Tuesday, 1 September 2009

COMPETITION: Shred this! progress update

OK... I made my first pass and have selected 46 to go through to the next round! Need to see how Tom and Rick are getting on! I might publish... what do you think?

Toby Knapp: to release cd on shred guy records

The CD has been announced. entitled the campaign... from Shredguy records... expect some shred!

Rob Johnson says:
Toby Shreds ! .... Ive always been a fan of his stellar technique
and he has one of the best vibratos in the shred genre ..... Shred on ! Rob

Adrian English,:
I agree rob. whats funny is when varney was on the brink of having me follow up GUITAR DISTORTION , i liked his rhythm technique, but had no idea he had "A VOICE"! and a flawless one at that. until the last couple years hearing his full range music and soloing capability. so...CHEERS TOBY, you deserve some serious reck on this one!

Sam Bell: mask of judas post some demo tracks!

Sam Bell informs me that Mask Of Judas have posted some new tunes. Super heavy chops and screaming vocals from Jo the lead singer! http://www.myspace.com/mojudas

Yoger Mucci: master class clinic

George Bellas,Ron Thal: two guests for let there be rock

Let there be Rock banner 2 (small 200 x 226)

(Band – Song – Album)

1 - Seventh Key - The sun will rise (The raging fire)

2 - Cain's Offering - Stolen waters (Gather the faithful)

3 - Madina Lake - Let's get out of here (Attics to Eden)

4 - Freakshow - Looking back at me (Freakshow)

5 - Danger Danger - Keep on keepin' on (Revolve)

6 - Arch Enemy - Silverwing (The root of all evil)

7 - Joe Stump - Chasing the dragon (Virtuosic vendetta)

8 - House of Lords - Born to be your baby (Cartesian Dreams)

9 - Gotthard - Shangri-La (Need to believe)

10 - Nelson - More than ever (After the rain)

11 - Tenet - Hail! Hail! (Sovereign)

12 - Syrym - Warpath (Syrym)

13 - Steelheart - Steelheart (Tangled in Reigns)

14 - Porcupine Tree - Time flies (The incident)

15 - Stryper - Eclipse for the son (Murder by pride)

16 - Paul Shortino - Nocturnal (Chasing my dream)

17 - Mr. Fastfinger - Wax on Wax off (The way of the exploding guitar)

18 - Cirrha Niva - Dream on (For moments never done)

19 - Creed - Overcome (Full circle)

20 - Adagio - Vamphyri (Archangels in black)

21 - Ugly Kid Joe - C.U.S.T (Menace to sobriety)

22 - Primal Fear - 5.0 / Thorn (16.6 Before the devil knows you're dead)

23 - Oliver Weers - Hands high (Get ready)

Next on Let there be Rock:

- September 8: Special Guest is Mike Matijevic (SteelHeart) who presents his favorite tracks!

- September 15: Special Guest is Bumblefoot (Guns 'n Roses) who presents his favorite tracks!

- September 29: Special Guest is George Bellas who presents his favorite tracks!

Ron Coolen

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George Lynch: motorcity clinic

Sean Pirie: shred this with sweaty fingers!

The cameras rolling... you have the notes... then the dreaded sweaty fingers bite!

Truth In Shredding - Shred This - Sean Pirie

Dallton Santos: 500 Miles High

Another cool improv from Dallton Santos!

500 Miles High

MartinTrajanovski: blues rock shred this!

Martin - Shred This entry

Shawn Lane: rice with angels 2003

Here Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane and Andrea Marchesini play "Rice with the Angels", at the Vanapa Hall, Aizawl, India, on the 20th Feb 2003.

Hellborg, Lane, Marchesini - Rice with the Angels (Vanapa Hall, Aizawl, India - 20th Feb 2003)

Jad Nasr: jazzonazz shred this

Jad Nasr:
My entry for the Shred this Comp from Laurie Monk. It's an improv so there are some odd moments here and there, but I just decided to keep it. Thank u 4 listening
Thx 2 Laurie , Tom , Rick for the track & Comp

Truth in Shredding

Livio Lamonea: modern cd now at lower price

10 Copies
Ready to ship today!
Livio Lamonea
Modern (CD)

Our Price: $14.00

Livio Lamonea is an Italian session man, sideman, solo artist and clinician who attended the Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.), graduating with Vocational Honors, the most prestigious title awarded by M.I.'s special jury. Now he has released Modern, the fusion CD which Mikolaj Furmankiewicz at the Department Of Virtuosity wrote, "This musical offering by Mr. Lamonea is consistent with a conception of free jazz which allows musicians to improvise on stage without restraint. Virtuosity needn't mean one hundred notes per second, but could also denote a "warm feeling" as one of compositions' titles reminds us. Modern is subtle jazz fusion music wrapped up in a discreet virtuosity." Lamonea regularly participates in clinics and workshops with internationally renowned guitar players such as Mike Stern ('93), Scott Henderson ('94), Steve Morse ('96 and '97), Joe Diorio ('98), Frank Gambale ('98 and '99), Maurizio Colonna ('98 and '99) and Jim Hall ('00). http://www.guitar9.com/modern.html

Steve Hubbard: shred this 3 the fusion strikes back

Steve Hubbard:
Last take of 3.. I've realized that I REALLY need to work on relaxing when I record. I am fine live, but have been finding it very difficult to land a lively take over a backing..


