Saturday, 21 November 2009

Martin Moyano: Milan's TRex monster competition

After Strings Of Fire... here's his entry for the TRex competition

Martin Moyano - T-Rex Competition entry

News: A Perfect Match singing Strings Of Fire

I guess it had to happen... a vocal version for the final!

Thanks to Julian for inviting me to participate to this fun contest. This is a bit of a last-minute thing, and note this is not a serious entry, I just felt like messing around on this backing. It ...

A Perfect Match - Jamming on the "Strings Of Fire" backing track

Martin Moyano: Strings On Fire

After his recent Shred This entry, here's one for the Strings On Fire competition.

Martin Moyano - Strings on Fire Contest Entrye,

Fran Alonso: feeling blue for you

Fran Alonso - Practicando En Casa (21-11-2009).mp4

Lyle Watt: Milan's TRex monster competition!

Lyle Watt - T-REX Competiton Entry

Vladimir Maisiuk: Strings On Fire

Vladimir Maisiuk says:
I love this backing track sooo much...Thanks alot to Chris Feener for the awesome job with the track and thanks to Herman li,Jullian,judges and everybody who involved...Great contest-so many talented players...Thanks for the opportunity...

"Strings On Fire" Competition By Vladimir Maisiuk

Pedro Santos: band project

Pedro Santos and his band project... cunningly titled... band project ;)

The Band Project "The Apocalipsis Day"

Shawn Lane: February 2003

Shawn Lane - Guitar Solo Improv (Landmark Book Store, Kolkata, India - 7th Feb 2003)

William Dotto,Daniele Gottardo, Stanley Jordan: tap bros

William Dotto,Daniele Gottardo, Stanley Jordan at MMI Traviso

Beledo: jazz trio gig

Beledo Spanish Guitar Jazz Trio
Beledo (Spanish guitar)
Jerry McDonald (upright bass)
Annette Aguilar (percussion)

For the first time in Williamsburg
Type: Music/arts -
Start Time: Saturday, 21 November 2009 at 21:00
End Time:Sunday, 22 November 2009 at 00:00
Location: Bar Berry
Street: 152 Metropolitan Avenue (corner of Berry St.)
Town/City: Brooklyn, NY

Michael Gilinsky: 13 year old Strings On Fire! - 2

Yes, I know crazy licks for a 13 year old! Still, at least he has a Rugrats picture on the wall!

13 Year old Strings on fire entry- Michael Gilinsky (take 2, final take)

Ayman Mokdad: Strings On Fire

AYMAN-Strings on fire with Herman Li guitar contest

Nandinho Ortiz: Strings On Fire

Nandinho Ortiz from Brazil... truly global competition!

"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest - Nandinho Ortiz entry

Mart Chayawat :Strings On Fire

Another new guy from Thailand! These guys just love to shred!!

Mart Chayawat:
"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest - Mart Chayawat Tanyukul from thailand,Hope your enjoy it,thank you for your cool comments

"Strings on Fire" with Herman Li - Guitar Solo Contest - Mart Chayawat - thailand entry

Brixio Mendoza: Strings On Fire

Nice fluid solo

Brixio Mendoza - String on fire Contest Entri.wmv

Mejdi Sulejmani: Strings On Fire

Mejdi Sulejmani says:
My take on this amazing track. Thanks for the great competition. This video is maybe a little bit out of sync SORRY :(( May the best man wins!!! Greetings to all guitar players who entered in this competition :) Comment and Rate and visit

Strings on Fire - Mejdi Sulejmani

Stephan Vidi: Strings On Fire

Stephan Vidi says:
Here's my entry, enjoy.
I did a liiitle overdub because I $%&/§d up three "important" notes but was too lazy too do it all over.
So my apologies for cheating. ;-)

Strings on Fire entry by Vidi

Vuk Mirasevic: Strings On Fire - pyjama style!

Obviously the sleeping before playing is working...

Vuk Mirasevic:
Just got up and recorded this, straight out of the bed...

Vuk Strings Of Fire Contest.wmv

Vuk Mirasevic - youtubejam

Dave Martone: performance at Lucky Music Milan 2009 - 2

Dave Martone "The Goodie Squiggee Song" performance alla Lucky Music di Milano in data 13 novembre 2009.

