Thursday, 2 September 2010

Rob Chappers: Monkey Lord in the studio

Monkey Lord in the studio 2 Survive recording blog

Chappers, Stick and Jaden met at Maplewood studio to knock together their next single ;-)

Monkey Lord in the studio - 2 Survive recording blog

Pedro Santos: Live4Guitar Competition

Pedro Santos Live4Guitar Competition

Scott Henderson: Troglodytes Shuffle

Steve Bailey - Scott Henderson & Gregg Bissonette - Troglodytes Shuffle

Saggese Francesco Antonio: gtarman crazy shredding!


Paul Gilbert: World Guitars's Jeff Pumfrett loves PG!

World Guitars - Interview with Jeff Pumfrett

Rob Chappers: ML2 Prototype 2 build blog 1

Chapman Guitars ML2 - Prototype 2 build blog 1

Elias Viljanen: breaks hand and Sonata Arctica dates affected

"Sonata Arctica regret to inform their Italian fans that the announced show in Milan at the Alcatraz on September 30th, 2010 needs to be postponed.
Reason: while doing his daily exercise routine Elias Viljanen (guitar) broke his right hand. Due to this accident he will not be able to play guitar for the next five or six weeks. The new date for the show will be now Sunday, February 27th, 2011 also at the Alcatraz. Of course all tickets for the show September 30th remain valid for the new date." full details

new schedule
16 - Mexico City, Mexico - Circo Volador
17 - Guatemala City, Guatemala - Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias
18 - San Salvador. El Salvador - venue tba
20 - Caracas, Venezuela - Centro Internacional
22 - Quito, Ecuador - venue tba
24 - Santiago, Chile - venue tba
26 - Montevideo, Uruguay - venue tba
27 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Groove
28 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Groove
30 - São Paulo, Brazil - Carioca Club

Thomas Youngblood: kamelot The Great Pandemonium

The new video from Kamelot's masterpiece album "Poetry for the Poisoned". The Great Pandemonium features guest appearance by Björn Speed Strid. Video shot in Sweden and directed by Owe Lingvall of Village Road Films.

Go to for more info on the new album!!

Kamelot - The Great Pandemonium

Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: workshop tour of the USA in the planning.

In the past few months Tom has been collaborating with the exceptional UK based guitarist Rick Graham to produce a 3 day workshop and tuition material. This ran for the first time this summer in the beautiful northern town of Saltaire with huge success to a student base of 11 guitarists from various parts of the world. Rick and Tom will be taking this workshop on tour in the States next summer 2011 and will be running annual sessions from now on. Tom also teaches for Lick Library producing videos on fusion improvisation concepts. Tom has now become an in-demand teacher with a student base stretching all over the world. more about Tom

News: Guitar Idol team announced

Thanks to Owen and the team who are working very hard on the new guitar idol project to make it the best it can be. The good news is they have now announced the Guitar Idol team.

Owen Edwards
Tom Quayle
Rick Graham
Edward Box
Pete Thompson
Nick Andrew
Laurie Monk

For full details and profiles on the crew check out:

Timo Niemistö: Anthriel - The Pathway details

Formed in 2004 by guitarist Timo Niemistö, keyboardist Antti Hakulinen and drummer Jari Kuokkanen the band went through a couple of line up variations before finding bassist Klaus Wirzenius and ultimately released a 3 track e.p. “Visions of Inner Light and Deeper Thoughts” in 2007 which won considerable praise on the underground metal circuit. Yet it was until the band found powerhouse vocalist Simo Silvan in 2008 that the bands sound became fully realised.

Anthriel - the Archangel of balance and harmony is the perfect name for the bands music. With a sound driven by big guitar riffs, deft keyboard touches, a rock solid articulate rhythm section and a healthy dose of expressive vocals high in melody built into intricate yet digestible arrangements this is metal that is easily appreciated on first listen – yet where further plays reveal numerous hidden depths that will keep the listener coming back for more. The quality of material would not be best represented with anything less than a superb production and this is exactly what the “The Pathway” serves up being an impressive self production by Timo Niemistö and mix by Jussi Kulomaa at MSTR Studios.

