Daniele Liverani: ytse jam interview

Another record that Liverani released this year for Lion Music is The Cosmic Year by his other project Cosmics (which also features bandmate Tommy Ermolli, bassist Rufus Philpot, and drummer extraordinaire Virgil Donati), it pertains to a more neo-classical/fusion metal sound, "In 2007 I had been writing/recording and producing an instrumental concept album for a new instrumental experimental line up. This Cosmics album is a very conceptual visionary music, I’ve always had in my mind to write a concept about universe evolution where only music could recreate the feel of the different era that have been happening from "Big Bang" to now. That’s what I tried to do, write a piece of music that could recreate and catch the feelings of what could have happened in those far periods, when solar system was created and when life appeared on the planet."

Beyond both Twinspirits and Cosmics, there is the Genius Rock Opera Trilogy and the Khymera records (both released on Frontiers Records). Between the two, an array of guests such as Lana Lane, Jorn Lande, Mark Boals, Steve Walsh, Midnight, Russell Allen, and many more have appeared on them - it's his love of music that has made all these projects happen, "Well all the different bands and projects I’m involved basically have the same common point, I write the music." explains Liverani, "Except some few cases, I always wanted to write the music I’m playing, cause to me it’s the best and most important part of all the picture. Genius Rock Opera has been a great challenge for me, more than 4 hours of music with all those singers to handle and produce, but again the most beautiful part was writing the music and lyrics and inventing the story. Khymera is a more straight easy way to approach the music, and there you can find all my influences I had from the eighties, that I‘ve been living directly and experiencing live. Cosmics is a more experimental extreme visionary way to make music, where the music is all alone and doesn’t have to be referred to a singing part. So as you can see different approaches but same love for the creativity applied to music."

"(As a musician) maybe my highlight has been the Genius Rock Opera of course. It’s been such a great opportunity to work with more that 20 singers of worldwide fame. Hearing all those great singers singing my lyrics has been very rewarding and amazing for me. I think it’s difficult to mark an highlight talking about all those guests. Everyone has been magic and it was so thrilling to interact with all of them that it’s really impossible to choose some of them as highlights. But I think also that this Twinspirits band is going to be an important environment for the near future. I see a great development and finally it’s going to be possible to play live and really exist for the fans, that’s something that was impossible with Genius' huge cast."
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