Dave Martone - The Goodie Squiggee Song - performance at Lucky Music Milan

Dave Martone - Dinky Pinky - performance at Lucky Music Milan

Rob Chappers: Monkeylord bassist in the groove

Rob Chappers says:
Please welcome new Monkey Lord bassist Antony Stevens AKA Rain! Behold!! Many thanks to Crest Studios in Trowbridge Wiltshire ( Monkey Lord is complete - Witness it's mahusive hairy self! More to come soon ;-)

Monkey Lord - New bassist Antony Stevens announced \m/

Monkey Lord jamming at Crest Studio :-)

Monkey Lord - jamming at Crest Studio

Doug Steele: Movember Guitar solo

Doug Steele says:
Okay, bored yet? Why am I still posting this shit?
... 7 videos in this guitar slug fest!

Doug Steele: Movember Guitar solo

German Schauss: instant shredding just add water

German Schauss- Instant Shredding

German Schauss- Instant Shredding

Marshall Harrison: Dweezil Zappa "

Let’s talk about your What the Hell Was
I Thinking project—your ongoing project that involves the best guitar players in world—where are things these days?
It might have some new additions to it as my playing evolves. That means I might take some existing stuff off there, but there are still some guitarists I’d like to include. There
are some modern players like Guthrie, and there’s also a guy named Marshall Harrison who, I don’t think there’s a guitar player on the planet who has more ridiculous technique than this guy. You can’t even believe what this guy can do. Check him out online. I’ve never really heard much of his own music; I’ve just seen his online stuff where
he’s playing Chopin, etudes and whatnot on guitar. He’s playing like seven billion notes at a tempo that’s ridiculous and he’s never making any mistakes. It’s crazy.

As for the project, the players that already exist on the record are pretty impressive. I’ve even got Angus and Malcolm Young, who have never played on anything other than AC/DC records—they’re on this record. Eric Johnson, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Albert Lee, Brian Setzer, Steve Lukather, Robben Ford, Jimmie Vaughan, Joe Walsh… I’m forgetting a ton of people, I’m sure. Blues Saraceno, Warren DeMartini, Tim Pierce… there are tons and tons of players,
but I’d still like to record Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, and then some of the new guys like I was saying. I think I’ll add some more new interstitial musical pieces and then mix the whole thing in surround sound and make it an audio experience. Moment to moment the music changes drastically and becomes these soundscapes and different types of music. It’s an insane project. By the time it’s all done it’ll definitely be one of these things that people say, “Uhhh, how’d you do that?” How long has this been in the works and what will this finished product look like? It’ll be one disc that runs in its entirety as one piece of music. There’ll probably be index points for people to get to parts they want to hear, but it’s intended to be one continuous piece of music that’s 75 minutes long. I’m not exactly
sure what the final product will be like when it gets released, but I do want to put it in surround
sound. It’ll be an interesting experience. I started it almost 14 years ago. Crazy—back when guitar was still popular but on its way out, and now it’s having its resurgence of sorts.
full issue

NB this track also features the late Shawn Lane... I've been waiting years for it's release!

Dave Kilminster,Guthrie Govan: live gig and more

Performing and Recording News with Guthrie Govan and Murray!
From the Desk of Dave K

Hi Folks!!

Murray and Dave – Performing 25 November

Just writing this while sat in the studio with Murray mixing our album... :O) I am just so ridiculously proud of this recording so far, and ecstatic with the way it's come out!! REALLY can't wait for everyone to hear it!!!!

We'll probably finish mixing in the next two weeks, but unfortunately it's now unlikely to be out before Xmas...

But a brand new release for 2010 sounds so much better anyway!!! :O)

We may even put some tasters up on our website in the next few weeks...
If you haven't seen our website already, then please visit...

It's work in progress at the moment, but we hope you like it... :O)

Murray and I been in the studio WAY too much recently and consequently haven't played live in long while... So we're pretty excited about our show (possibly our last this year!!) on 25th November at La Raza in Cambridge... So come bearing gifts... :O)

Find out more here! We begin at approximately ten pm.