On the bands sound Simo Silvan comments, “We don't want to go extremity with any style of music. There is a time for a head banging and time for musical landscaping. We try to keep our music as versatile we can. "The Pathway” is a mixture of various different kind of music styles like heavy, pop, acoustic, orchestral and instrumental and symphonic metal. The music and lyrics were written hand in hand with the album theme”.

Thematically “The Pathway” is a concept based on a sequence of individual songs and themes with inspiration coming from R.A. Salvatore's Forgotten Realms: "The Dark Elf Trilogy".

On the basic premise of “The Pathway” Timo Niemistö comments, “The Pathway is the story of a man who finds himself grown against his former principles and philosophy of life. He decides to leave his past behind and begin a journey to find his own personal promised land and balance. As the path gets rough good and evil starts to battle in his mind where the reality and fantasy gets mixed. He puts the blame to the Gods for playing with his life and turns his adversities to the divine entertainment with consequences that ultimately lead to the discovery of perfect harmony from within his own soul”.

This compelling story is a captivating lyrical theme for the first class musicianship on offer all of which comes together to make “Anthriel – The Pathway” a serious contender for best newcomers in progressive metal in 2010.

01. Devil's Lullaby.
02. Mirror Games.
03. Guardian.
04. Repression.
05. Haven of Grace.
06. Dark Divided Minds.
07. The Deliverance.
08. Controversial Euphoria.
09. Light Divine.
10. Scent of Dawn.
11. Promised Land.
12. Chains of the Past.

Simo Silvan – Vocals.
Timo Niemistö - Guitars/backing vocals.
Antti Hakulinen – Keyboards.
Klaus Wirzenius – Bass.
Jari Kuokkanen – Drums.


Mathias Holm: MindSplit details

LM Promo Page :

MindSplit are a new band yet one with years of experience behind its individual members. With a style planted somewhere between straight metal, progressive metal and classic rock the band deliver a truly epic tale with their debut album “Charmed Human Art Of Significance” which is set for release on September 17th 2010 on Lion Music.

Featuring veterans of the Scandinavian metal scene in guitarist Matthias Holm and vocalist H.B. Anderson, the pair began writing and recording together again in their spare time c.2003 once again after the duo had worked together in the late 80’s with “The ‘n’ Sin”. When the music was taking shape bassist Conny Payne (Madison) joined along with highly respect sessions musicians - drummer Jon Skäre and keyboardist Jonas Lidström. This new collaboration turned into a whole different ballgame though when H.B. found his great old, old grandfather Xerxes Anderson’s Artificial Universe (a.k.a. Prof. Xandau 1807 ~ 1851) notes from his therapy sessions.

Prof. Xandau was a much respected therapist during the first half of 19th century and had his sessions all over the world based in both Europe and the U.S. These notes are the solid ground to this project and are used to tell a true story about psychological thoughts and human behaviours. H.B. Anderson comments, “The memory notes declare what’s going on in the human mind in different situations making for compelling listening, although as there are no names involved so it’s totally anonymous. Its fantastic literature and breathtaking reading, the human brain is very complex and odd. You can say it sure lives its own life”

This inspired lyrical setting led to the music of what would become “C.H.A.O.S” taking on its own personality. This story line is set to a musically accomplished and captivating release which will draw the listener in from the first listen. Musically the album is big, powerful, dark yet with subtle light and a very impressive aura with a powerful production to suit the mood. This has been further extended by the promotional video for the song “NME – Myself and I”
which has received positive reactions from YouTube viewers worldwide.

With “Charmed Human Art Of Significance” MindSplit has produced a debut album of exceptionally high quality and one that will appeal to a wide range of metal lovers and those with an appetite for enthralling concept stories.

01. Prologue - The Awakening.
02. Silhouettes.
03. The Traveller.
04. Presence Of Time.
05. ...elsewhere?
06. Inside The Heart Of Silence.
07. Battle Of The Mind.
08. Visual Minds - The Eternal Flame.
09. NMe - Myself & I.
10. Through The Eyes Of A Child.
11. A Room With Thousand Doors.
12. A Purpose Of Circumstance.
13. Abandoned Echoes.
14. Epilogue - The Imaginary End.

