Joe Stump: ytse jam interview

"The HolyHell debut album was released in parts of Europe back at the start of July and should be out in worldwide release in the upcoming months," says Stump, "It’s a kick ass record full of great tunes and killer musicianship as well as sounding pristine production-wise. It’s doing nice biz in the territories it’s been out in thus far and is getting very positive reviews press-wise. They’ll be quite a bit more touring in the pipes for HolyHell in the near future so I’ll be out with those guys for awhile when it starts back up. Since I’ve been busy with HolyHell and my solo thing I haven’t had a chance to do another Reign of Terror record but I do have all the tunes for the next record written so hopefully I’ll get to it next year sometime. Not sure who I’ll have on board vocal-wise this next time around so we’ll see how that shakes out."

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