of my tree)
13 - Annihilator - Chasing the high Metal
14 - Europe - U devil U (Last Look at Eden EP)
15 - Ben Randall - Before the rain (Guitar idol 2008)
16 - 3 Inches of Blood - Call of the hammer (Here waits thy doom)

All time favorite top 3 songs of Dave Ellefson (F5, ex-Megadeth)
17 - Kiss - She (Kiss Alive)
18 - Iron Maiden - Wrathchild (Killers)
19 - Judas Priest - Sinner (Unleashed in the East)

20 - Torben Enevoldsen - Desert Groove (Heavy persuasion)
21 - Lamb of God - Now you've got something to die for (Killadelphia)
22 - Cold Truth - Payin Dues
23 - Los Lobotomys - Song for Jeff (Candyman)

Next on Let there be Rock:
- August 4: 2-hour US Metal in the 80's Special
- August 11: Special Guest is Torben Enevoldsen (Section A) who presents his favorite tracks!
- August 18: 2- hour 'Instrumental Guitar' Special
- August 25: 2-hour 'Scandinavian Metal' Special
- September 1: Special Guest is Mike Matijevic (SteelHeart) who presents his favorite tracks!

- Live internet stream:
- Twitter:

Next on 'Let there be Rock': US Metal Special
hey guys,

Our show of Tuesday August 4 will feature a 2-hour Special of 'US Metal", being the American equivalent of the New Wave of British heavy Metal, in the 80's. This show will feature great and unique stuff from a range of bands like (early) Metallica, Riot, Hellion, Armored Saint, Leatherwolf, Laaz Rockit, Kix, LeMans, Wild Dogs, Exciter etc. etc, to name but a few. A great and unique historical document of a great era in heavy metal music !

The 2-hour show starts at 9PM CET (Amsterdam time) on August 4. In other time zones start time is:
- London 8PM
- New York 3PM
- Los Angeles Noon
- Rio de Janeiro 5PM
- Moscow 11PM
- Tokyo 5AM (Wednesday August 5)
- Sydney (7AM (Wednesday August 5)

Keep rockin'

Russ Parrish: jap eyes of the panther... blow vegas and la dates

Steel Panther are about to embark on their Japan tour! Unfortunately, because of this the following dates have been cancelled:

Friday, July 31st - The Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas, NV
Saturday, August 1st - The Aliante, Las Vegas, NV
Monday, August 3rd - The Key Club, Los Angeles, CA

Jean Marc Belkadi: blue sweeps. instruction book on the way

Blues Sweep Licks Lesson composed and performed by Jean Marc Belkadi. His new Instructional book/cd set The "Composite Blues Scale for Electric Guitar" will be released by Mel Bay Publications October 2010.

Blues Sweep Licks

News: fender squier mini guitar

The Squier™ Mini Player might be a pint-sized guitar, but it comes with all the fixings––a built-in amplifier, speaker and distortion. You can also boost the volume by plugging the Mini into your favorite amp, or keep the noise to yourself with a pair of headphones.

It is the perfect traveling guitar, but as guitarists Christian Meadows and Spencer Bastian of After Midnight Project point out, the Mini packs a whole lot more.

“It doesn’t feel like a travel guitar; like a practice guitar,” Bastian says in the video you’re about to watch below. “It just feels like a Fender® guitar. The humbucker sounds great. The gain is easily adjustable. You get decent clean tones out of it, too. Overall, these things are awesome—you can’t go wrong with them.”

Find out what else they had to say about the Mini in this video, shot during their early-July stay in Pittsburgh, Pa. for the Warped Tour

After Midnight Project on Squier Mini Player guitars

Michael Schenker: metal moment interview

Guest Michael Schenker (Scorpions, UFO, MSG). Talks about his music, his guitar, his amp. The Black and White "V". Dean Guitars. Marshall JCM800. Brother Rudolf Schenker. His friend Warren DeMartini of Ratt. Featured Songs: Gimme Your Love, Assault Attack, Desert Song. An autographed copy of, "The Best of Michael Schenker" Guitar Song Book Give-Away

News: trivium tour dates

Trivium will embark on their first headlining tour since 2006 with Whitechapel, Darkest Hour and Dirge Within. Tour dates below!

September 11 – Crazy Donkey – Long Island, NY
September 13 – Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY
September 15 – Bogarts – Cincinnati, OH
September 17 – Cowboys Bar – Guelph, ON
September 18 – Orbit Room – Grand Rapids, MI
September 19 – The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
September 20 – The Venue – Fargo, ND
September 21 – Electric Park Ballroom – Waterloo, IA
September 23 – Murray Theater – Salt Lake City, UT
September 24 – Wilma Theater – Missoula, MT
September 25 – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
September 26 – Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA
September 28 – The Senator Theater – Chico, CA
September 29 – The Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
October 1 – Glasshouse – Pomona, CA
October 2 – Ventura Theater – Ventura, CA
October 3 – House of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
October 7 – Concrete Street Amphitheater – Corpus Christi, TX
October 9 – Music Farm – Charleston, SC
October 10 – Jesters Pub – Fayetteville, NC
October 11 – Orange Peel – Asheville, NC

COMPETITION: Shred this - still going strong!

A statistics and entry update and reminder what you need to do for this competition... one very important part is the video entry form... OK here are the full details:

Some of you have missed this bit: You MUST complete the form to enter:

1 Watch the video, get the backing track

top ten tips:

The backing track is in Bb minor so a Bb minor pentatonic scale!

2 Record a response video and upload to you tube

3 ENTER: complete this form:

4 Add your video as a response to the competition video

5 Promote your video!

6 WIN!

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