Dave Celentano,Troy Stetina: Digital Guitar Magazine

Dave Celentano's new web site http://www.davecelentano.com/  now features a monthly lesson. These lessons will also be featured in Troy Stetina Series Digital Guitar Magazine. The magazine can be found at:


In addition, Dave's new web site features all his educational products and music CD's.

Dave used Conceptinet to update his entire web site. For more information about Conceptinet, please visit:

Troy Stetina's Free Digital Guitar Lesson Magazine

The magazine is FREE and will remain FREE. Our first issue features lesson columns by:

  1. Mark Tremonti (Creed/Alter Bridge) shows you his favorite legato patterns, and his opening legato lick on "Burn" (on Troy's new Second Soul album).
  2. Michael Angelo Batio ("World's fastest guitarist" by Guitar World Magazine) shows you some of his favorite cyclic patterns for building picking speed.
  3. Dave Celentano (author, Centerstream Publishing) shows you some tasty classical arpeggated progressions from Bach's youngest protege.
  4. Jamie Andreas (author, Guitar Principles) shows why so many of you still suck at guitar, even though you practice, and how to fix this!
  5. Anthony Arroyo (guitarist, teacher of the Troy Stetina Series) shows you how to use anchor chords to navigate the neck more easily.
  6. Dale Turner (solo guitar artist, teacher and veteran guitar magazine columnist) shows you some chicken picking licks for rockers.
  7. Jason Vearing (guitarist, teacher and developer of Riff Axelerator software) shows you a lesson breakdown of an advanced lick from Troy's solo to "Deceiver" from the new Second Soul album, and how to build variations of this to make your own licks.
  8. Chris Buono (crazy guitar dude from GuitarOne magazine) shows you how to take blues a step further than more rockers ever dare to go.
  9. Don Parkhurst (teacher, rock-lessons.com) tells you how to structure your practice routine to get more out of yourself.
  10. Francesco Artusato (metal guitarist for All Shall Perish and solo artist)
  11. shows you some "outside the box" fusion licks, and explores ways to combine these lines.
  12. Jimmy Kane (Director of Hunts Annex Music School) shows you how to pull diminished lines out of the blues scale, to get extra dark and twisted sounds.
  13. German Schauss (Berlkee graduate now teaching at Los Angeles Music Academy) offers guidance to demystify the process of gaining sweep picking control.