Back again with another great video, nice laid back style and the Suhr sounds super cool!

Truth in Shredding Contest - Steve Hubbard (Take 3)

Daniele Liverani: ytse jam interview

Another record that Liverani released this year for Lion Music is The Cosmic Year by his other project Cosmics (which also features bandmate Tommy Ermolli, bassist Rufus Philpot, and drummer extraordinaire Virgil Donati), it pertains to a more neo-classical/fusion metal sound, "In 2007 I had been writing/recording and producing an instrumental concept album for a new instrumental experimental line up. This Cosmics album is a very conceptual visionary music, I’ve always had in my mind to write a concept about universe evolution where only music could recreate the feel of the different era that have been happening from "Big Bang" to now. That’s what I tried to do, write a piece of music that could recreate and catch the feelings of what could have happened in those far periods, when solar system was created and when life appeared on the planet."

Beyond both Twinspirits and Cosmics, there is the Genius Rock Opera Trilogy and the Khymera records (both released on Frontiers Records). Between the two, an array of guests such as Lana Lane, Jorn Lande, Mark Boals, Steve Walsh, Midnight, Russell Allen, and many more have appeared on them - it's his love of music that has made all these projects happen, "Well all the different bands and projects I’m involved basically have the same common point, I write the music." explains Liverani, "Except some few cases, I always wanted to write the music I’m playing, cause to me it’s the best and most important part of all the picture. Genius Rock Opera has been a great challenge for me, more than 4 hours of music with all those singers to handle and produce, but again the most beautiful part was writing the music and lyrics and inventing the story. Khymera is a more straight easy way to approach the music, and there you can find all my influences I had from the eighties, that I‘ve been living directly and experiencing live. Cosmics is a more experimental extreme visionary way to make music, where the music is all alone and doesn’t have to be referred to a singing part. So as you can see different approaches but same love for the creativity applied to music."

"(As a musician) maybe my highlight has been the Genius Rock Opera of course. It’s been such a great opportunity to work with more that 20 singers of worldwide fame. Hearing all those great singers singing my lyrics has been very rewarding and amazing for me. I think it’s difficult to mark an highlight talking about all those guests. Everyone has been magic and it was so thrilling to interact with all of them that it’s really impossible to choose some of them as highlights. But I think also that this Twinspirits band is going to be an important environment for the near future. I see a great development and finally it’s going to be possible to play live and really exist for the fans, that’s something that was impossible with Genius' huge cast."
full interview

Joe Stump: ytse jam interview

"The HolyHell debut album was released in parts of Europe back at the start of July and should be out in worldwide release in the upcoming months," says Stump, "It’s a kick ass record full of great tunes and killer musicianship as well as sounding pristine production-wise. It’s doing nice biz in the territories it’s been out in thus far and is getting very positive reviews press-wise. They’ll be quite a bit more touring in the pipes for HolyHell in the near future so I’ll be out with those guys for awhile when it starts back up. Since I’ve been busy with HolyHell and my solo thing I haven’t had a chance to do another Reign of Terror record but I do have all the tunes for the next record written so hopefully I’ll get to it next year sometime. Not sure who I’ll have on board vocal-wise this next time around so we’ll see how that shakes out."

full interview

Phil Hilborne: Europe dates announced

Just to let you know that there are a some gigs in Italy and Sweden coming up soon soon. Here's the current list......

6th September 2009: Acqui Terme, Liguria, Italy: playing Deep Purple and Whitesnake songs with Ian Paice, Neil Murray, Doogie White, Neil Otupacca and others. I will also be playing a guest spot with Jethro Tull tribute band 'Beggars Farm' along with other guests Jonathan Noyce and Clive Bunker of Jethro Tull.

October 2009: Champions Of Rock tour, Sweden, playing Queen songs in concert with current and ex-musicians and cast from We Will Rock You, featuring Peter Johansson, Kerry Ellis & Nina Söderquist, plus Neil Murray on bass & Jamie Humphries on guitar:

2 Göteborg Lisebergshalle

3 Göteborg Lisebergshallen

9 Helsingborg Sundspärlan

10 Helsingborg Sundspärlan

11 Vänersborg Idrottshuset

13 Stockholm Cirkus

14 Stockholm Cirkus

17 Örebro Conventum Congress

23 Norrköping Stadium Arena

24 Norrköping Stadium Arena

For ticket info on Swedish shows - go to www.championsofrock.com



News: boss portable PA system

High-Efficiency BA-330 Includes Latest in Anti-Feedback Technology

BA-330Los Angeles, CA, September 1, 2009 — Roland Corporation U.S. is pleased to announce the BA-330 Portable Digital PA System. Using Roland’s superior battery technology, the BA-330 is the all-in-one portable PA solution for music venues, worship events, conferences, seminars, business meetings, and much more.