Surprise NYC Roger Waters Charity Appearance

A few weeks ago Roger Waters asked if I would fly out to New York to play a tune with him at the Rita Hayworth Gala for Alzheimer's Association... I of course said yes!!!

I love helping out at charity events. It's great to be able to do the thing that I love, and help raise money for worthy causes at the same time... especially at the world famous Waldorf Hotel!!! (Sorry, we're all out of Waldorfs.... ;O)

This was a pretty big event too, with all sorts of celebrities in attendence....
John McEnroe (my favourite tennis player ever!!!), (author) Jay McInerney, David Hyde Pierce (The brother in Frasier!!), Dan Aykroyd (who you gonna call?!!), (TV presenter) Regis Philbin, (TV chef) Eric Ripert and Art Garfunkel!!

Unfortunately Art wasn't singing... Art was there for Art's sake.... sorry!!!

Brooke Shields was also there, wandering around backstage and looking rather stunning.... and they auctioned one of Rogers guitars to help raise money too... :O)

Dave performs with Guthrie Govan December 6th and 10th—Rare UK Dates

Erotic Cakes update!!! Guthrie Govan and I will playing not one, but TWO gigs... in the UK!!!!! Yes, I can't quite believe it either....

The first is on the 6th December in Braintree, Essex.... I still don't have the full details yet, but I'll post them as soon as I get 'em!!!

It is something to do with these guys though, so feel free to hassle them!!!

The second is on 10th December in conjunction with Guitar Techniques and PMT Music, somewhere in darkest Birmingham

'Erotic Cakes' also features Pete Riley on drums (who also played on 'Scarlet'), and Guthrie's brother Seth Govan on bass guitar... So if you're a fan of crazy instrumental music and ridiculous guitar playing, then come along and fill your boots!!!

Find out more here:

Guthrie Govan and Dave Kilminster will be fronting a band with the equally brilliant Seth Govan on bass and Pete Riley on drums. Expect some of the best guitar playing you‘ve ever heard, with fun and banter from two great mates and marvellous musicians.

Guitar Break – Special! Live Instruction November 28 and 29

Finally, I'll be doing a teaching weekend for those lovely chaps at 'Guitar Break' on 28th/29th November in Guildford... They're always great fun, and I'm really looking forward to it!!!
I think there maybe one or two spaces left, so if you're stuck for a Xmas gift idea then this might just be the perfect present.... :O)

iCon “Urban Psalm” Live Performance DVDs

By the way, if you were at the iCon show last February (featuring John Wetton and Geoff Downes), then you'll be pleased... nay ecstatic to hear that the DVD's are now back from the press and should be heading your way very soon.... Postal strikes permitting!!!!

And if you weren't at the show I believe a limited number will be made available to buy... We'll keep you posted!!

Take care out there people... and if you're struggling to find the perfect present, then 'Scarlet' and 'Playing With Fire' CD's are still available from my website You can find Scarlet internationally, including at iTunes and and, but Playing with Fire is only available from

Russ Parrish: steel panther guitar solo 3

Steel Panther guitar solo 11/16/2009

Leonidas: 300... this is shred town!

Leonidas says:
Hi, am Leonidas, 19 years old from Greece... I hope you 'll enjoy my stuff... Ps: Anything u hear in my page is one take. Some great musicians/bands who dig my playing are: David Shankle (Manowar, DSG), Alter Bridge (Mark Tremonti on guitars), Chris Impellitteri, Vernon Neilly, Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest, beyond Fear, Yngwie Malmsteen, Solo Artist), Shred Sean (Blessed By A Broken Heart), Theodore Ziras, Chris Buck (Brett Garsed), Larry McGee, Mnemic, Mike Orlando, Tony Smotherman, And many many more... I would like to thank them all for their great words on my playing! Its a huge honor!

Influences Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, Vinnie Moore, Andy Timmons, Reb Beach, John 5, Theodore Ziras, Mattias IA Eklundh, Guthrie Govan, Shawn Lane, Michael Romeo, Jason Becker, Kiko Loureiro, Allan Holdsworth

Leonidas Shred Ballad Impro! ESP M-II Deluxe

Mateus Starling, Ivan Barasnevicius: Venegas TV 2

Mateus Starling and Ivan Barasnevicius improvising - Mr Pc - Venegas music tv

News: Strings On Fire... top 5's!

