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Livio Lamonea
Modern (CD)

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Livio Lamonea is an Italian session man, sideman, solo artist and clinician who attended the Guitar Institute of Technology (G.I.T.), graduating with Vocational Honors, the most prestigious title awarded by M.I.'s special jury. Now he has released Modern, the fusion CD which Mikolaj Furmankiewicz at the Department Of Virtuosity wrote, "This musical offering by Mr. Lamonea is consistent with a conception of free jazz which allows musicians to improvise on stage without restraint. Virtuosity needn't mean one hundred notes per second, but could also denote a "warm feeling" as one of compositions' titles reminds us. Modern is subtle jazz fusion music wrapped up in a discreet virtuosity." Lamonea regularly participates in clinics and workshops with internationally renowned guitar players such as Mike Stern ('93), Scott Henderson ('94), Steve Morse ('96 and '97), Joe Diorio ('98), Frank Gambale ('98 and '99), Maurizio Colonna ('98 and '99) and Jim Hall ('00).