H.B. Anderson – Vocals
Mathias Holm – Guitars
Conny Payne – Bass
Jon Skäre – Drums
Jonas Lidström - Keyboards

Berger – Saxophone
Melody Payne - Voice
Nordanstigs Manskör - Male Choir Mikael Rosengren - Keyboards

Taken from the forthcoming debut album "Charmed Human Art Of Significance" from MindSplit.

MindSplit - NMe - Myself & I

Johan Liefvendahl: Seventh Wonder off to ProgPower USA

Seventh Wonder cross the Atlantic for the first time to play the prestigious ProgPower USA festival along side of Kamelot and Hammerfall in Atland September 10th. Seventh Wonder will also perform a special second show on Saturday for Gold Badge hodlers.

The album 'The Great Escape' is in the final stages of production and in spite of some delays is scheduled for a release later this year on Lion Music.

The tracklist will be as follows:
1. Wiseman - [5:42]
2. Alley Cat - [6:06]
3. The Angelmaker - [8:29]
4. King of Whitewater - [7:20]
5. Long way home - [4:26]
6. Move on Through - [5:04]
7. The Great Escape - [30:14]

Total running time approx. 68 minutes

Seventh Wonder - Alley Cat

Alan Williamson: Serenity


Steve Morse: guitar edge interview

Are there any secret weapons, any gear you can't live without?
Yes, and I've had to live without it actually [laughs], and no one can fix it. I love my Lexicon 224 reverb—it has some really cool modified settings, ways of making it sound like it's not a reverb—but it died and no one can fix it. I've shipped this gigantic thing all over and they say it's too far gone. So, what I've done is get into digital effects more. Now I'm using Cubase and you learn to get some really good sounds out of the digital gear that's out. I'm also using iZotope [Ozone] like a little mastering module. It fits in Cubase like a VST plug-in, so when you go to mix, you just go to your master fader and modify that, and all of a sudden this little mastering module comes up. Anyway, I thought that really helped, especially at the end—it made everything sound better.

Those Lexicon reverbs are pretty cool—they always make me think of a David Gilmour-type tone.
Yeah, it's a shame. Everything I usually like, I know they're gonna stop making it if I really like it. So I try not to like things too much. [Laughs]

Some of today's hottest players like Zakk Wylde and John Petrucci are pretty vocal about their love of your style and music. What modern guitarists do you listen to?
Well, you started by naming two of the best guys. Personally, I like to listen to guys live more than anything, because the whole experience just gets me. It's like you can watch a movie from a distance while people are talking and everything, and you're far away and the TV is small, and it's totally different from being inside a theater where you're right up front and it's taking up your whole field of vision. So, I like to listen to stuff with headphones—zero distractions—or live. All of the guitarists I've seen live really impress me—it's been that way my whole life. Surely any musician has something that's gonna amaze me, because human beings all make different choices and take different paths and meet different crossroads along their life. It's still amazing to me how everybody playing the same 12 notes, repeated over and over, is gonna sound different. If I'm on the road, or if there's somebody playing with us, I try to listen to good guitar players. You have your obvious ones like you just mentioned, but all of the guitar greats I've heard have really impressed me. full interview

Nuno Bettencourt: Backstage with Rihanna

Guitar Edge's Elliott Politte and crew catch up with the legendary Nuno Bettencourt--now lead guitarist for Rihanna--before their recent Chicago, Illinois show. Nuno shows us his stage rig, as well as discusses moments in his life and recording gear.

Backstage with Rihanna / Nuno Bettencourt

Joe Satriani, Les Paul, Zakk Wylde: guitar edge interview

Guitar Edge comes and interview with three of worlds most infamous guitarists, Les Paul, Joe Satriani, and Zakk Wylde.
“Change” has been a major theme in the American vernacular this past few years. In this Blast from the past, Guitar Edge sits down with three icons of the electric guitar to discuss the changes and innovation in guitar playing and technology we’ve experienced over the past 50 years, and what the next 50 may yet bring.

Getting Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, and the legendary Les Paul—three of the most respected an innovative guitarists of the last 50 years—together in a small room with a microphone was no small achievement. But compared to what these three guitarists have accomplished in their own respective careers, it was as easy as an E5 power chord. For that matter, compared to what Les Paul by himself has achieved, it was as easy as breathing.

