Nili Brosh: new CD on the way.

Nili Brosh continues to progress in her guitar career. According to sources Nili is set to release her debut album on November 16th, 2010. The CD will be titled 'Through The Looking Glass.' More details to follow. In addition Nili has also be endorsing xotic preamps too.

BB Preamp, EP BoosterBB preamp- I have always found this pedal to be warm and creamy, but my favorite thing about it is how pick-sensitive it is. It is perfect for rhythm playing with a small amount of crunch, or for easily getting finger tone dynamics to speak on low-gain solos!
EP booster - I have experimented running my EP booster after several distortion pedals, and it always cleans the tone up and adds a lot of definition in the low mids. This pedal boosts the signal in a way that lets me cut through much more. What I love about Xotic is that the pedals sound great through any tube amp! more

Plus Nili has been appearing with the Iron Maidens, the super cover band on recent summer tour dates.

The Iron Maidens - Phantom Of The Opera LIVE - House Of Blues Dallas - OutlawVideo.TV