Saturday, 28 November 2009

Anouck André: Milan's TRex Monster pedal competition

Anouck Andre is the 155th entry to the competition... all entries: Still plenty of time to get your entry in too.

Anouck Andre - Milan Polak's competition - T-rex pedal

Richie Kotzen: would you like fries with that?

Richie Kotzen becomes a Hamburger for the day... Hamburg Ballroom Nov. 27th 2009

Richie Kotzen Remember Hamburg Ballroom Nov. 27th 2009

Richie Kotzen all along the watchtower Hamburg Ballroom Nov. 27th 2009

Sean Costello: RIP dead at 28

Tragic when a person dies so young. Truth In Shredding condolences to his family and friends... rest in peace.

The Sean Costello Band performs 'It's My Own Fault' live at Northside Tavern in Atlanta, GA (October 28th, 2006). Rounding out the trio are Aaron Trubic on bass and Ray Hangen on drums.

Sean Costello - It's My Own Faul

Mathieu Rach: play on my CD competition

MattRach's Contest - Play your parts on our Album, download the caking track and add as a response to the main video: Dealine is on December 18th - 23h59 GMT +1

MattRach's Contest - Play your parts on our Album !

Robert Marcello: boss me-20 2

BOSS ME-70 by Robert Marcello (Musikmesse 2009) PART 2

Richie Kotzen: Faith Bristol Fiddlers 09-10-2009

Brilliant Show. Richie Kotzen is just amazing. Faith is one of my favourites... One of the finest singers I have heard... then add to this some of the best guitar playing I've heard.... just killer. If you get a chance to see Richie live then you must go! Also at the show Laurie Monk, Rob Chappers, Ben Poole and Jeff Scott Soto!!!

Richie Kotzen: Faith Bristol Fiddlers 09-10-2009

Tom Hess: improv lesson

Guitar Improvisation Lesson

Russ Parrish: steel panther to close the key club

the Key Club in Hollywood, CA shutting its doors this Sunday (November 29th) for ever, STEEL PANTHER will be making the move for one special night only to The Roxy on Sunset. That is right, after several years making their home at the Key Club, the longest running rock show on the Sunset Strip will be returning to The Roxy for one night only.
full details

Paul Bielatowicz: carl palmer tour date.

Carl Palmer Band - European Tour 2010
13th March, 2010 Freising Lindenkeller Germany

tour dates

News: guitar euroshop Christmas bonus

Get a free album when you buy your CD from this Christmas.

Dave Martone: steptand Ziua Chitarelor

Dave Martone in : Little Corina and the Power Of Jimi Hendrix

Asteptand Ziua Chitarelor - Dave Martone - Bossa Corrado.avi

Milan Polak: one of the best youtube guitar teachers

Milan Polak is mentioned on the Shred This Way blog:

Shred This Way blog says:
Well we've all have checked up youtube at one point or the other looking for some good guitar lessons . But the problem is there are so many of them that it gets pretty difficult to find something that's of any value. As the owner of almost every guitar instructional videos ever made, I can tell you that there's a lot you can learn from a video but at the same time you can also end up completely screwing up your technique because of a bad video.
check out the recommended list

Steve Vai: bidding for a lesson reaches new heights

Yes amazing... over $ 3000 for one hour... I hope the winner gets the hour of a lifetime!!!

One hour guitar lessson with Steve Vai! lifetime chance

All proceeds benefit Hollywood Arts and the homeless!

Item condition:--
Ended:Nov 25, 200913:00:52 PST
Bid history:31 bids
Winning bid:US $3,051.00
Shipping:FREE shipping UPS Ground See more services | See all details
Estimated delivery within 4-9 business days

Floyd Fernandes: stratoblogster going blogger post crazy!

The Strat O Blogster has gone blog post crazy and his band of followers are reading away like crazy... the stats don't lie! Yes check out the reader overload!!


So when the Blogster announces a great player it's time to take notice... well this week Strat O Blogster high lighted Truth In 'Shredding favourite Floyd Fernandes:

Thanks to the Strat O Blogster for having great taste!

Glenn Proudfoot: new CD announced

Track, The Five O, promo only for the album "Lick Em". This is an Instrumental album only.

Glenn Proudfoot - PROMO ONLY - The Five-O

News: missed key posts during the week... check out Rock House summary

Each week Rock House create a summary of cool posts from the week. So if you missed anything from the blogosphere you can just check out:

Rusty Cooley: behind the scenes of arpeggio madness

Rusty Cooley, Rock House Behind the Scenes of Arpeggio Madness Shoot

News: win dime bag's rig

Win a Dime rig for Xmas!

Get your hands on this Dime inspired-setup
from Dean, Krank and MXR

Despite being five years since Dimebag Darrell’s tragic death, his legacy continues to live on.

Dimebag has become a genuine axe legend and has inspired unimaginable amounts of people to pick up a guitar.

As such, there’s no shortage of Dime-branded gear available.