Still, as Les can certainly attest, even the best-laid plans often find speed bumps and roadblocks. Although we thought we had confirmations and palpable eagerness from all parties, building management at the Iridium informed us at the last minute—after Zakk and Satch had already arrived and begun their acquaintance 14 stories up in Midtown Manhattan—that they didn’t share our enthusiasm for a photo shoot on the roof. This required some nimble improvisation from our photographer that would have impressed even 1950's era Les Paul. In the spirit of perseverance that our guest of honor has so wholly embodied throughout his career, we found a way to make it all happen. more

Rusty Cooley: tweeting on twitter.

Rusty Cooley:

News: ZC3 - 100% free Entrance!!! even closer... I'll see you there!

Ziua Chitarelor 3

Time 18 September · 10:30 - 22:30
Location Teatrul Bulandra -Sala Izvor
Bd. Schitu Magureanu 1
Bucharest, Romania
Created by:Ziua Chitarelor, Mihai Alexandru, Laurie MonkShow all (6)
More info Ziua Chitarelor 3
Master Class & Concert with : Stu Hamm- Jennifer Batten - Michael
Lee Firkins - TJ Helmerich - Dave Martone - Andreas Oberg - Damjan
Pejcinoski - Dragianni - Marius Pop !!!!!100% free Entrance


Gary Moore: tests BMW M3, Jaguar XK oder Corvette

V8-Soundcheck mit Gary Moore BMW M3, Jaguar XK oder Corvette

News: shred knowledge open for interviewing opportunities!

Mark Thompson from Shred Knowledge:
I'm looking for interview material... I [am looking to] interview jazz bebop players, get in touch with me, Mark Thompson, if you're in touch with good fusion players or are a Contact Mark direct on facebook if you are interested in participating

Anthony Xander: live workshop

Anthony Xander live workshop
16 September · 20:00 - 21:30
Location ISTARS
31 Progess Ave
Scarborough, ON

Anthony Xander:
I will be hosting a free Guitar Workshop at iSTARS Artist development and musical performing arts center. more

Joe Bonamassa,Derek Sherinian: Black Country Communion group Top 10 pre order chart

Black Country Communion's debut album, released on Monday 20th September, recently peaked at No. 2 in the Amazon UK pre-order chart, and has remained in the Top 10 of both the Amazon UK and pre-order album charts for the past 5 weeks.

BCC is comprised of Glenn Hughes (vocals, bass), Joe Bonamassa (guitar, vocals), Jason Bonham (drums) and Derek Sherinian (keyboards). The album is produced and mixed by Kevin Shirley (Rush, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Black Crowes).

At 7pm on Saturday 4th September, the UK’s leading classic rock radio station PLANET ROCK will air an exclusive hour-long documentary interview with Black Country Communion. The documentary will feature Planet Rock speaking to the BCC members about the band’s formation and future. The one hour radio special will also be repeated on Thursday 9th September at 11pm.

Presented by DJ Nicky Horne, the behind-the-scenes documentary includes exclusive interviews with Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa and Jason Bonham, plus a selection of music from their highly anticipated debut album. Also featured in the one hour special will be the song “One Last Soul”, which has fast become one of the station’s most requested tracks.

Tune into Planet Rock this Saturday to listen to the documentary online -
Official BCC album press release -

Thomas Youngblood: the Kamalot interview

Pako: We know you have a special dedication to your fans. How important is for you their passion to Kamelot? How you managed this? Most of the bands are wanted to make money and they doesn’t listen to their fans…

TY: Money is the last thing we are thinking about with the fans. For me its 100% dedication to the art and performance of the songs. The songs, the songs. Our fans are foremost in the mind with all the preparations for touring and planning things like meet and greets etc. I meet so many fans on tour, they inspire me more than anything else to do my best on stage and make them proud to wear a Kamelot tee shirt. Its like a massive family that is around the globe. more

Richie Kotzen: to play on ENEMYNSIDE C!

Richie Kotzen will contribute a guest guitar solo to the track "Too Many Times" on the forthcoming album from Italian thrashers ENEMYNSIDE, tentatively titled "The Black Issue". Other songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Withering Addiction", "The Cure", "Pitch Black", "Reveries" and "Faith No More".