Wow incredible response for the Strings On Fire competition 160!!! Here's a selection of fans top 5's
View the full list and post your top 5

My Top 5

1. Pop Woravit --> awesome solo, another guitarist from Thailand.
2. Sidney Dacion --> fantastic intro riff,  awesome solo, i like it when you use the harmonic minor, nice ending, simple melody, but rocks.
3. Silvio Gazquez --> my man, awesome technique. i love your tone.
4. Milan Polak --> wow, you rock dude, technical guitarist.
5. Angel Ruiz --> awesome solo from pretty boy

evolvingtr (1 day ago)
My Top 5:
1)Sylvio Gasquez
2)Cristian Regnicoli
3)Jack Gardiner
4)Bryan Aspey
5)Milan Polak

Some of my faves in no Particular order.
Sylvio Gasquez
Bryan aspey
Daniel Rezendes(sorry if I spelt wrong)
Jack Gardiner
Milan Polak
Joop walters
There are more I tell ya
ant7227 (1 day ago) 0 Reply | Spam
My top 5 so far
1.Bigsponge-Chris Alcala
2.Guitarjakku-Jack Gardner
3.Luteroreforma-Angel Ruiz
4.Joop Wolters
talicnitom1100 (1 day ago) 0 Reply | Spam
My top 3 so far:

2-Damjan Pejcinoski
3-Bryan Aspey
wiltonduraes (2 days ago) 0 Reply | Spam
I will try to enter by the deadline, if i finish all the college homework I have.

My top 5 so far;
3-Bryan Aspey
5-Angel ruiz

my top 5
1. Silvio Gazquez
2. Angel Ruiz
3. Milan Polak
4. jack Gardiner
5. Sidney Dacion

that's only in my own opinion..

Vinnie Vincent: time machine heaven

Love it, big hair, spandex.... the Boyz Are Gonna Rock. Vinnie Vincent and the vocal power of Robert Fleischman... Boyz Are Gonna Rock

Vinnie Vincent Invasion - Boyz Are Gonna Rock (Remastered - HQ)

This is a rare demo from one of the greatest guitarists of all time.This song is sang by Jeff Scott Soto (Thanks cherokeee). This is off of a bootleg demo album called Vinnie Vincent Prepare to Invade. It is an awesome song and it stinks that a higher quality version was never made. Feel free to comment and don't forget to vote.

Vinnie Vincent - Gypsy In Your Eyes (Demo Version 1)

Vinnie Vincent - Gypsy In Your Eyes (Demo Version 2)

Steve Vai: iron man here we come

The rock n' roll lifestyle is a thing of the past for Steve Vai. Instead, the guitarist has opted for a much healthier regime -- training for the Iron Man triathlon. Trading booze for body fitness, Vai hopes to complete a half Iron Man -- 70.3 miles total, consisting of a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride and a 13.1-mile run.

"It's hard. You have to train a lot," he tells Spinner. "The other day, I rode my bike from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara which is 80 miles. Then I ran 22 miles the week before. It's really great but when you discover that lifestyle, it gives you a new lease on life
find out more

News: how big are guitarists hands?

Just how big are the hands of our favourite guitar heroes? Yesterday I managed to get out to West Hollywood for an hour and went to the part where there are a couple of guitar stores... Anyway, GC West Hollywood also has the Rockwalk which has handprints of many of the most popular guitar heroes and contributors to the rock pantheon over the past 40 or 50 years. Below are some of the shitty phone camera pics I took with my (admittedly quite small) hand inside the print that allows you to see the relative sizes of some players to each other.
find out now

Marty Friedman: with Andrew WK single announced

Kiba [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] - Marty Friedman feat. Andrew W.K.

New single release from Marty Friedman featuring Andrew W.K. Limited edition includes a bonus DVD with a promotional footage of the single (subject to change). Includes a sticker.

(All product details, including availability, images, language(s), special features, and bonus extras, are subject to change without prior notice. Actual item weight may be different from the one indicated above.)