The BA-330 has a four-channel configuration, with two channels dedicated for microphones or instruments, and two other channels for standard 1/4" stereo inputs. Each channel has its own independent tone adjustment and effects switching for built-in effects, such as EQ, reverb, delay and widening. A Stereo Link function allows for a pair of BA-330s to work in tandem to provide an extra-wide stereo spread.

Powered by a high performance digital stereo amplifier, the BA-330 features four custom-designed 6.5" stereo speakers and two tweeters, positioned for wide stereo dispersion. While the built-in tilt-back stand enables the unit to be angled up for better sound monitoring, the BA-330 also can easily be mounted on a speaker stand.

The Roland BA-330 PA System features a unique Intelligent Anti-Feedback function previously unavailable in self-contained portable PA systems. During use, the BA-330 can automatically detect potential feedback possibilities and eliminate it immediately. This is a huge advantage over manually adjusting volume levels, as it allows performers to place the PA system behind them and easily hear themselves without experiencing feedback.

Designed to deliver high-quality stereo sound for audiences of up to 80 people, the BA-330 can run on standard AC Power or eight AA Alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. The switchable output power allows the user to switch between the maximum power and the energy-saving Eco modes to preserve battery life. The BA-330 is also amazingly efficient, delivering a sound pressure level of 109 dB, comparable to much larger mid-range sound systems.

The BA-330 will be available in November 2009 with an MSRP of $829.50.

News: boss eband audio player for guitarists

The Ultimate Jam-Along Companion for Guitarists

eBand JS-8Los Angeles, CA, September 1, 2009 — BOSS is pleased to reveal the eBand JS-8 Audio Player with Guitar Effects, the portable audio player designed for guitarists who play and practice at home.

eBand is the audio player that combines playback of full songs, backing tracks, or rhythm loops with high quality BOSS guitar effects and a built-in stereo speaker system. This all-in-one solution is ideal for guitarists who want to learn songs, solos and riffs, practice new songs outside of band practice, play along with any of their own collection of music, or create new songs while jamming with audio tracks.

Loading music onto eBand couldn’t be easier, with direct playback from any standard USB memory stick or SDHC memory card up to 32GB. eBand also has the ability to import songs from any audio CD using the included utility software.

Unlike traditional audio players, eBand lets guitarists interact with their music by changing the pitch and tempo independently, or using the advanced Center Cancel function to remove guitar or vocal parts. eBand comes with 300 backing tracks and rhythm loops which also include pre-programmed guitar effects.

eBand is loaded with powerful COSM® preamp technology, authentic BOSS-quality guitar effects derived from the BOSS GT-10, and over 100 preset guitar sounds from every musical genre. To help navigate the possibilities, eBand includes the EZ TONE function, providing an intuitive, easy-to-use approach to sound creation based on graphic icons. In addition, tuner and metronome functions are built in, keeping guitarists on time and in key.

Not only can players jam along with eBand, they can record their musical ideas as well using the included USB audio interface. Pressing the Record button during a jam-along session will create and save a new audio file with the entire performance.

The eBand JS-8 will be available in November 2009.

News: guitarworkshop discount extended

A message to all members of National Guitar Workshop

I just wanted to let our community know that we have extended the $250 August Early Enrollment discount for another 24 hours.

Today will be the last day to receive this discount. All alumni (of both NGW and DayJams) will get an extra $50 discount as well.

Your $350 deposit is completely refundable before May 1st, 2010.

Give us a call here in the office at 800-234-6479 before 5pm Eastern or you can enroll at www.guitarworkshop.com with your student ID.


Jason Shadrick

Visit National Guitar Workshop at: http://guitarworkshop.ning.com

COMPETITION: Shred this! CLOSED.. yes really!

They think it's all over... it is NOW... Shred This is really CLOSED this time!

News: charango ninja

This guys shred his Charango!

charango ninja

COMPETITION: Shred this! CLOSED almost

I forgot... it's BST here... so you have 40 minutes to get your last entry in!


Competition CLOSED. However if you want to continue submitting responses then please do. A big Thanks to Tom, Rick, Shred Junior, Dennis and Protone, The Subway Bandit for kicking the competition off in fine style and everyone who submitted a video or even thought about doing it by downloading the backing track! You Rock!

Now comes the tough job of picking the final 3.