Commented ENEMYNSIDE vocalist/guitarist Francesco "Frallo" Cremisini: "I'm very proud to have such a great musician playing a solo on the band's new album. He's one of the most talented guitar playersaround and a really nice person." more

Stu Hamm: Bass Guitar Solo

Learn bass guitar from Stu Hamm -

Stu Hamm - Bass Guitar Solo

Stu Hamm - Going To California - Bass Guitar Performance

Stu Hamm - Star Spangled Banner - Bass Guitar Performance

Daniele Gottardo: new technique DVD details

"Superfingering" is Daniele Gottardo's new revolutionary method to play contemporary guitar, based on the way to develop a simple act of great control on the instrument.
Two hours of contents, 100 lessons in order of difficulty, more than 100 pages of transcriptions, application examples for each topic and musical backing tracks, interviews (amplification, studio footage, re-amplification techniques, teaching, etc. ..)
This DVD discusses the main traditional problems found by all guitarists and that create confusion in the infinite training course of a guitarist:

- Visualization, organization of musical material
- Technique
- Harmonic - Melodic control
- Connection of all aspects
- Musical application
- Visualization, organization of musical material
- Visualization and development of musical material in a simpler way.
- "Superfingering" don't proceed as in the traditional guitar methodology , but is following a logical numerical order of notes that starts from consonance to dissonance.
- Dual visualization of forms.


- Simplification of the number of fingerings and musical choice of fingering.
- Fingerings "changed" and logical.
- Fingerings "anti-academic"
- Sweep Picking
- Hammer on - Pull off; Legato
- Hybrid picking
- Alternate picking
- Sliding
- Position Shifting
- Grouping
- Improvisation techniques
- Connection techniques

Harmonic - Melodic control

The delicate aspect of the harmonic - melodic material follows the "number of harmonics", the musical material is developed following a numerical order of notes "from consonance to dissonance".

- Knowledge of the fundamental note across the neck
- Triads
- Quadriads
- Pentatonic Scale
- Esatonic Scale
- Diatonic Scale
- Chromatism and Altered scales

Connection of all aspects

All main topics during the course of the lessons are fused together starting with one note, as in music practice, and aren’t separated as in the didactic, which is an end in itself.

Musical application

For each main topic, we suggest application examples in various musical genres (blues, fusion, metal, jazz) with backing tracks.

and more....

This method is therefore appropiate both for beginners, who seriously wants to know its instrument - and professional guitarists, who are looking for new ideas to deepen the complicated world of the guitar!!

Daniele Gottardo from his " Superfingering" new DVD

Joe Satriani: chickenfoot to lose Chad to the RHCP's?

Hagar told The Pulse of Radio. "To me, Chad is CHICKENFOOT. But Chad's, you know, the CHILI PEPPERS are, they've been writing for a year and they haven't even started recording, and I just don't see a window now. 'Cause once they start recording, Chad's never gonna be able to get a break, and then when they're done with that, they're gonna go out on the road for a year and a half. So we really don't know what to do right now, but I think we're gonna probably play with a few different guys and see what happens."

Ivan Milenkovic: shredding of GMC BT

Big GMC Collaboration Take

Tore Moren,Jgor Gianola,Tor Erik Myhre: JORN tour dates

JORN is:

Jorn Lande: Lead Vocals
Willy Bendiksen: Drums
Tore Moren: Guitar
Jgor Gianola: Guitar
Tor Erik Myhre: Guitar
Nic Angileri: Bass

Sep. 26 - Gothenburg, Sweden, Brew House
Oct. 01 - Karlshamn, Sweden, Compagniet
Oct. 02 - Helsingborg, Sweden, The Tivoli
Oct. 04 - London, England, The Underworld
Oct. 05 - Glasgow, Scotland, Classic Grand
Oct. 07 - Genk, Belgium, Rondpunt 26
Oct. 08 - Uden, The Netherlands, De Pul
Oct. 09 - Zaandam, The Netherlands, Decade
Oct. 10 - Breda, The Netherlands, Mezz

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G - Noise Creep interveiw

Noise Creep Interview

Randy Ellefson: new cd details published

Full track listings, cover art, credits, and most importantly, some mp3s of the Serenade of Strings and The Lost Art albums are now available exclusively here at! Serenade of Strings features a rare performance of "Dee" by Randy Rhoads but is otherwise all original music, half written before tendonitis and half after. It also includes the only classical guitar piece I ever wrote, "Fantasia Etude", which I recently finished writing the tablature for and will be posting online here.

