Saturday, 14 November 2009

Johan Randén: live trio

Johan Randén live with trio in lidköping!... great player, really looking forward to a new CD at some point.

Johan Randén live with trio!

Francesco Fareri: blind secrets

Francesco Fareri - Blind Secrets - Instrumental song studio version

Warah Mhaidee: Strings On Fire

Wow another super shredder from Thailand... lord knows what they feed these guys on, spitting out notes faster than a Phalanx CIWS M61 Vulcan Gatling autocannon!!!

"Strings on fire" with Herman li guitar solo contest SoNg1508 entry

Thai Pathai: Strings On Fire

Thai Pathai from Thailand... makes the competition truly global and this guy likes to Shred!

"Strings On Fire"with Herman Li-Guitar Solo Contest- thai pathai from thailand entry

Davide Pepi: Strings On Fire

Davide Pepi says:
...I jammed few times over that cool backing track and I chose the playing I like more....It's not perfect but..who cares?

"String on Fire" with Herman Li - Davide Pepi entry

Lucas Zembrzuski: blues for you

Lucas Zembrzuski is one classy player... it's been just over a year since his last video. But check out this super relaxing Blues jam.

Blues #1

Matias Kupiainen: Kåren, Turku

Stratovarius: Kåren, Turku

Derek Furr: funking fusion

Another top notch jam session from Derek Furr.

Derek Furr says:
Another backing track jam. I didn't record the audio seperate on this one so the sound quality is not too great, hope you all enjoy it

Derek Furr -Funk Fusion Improv

Alex Milella: green in blue fusion

I love Alex Milella's fusion playing, so it's always nice to find a new video posted.

Alex Milella Green in Blue

Daniele Gottardo: tapping exercises

Daniele Gottardo's Tapping Exercises

Don't forget

The new CD is available in Download format:

Frenzy of Ecstasy is avialable now:

Reb Beach,Bill Leverty: rock the boat

WINGER, FIREHOUSE, DARE, TREAT, THE QUIREBOYS, FATAL SMILE and ARAYA HEEP have been confirmed for next year's edition of the Rock The Boat festival, set to take place March 20-21 on a cruise ship between Oslo (Norway) and Denmark.

For more information, visit

Kenny Serane: tribute to Andy Timmons

Playing an Andy Timmons song for Torpedo Demo Tour (dec. 2008).
Gear: Telecaster RK, Elmwood Stinger 30, Two-Notes Torpedo, Eventide TimeFactor, T-Rex RoomMate

Kenny Serane - A Night To Remember (Andy Timmons Cover)

Richie Kotzen: mathdid77 collection

24 videos in this collection, including the recent Vauréal concert on 13 11 09

Richie Kotzen: mathdid77 collection

Massimiliano Cona: acousti tapper

Massimiliano Cona is on MySpace:

Nov 20 20095:30P
Nov 21 20099:30P
Nov 22 20094:00P
Nov 23 20098:00P
Nov 24 20094:30P
Nov 25 20098:00P
Nov 26 20094:00P
Nov 27 20099:30P
Nov 28 20099:30P
Nov 29 20096:00P




Chris Maerten: Casio synth guitar PG380

Chris Maerten:
Some people asking about my fabulous Casio synth guitar PG380.!!!!
So here for you a remake of a song I published some days ago on the Daion acoustic under the name of . guitar but this time with the PG380 and synth. This amazing heavily modified Casio guitar play the picking or anything you like without the annoying glitch that most of synth guitar do.

My Smile for You

Jose Galicia: Strings On Fire

Jose Galicia thought the backing track was a little short... so here's his extended version...

Strings On Fire ( Extended) - Jose Galicia

Lai Youttitham: Strings On Fire

The YouTube era has thrown up a number of Youtube guitar hero's who have viewing figures that many guitarists could only dream of. Lai Youttitham is one of those guys. Here's his buring take on the Strings On Fire Backing track.

Lai Youttitham says:
Detuned half step because some of my frets are dead where the key of E minor is... Wish me luck I need a new guitar

Strings on fire contest

Here's one I missed from Halloween

Alone - ( Original )

Sam Vallen: odd not groupings

Unpredictability part 3:
Odd-Note groupings made "easy"

Sam Vallen

tablature can be found at or - in the blog section.

This is the final in a series of three lessons.

Guitarists seem to get stuck in ruts working on triplet and quaver based patterns. I think it's a shame considering the fact that a lot of the new breed of guitar players end up sounding very alike, especially in their faster work, All it takes to sound unique is a little experimentation in your practice time!

And I intend to fix this by showing you some ways you can spice your regular licks up with often overlooked ideas and techniques.

This third and final video covers ways a regular three-note per string scale shape can be adapted via some often overlooked pick strokes or shapes to allow for quintuplets and septuplets to be played with very little effort.

Gear in this video: Ibanez RG350FM with Seymour Duncan pickups, straight into an Orange Tiny Terror combo. The audio examples are the same guitar, but through my ENGL Powerball with a Boss DD-6 in the loop.

Check out my bands:

Quandary- Brisbane based progressive-rock (
After the Reign- Gold Coast based metal (

Finally, you can check out my solo stuff at
Unpredictability part 3 - Odd-note groupings made "easy"

Unpredictability part 3 - Odd-note groupings made "easy"

Travis Montgomery: animals as leaders tribute.

Animals As Leaders - CAFO tapping lick

Sungha Jung: (Michael Jackson) Billie Jean

(Michael Jackson) Billie Jean - Adam Rafferty and Sungha Jung

Boris Beceric: cool mega marshall competition

This is my entry for this many competitions these days, it's hard to catch up :-)
Including the pentatonic string skipping tap-bending terror death lick of doom that comes in handy LOL

Milan Polak's Marshall & Ernie Ball competition

Andreas Oberg: artistworks jam

Two of today's greatest jazz guitarists collaborate for the first time ever for 5 intense days in Napa California at the studio of ArtistWorks. Video footage of the Guitar Project and behind the scenes video and audio are to be released.
So what happens when two world class guitarists get together for the first time? What if you close the door and tell them “go do something new together"?

Jimmy Bruno and Andreas Oberg had never met until a few weeks ago. Two of today's most talented jazz guitarists had almost comically missed each other in different parts of the world. The ArtistWorks Guitar Project brought them together 5 intense days of exploration, collaboration, performing and just plain jamming several weeks ago. Not only did Napa get awed by a night of incredibly impressive guitar chops, the two wrote an original tune called “Napa Nights".
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News: Why Music And Mp3 Blogs Are the New Radio

Why Music And Mp3 Blogs Are the New Radio To The Beggars Group

A guest post by Australian freelance music writer Andrew McMillen.

"It’s kind of crazy how the music industry works; we shout and tell everyone about a new record. “It’s really exciting, it’s great, you can hear it on the radio.. oh, but actually, you can’t buy it for two or three months. Is that okay? Can you just not download it off of anywhere? Just wait two or three months, we’ll get it in the shops soon!"

That's Simon Wheeler, Director of Digital at The Beggars Group, speaking at a panel at One Movement For Music in Perth, Australia last month. Footage is embedded below, and his words are transcribed underneath.

"So, going against that, we know that fans are passionate about an artist, and they’re very excited about a new album. So to be able to give them something to satiate that demand has been quite effective. There’s also the purpose of giving people a piece of music to ‘try before they buy’, if you like. We get a lot of love and a lot of coverage in the blog world, because I think our artists are very suited to that world."
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