Monday, 9 November 2009

George Lynch: lynch mob new CD details

Smoke and Mirrors tracklisting includes: '21st Century Man', 'Smoke and Mirrors', 'Lucky Man', 'My Kind Of Healer', 'Time Keepers', 'Revolution Hero', 'Let The Music Be Your Master', 'The Fascist', 'Where Do You Sleep at Night?', 'Madly Backwards', 'We Will Remain', 'Before I Close My Eyes', 'Mansions In The Sky' (Bonus Track).

Check out sound samples:

Mark Moore: the hidden petrucci forumite revealed

Crazy cross over mixes by Mark Moore

This one was done per numerous requests... This will be the last one for a while. I gotta get some actual work done! ha...

This one was fun though. Check it out...

Mark Moore Eminem "Without Me" Rock/Metal Rendition

Mark Moore Eminem Underground Rock/Metal Rendition

Britney Spears If You Seek Amy Rock Rendition

Alex Berserker: Strings On Fire

Alex Berserker:
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Hi! Alex here! im 18 years old From Mexico City! This is my entry for this Petruccifever contest,hope you like it!!

I Added some Rythms and Stereo Melodies on this One,As well ass Some Harmonies,Little Riffs And Some FX! Everything using just my guitar!

Great work again to everyone involved!

If you Like it,Comment And Subscribe! more To Come real Soon! Thanks!

I used

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Diamond Series FR
Sony Vegas 8
Ableton Live 7

Alex Berserker - Strings on Fire

Juan Jose Pelegrin: Strings On Fire

Juan Jose Pelegrin:
My entry to this contest.

very heavy backing ohhhhh yeahhh!!!!!!!!!

hope you´d like it and i wish good luck to all participants!

Strings of fire: Juanjo Pelegrín entry

Monte Stevens: tribute to Marco Sfogli

Monte Stevens perfect example of the Truth In Shredding as he provides a great tribute to great Marco SFogli... Monte Stevens says:
Excellent tune by Marco Sfogli. Hopefully I can learn the rest and do a full version video soon. Thanks to Marco for such a beautiful composition and thanks to Rick Graham and for the awesome lesson on this tune.........\m/(*_*)\m/

Is there a theme here? Lots of references to Rick Graham and Marco Sfogli happening on this blog, could there be a deeper inner meaning... keep watching folks to find out...

still hurts part1

plus this ones cool too

M&D collab

Rob Chappers: introducing the new design

Introducing Monkey Lords Drummer

Guthrie Govan: un masterlclass avec le dieu de la guitare

Masterclass avec Guthrie Govan

News: bloggers how to link to other web sites

How should I link to a site that I have a personal relationship with?

Jon Bloomer: guitar noize Strings On Fire

Jon Bloomer says: T
his is my entry for the PetrucciFever Strings On Fire contest, I didn't manage to get this down in 1 take so instead I thought I would do a slideshow of me and my Ibanez JS1000 acting like a nob.

I recorded direct using Guitar Rig 4 for my shreddin' tones.

PetrucciFever solo contest by Jon Bloomer

Andy Veil: orange jam and tribute to Marco Sfogli

Andy Veil has soem cool videos on his youtube channel... Here's a brace from that collection... TASTY!

Orange Jam by AndyVeil

Marco Sfogli's "Still Hurts" (part 1) by AndyVeil

Milan Polak: pentatonic string skipping + tapping lick

This is the 4th video of my series "Lick of the Day".
I have recorded over 30 videos in the meantime. Don't forget to rate and if you have a YouTube channel please subscribe!

Have a great week,

Official website:

Milan Polak Lick #4 - Pentatonic string skipping + tapping lick

Sam Vallen: Unusual Sweep Picking

Unpredictability part 2 - Unusual Sweep Picking....

In case you missed it.

Unpredictability part 1 - Legato+wide stretches+taps=unpredictability

Richie Kotzen: Peace Sign Telde, Gran Canaria, 06/11/2009

Thanks again to Fran Alonso... check out that cool solo again at 3:50

Richie Kotzen - Peace Sign (Live in Telde, Gran Canaria, Spain 06/11/2009) HD 720p

Greg Howe: Lexington clinic announced

On Saturday, December 5th Greg will be conducting a Masterclass at Musician Supply in Lexington, S.C.

To attend this Masterclass please contact Musician Supply for more details at:!

Alex Arhipovsky: лексей Архиповский (балалайка) - Ваня

Now that got you... OK it says "Alexis Arhipovsky (balalaika) - Vania"

Алексей Архиповский (балалайка) - Ваня