The Lost Art is all "cover" songs from the classical guitar repertoire and was recorded just weeks after I finished my classical guitar degree in 1995. Most of the songs were from the recital, but not all. The most unusual piece here is the four movement sonata for guitar and flute that starts the album, as I learned the flute part on guitar this year and recorded it. You're unlikely to hear such a recording anywhere else! more

Allan Holdsworth: Interview about his Carvin signature models

Allan Holdsworth has developed 2 signature model guitars with Carvin, the H2 and HF2. The HF2 evolved from Allan's request for a hollow body guitar that had internal I-beam bracing down the middle. The HF2 is a very unique instrument as Allan will explain in the video.

Allan Holdsworth Interview about his Carvin signature models

Chris Broderick: Metal Assault 2 part interview

Chris Broderick of Megadeth interviewed by Metal Assault - Part 1 - August 30th 2010

Chris Broderick of Megadeth interviewed by Metal Assault - Part 2 - August 30th 2010

Matias Kupiainen: Carl Begai interview

That said, the bonus album was never meant as a way to line the band’s pockets. Chance are good it’s drumming up some business after all…
“I think the label originally asked us if we wanted to record some live stuff for release, and when the tour was coming up we thought about recording a couple shows,’ says Kotipelto. “Then we decided to just bring the recording equipment with us to record the shows whenever we felt like it. At that point we promised the label we’d record some stuff and then mix it, and if it sounded good they could use it for a future release. It was also a good idea because there are a lot of fans that didn’t get the chance to come out and see Matias (Kupiainen) on guitar with us. This gives them the chance to hear how this band sounds with him in the line-up.”
The focus of the Polaris tour wasn’t on the album but rather on Kupiainen, who ultimately enabled Stratovarius to make a comeback. Tolkki personified the Stratovarius brand, making him irreplaceable in the eyes of many fans, but Kotipelto says the band didn’t encounter the fallout they’d expected when they brought Kupiainen to the people. more

Tour dates with Helloween

26 - Wien, Austria - Szene
27 - Zlin, Czech Republic - Winter Masters of Rock
28 - Budapest, Hungary - Petöfi Hall

1 - Langen, Germany - Neue Stadthalle
2 - Antwerp, Belgium - Hof Ter Lo
4 - Prestatyn, UK - Hardrock Hell Festival
5 - London, UK - The HMV Forum
6 - Eindhoven, Netherlands - Effenaar
8 - Lund, Sweden - Mejeriet
9 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
10 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Lisebergshallen
11 - Stockholm, Sweden - Arenan
13 - Tallinn, Estonia - Rock Cafe
14 - Tampere, Finland - Pakkahuone
15 - Helsinki, Finland - House Of Culture
17 - Warsaw, Poland - Stodola
18 - Cracow, Poland - Studio
19 - Prague, Czech Republic - Mala Sportovni Hala

Devin Townsend: special offers for new tour

Devin Townsend Fans,

Devin Townsend is now offering his Internet Community Members a Presale Ticketing System. This system is reserved for his Internet Community and not the general public. To take advantage of this special offer, please take a moment to register below. Once you are a registered member, you will immediately be emailed a username and password to access tickets at reduced service fees, as well as receive news alerts, special content and promotional opportunities throughout the year.

This special offer is FREE to the members of the Devin Townsend Internet Community. With the presale ticket system, he is taking new measures to make it more special for his fans.

Thanks, and as always, we'll see you at the shows!!find out more

Vinnie Moore: working on new CD

Sleaze Roxx: There will be a new album coming early next year. Do you have stuff written to present the guys when you see them next?

Vinnie Moore: I'm always writing. I always have song ideas laying around, I've gotten quite frustrated over the years because I know I will only live for so long and I'll never get to all of them, that kind of stresses me out sometimes. I have a whole batch of new song ideas and riffs ready to go. I'm about to go into my studio to demo them so I can send them to Phil Mogg. So we are just in the beginning stages of the writing process