To mark five years since Dimebag’s passing, we’ve teamed up with Bill Lewington, the UK distributor for Dean Guitars (, Krank amps (, and MXR’s UK distributor John Hornby Skewes ( to offer one Dime fan an amazing Christmas prize.

go for it

Dave Kilminster, Guthrie Govan: an evening of guitar for the lucky 300

Total Guitar's sister publication Guitarist will present a night of jubbly guitar music at PMT, Birmingham on Thursday 10 December. I, for one, will be there. Try and stop me! Check out that line-up! Guthrie Govan blows me away whenever I see him play live. I honestly think he's the best guitarist we have in this country.

I've never seen Dave Kilminster play, except on telly with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters. I seem to remember him blazing through the solo for Comfortably Numb. He has a great reputation and I'm sure he'll live up to it on the night.

For tickets call PMT Birmingham UK on 0121 359 5056
136 Lawley Middleway,
West Midlands
B4 7XX

Doors open 18:30, music at 19:30.

Dweezil Zappa, Marshall Harrison: pre show warm up

November 21, 2009, Houston, Texas: House of Blues, Zappa Plays Zappa Tour. Just getting the levels right before the show.

Dweezil Zappa and Marshall Harrison: Rehearsal for "F# Mixolydian"

News: Strings On Fire... short listing

Wow this is a tough one... I've been checking out all the videos again over the last couple of days. It's really difficult to get down to the last 15. I have over 20 at the moment. I hope to get that down today to the last 15. I will probably post my top 20+ list as by all rights I'd give you a prize ;).

Good luck to all entrants. I'll check back later.

Marcin Duński: opposite poles attract

marcin duński music man 1

solo życia 2008-marcin duński-(PLAYBACK)

marcin duński-tapping example

marcin duński smooth original

Dan Mumm: crazy 8 finger tappping... mum's the word

An 8 finger tapping run written and played by Dan Mumm. Inspired by Chris Broderick's "Betcha Can't Play This". Don't forget to subscribe! Enjoy!

8 Finger Tapping Arpeggio Guitar Madness - Dan Mumm

Richie Kotzen: long The Watchtower" Warsaw, Poland

Richie Kotzen "All Along The Watchtower" Warsaw, Poland, 24/11/2009

Francis Grant: tribute to animals as leaders and bulb

More nu fusion licks, this time from some Shred Legato Tapping in honour of Animals as leaders, Bulb .

Shred Legato Tapping - Animals as leaders, bulb stuff....

Aleksandar Sukovic: modern soloing

From guitar masterclass:

Modern Soloing

Blues Groove

Fernando Lice: mexican tapper

Mario bros - underwater theme

Stanley Jordan cover 8 finger tapping

Steffen Schackinger - City Lights cover

Lalle Larsson: tonight , I'm going to be Frank Sinatra

Lalle Larsson in Frank mode!

Agents Of Mercy/Karmakanic On The Road

Ayman Mokdad: Milan's TRex monster pedal competition

AYMAN-T Rex Monster Pedal Competition V2

Robbert Hanenberg: Milan's TRex monster pedal competition

There you go with all the internet issues... one I missed

T-Rex competition : Robbert Hanenberg

Petar Atanasov: Milan's TRex monster pedal competition

Petar- Milan Polak's "T-Rex Monster Pedal Competition"

Tommy Emmanuel: zagreb interview

Tommy has said that even at a young age he was fascinated by Atkins musical style sometimes referred to as Travis picking of playing bass with the thumb and melody parts with the first two or three fingers at the same time.

This technique became the basis of Tommy's guitar style.While Tommy has never had formal music training, his playing ability has won him fans from all over the world.While Tommy has never had formal music training his playing ability has won him fans from all over the world. He is known to play percussion parts on the body of his guitar. As a solo performer he never plays to a set list and uses a minimum of effects.

He usually completes recordings in one take.He frequently uses his left thumb to fret bass notes on the 5th and 6th strings as well as playing chords such as Am and E with just two fingers. He uses a thumb pick mostly a flat pick or just fingers.His main guitar is a smallbodied custom Maton EBG808 that is fitted with a pickup and an internal condenser microphone to which he has given the nickname Mouse due to its quieter volume unplugged but massive sound when plugged into an amp.

Two of his three main stage guitars notably his signature TE1 Maton dreadnought are battered and worn on the necks and soundboards from his excessive playing and percussive techniques on them. He recently stated at a workshop during his annual festival Tommyfest UK (2008) that all three of his stage guitars have been broken and repaired numerous times over the years.
full video

Tommy Emmanuel Interview from Dom sportova Zagreb

Steve Vai: god blessed video!

Alcatrazz God Blessed Video

Robert Marcello: boss me-20

BOSS ME-70 by Robert Marcello (Musikmesse 2009) Pt1

Jean Marc Belkadi: slap that jazz up

Guitar Slap Jazz Tapping and Sweep Warmup